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The 15 Best Running Podcasts to Upgrade Your Workout

Are you looking for the best running podcast for your next run? Discover the 15 best podcasts to listen to while running to revamp your workout!

15 Best Running Podcasts

Podcasts are a great alternative for runners who are getting tired of their same old playlist. Once we throw in a set of headphones to the time we've already carved out to run, an entire world of knowledge, self-improvement, entertainment, and stimulation opens up to us. The only problem is that with thousands of podcasts, narrowing down which is the best-running podcast to listen to is difficult. 

Luckily, we've done it for you! This expertly crafted mix of the best runner podcasts — including running comedy podcasts, running coaching podcasts, and running music podcasts — will help you level up your game (in both running and life). Enjoy this list of the best 15 running podcasts available so you can have the perfect and inspirational listening companion on your athletic journey. 

Key points

  • A Runner's World poll recently found that nearly 20 percent of runners listen to podcasts while jogging. 

  • Some runners find that listening to a podcast during their workout makes it go by quicker since they're occupied with a plot and story. 

  • Listening to podcasts might help you run longer distances.

  • Some of the top-running podcasts include Ten Percent Happier, Trail Runner Nation, and The Running Explained Podcast.

  • The Headway app is a great alternative to your classic running podcast. With hundreds of audiobook summaries on various topics, you are sure to find your perfect podcast running buddy in your desired subject.

Bonus running audio option


The Headway App

Listening to a podcast while running is a great alternative to your usual mix of tunes. However, episodes often exceed an hour, which makes it hard to tune in for a quick 20-minute run. For those who are interested in running to an educational podcast, The Headway app is a great option. 

Say you only have a tight 15 minutes before work to go on your run. Instead of listening to an hour-long podcast, you can enhance your short workout by enjoying a 16-minute audiobook summary of Scott Jurek's Eat & Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness. Improve your run by listening to the inspirational mindset of an author, public speaker, and ultramarathoner

Scott Jurek's Eat & Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness

No matter what type of genre piques your interest, whether it be self-growth, money and career, business, and more, Headway has a non-fiction listen for everybody. Do you need more inspiration for what to listen to during your run? Check out our book list of 20 Best Books to Read in Your 20s!

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The 15 best-running podcasts

1. The Running Explained Podcast 

The Running Explained Podcast

Do you have questions about running? Do you want these answered while you're on your run? The Running Explained Podcast has the answers for you. Marathon runner and coach Elisabeth Scott hosts this weekly running podcast. Scott speaks to common concerns and confusion amongst runners at all different levels.

Some topics include: 

  • What should I do about bad muscle cramps?

  • What should I know about running and knee injuries?

  • Is there a difference between running shoes and sneakers?

  • How do I buy a sports bra that fits?

    The Running Explained Podcast gives listeners insights into nutrition, pacing, health benefits, training, racing, and more. This top-running podcast is great for anyone looking to learn more about running.

2. Run to the Top Podcast 

Run to the Top Podcast

Run to the Top is a podcast designed with a simple purpose — to motivate runners of every level to perform at their best. Every week, Run to the Top Podcast coach Claire Bartholic interviews psychologists, athletes, nutritionists, coaches, everyday runners, and scientists about various running-related topics. These interviews cover the mental preparation required to run, the physical training, injury prevention, getting past your plateaus, the strength running, and more. 

Her guests share intimate stories about their running experiences and challenges. You can find this podcast on Apple and Spotify. This running podcast offers episodes for every type of runner, covering various aspects of the sport to cater to all interests.

3. She Decided to Run Her Way 

She Decided to Run Her Way

Are you interested in running but are plagued by the voice in your head? Do you worry about not being fit enough, fast enough, or good enough? Are you somebody who tends to draw comparisons between yourself and others? If any of these questions resonate, this running podcast is for you! 

Pamela Otero is a personal trainer and certified running coach. Every week, Otero shares tangible training tips and mindset exercises to help you get out of your head. She Decided to Run Her Way is for the aspiring female runner whose critical voice is getting in the way of achieving goals. Shut out that chatter and embrace the confident runner you were meant to be. 

4. The Running Public 

The Running Public Podcast

The sport of running is never ending — there's always something else to learn about it. And every Tuesday, experienced endurance athletes and running coaches Kirk Dewindt and Brakken Kraker remind us of that. 

The Running Public covers all training-related topics, such as keeping yourself accountable, strategies that keep you motivated to reach the finish line, and a thorough breakdown of everything a runner needs in their home gym. This top-running podcast is informative but approachable. The hosts often release special segments that answer listener-submitted questions. Imagine that! You can listen to the answers to your running questions on a running podcast while you run. 

5. The Ultra Running Guys 

The Ultra Running Guys Podcast

If you are an ultrarunner and extreme sports enthusiast, look no further than The Ultra Running Guys. Ultramarathon runners Jeff Winchester and co-host Jeremy Reynolds share insane and inspiring stories of people within the ultramarathon running community. Some recent episodes include amazing stories such as:

  • How an 18-year-old, who ran his first marathon at 15, has already snagged six ultra podiums; 

  • How a woman embarked on an 18-month “runventure” through one of the longest and most difficult trails in America, the Appalachian Trail;

  • How a man survives shootings, and cancer goes on to finish the 2022 Western States Endurance Run.

Between the hosts' energy and the inspiring running stories, this best running podcast will surely motivate you on your athletic journey. 

6. Marathon Training for Beginners 

Marathon Training for Beginners

Many people are interested in running a marathon (like Boston marathon) but have no idea where to start. If you fall into this category, Marathon Training for Beginners is the ideal running podcast for you. Hosts Mo and Harrison Crum are also marathon-running novices, so you can go through the newbie process with others! 

This running podcast documents Mo and Harrison's training journey to running a full marathon. The couple dubs themselves the “crummy marathoners.” If you are looking for practical running tips, personal stories, and a healthy dose of humor, Marathon Training for Beginners is the best running podcast for you.

7. The Morning Shakeout Podcast 

The Morning Shakeout Podcast

The Morning Shakeout is a great option if you want a long-form running podcast. Runner, writer, and coach Mario Fraioli explores the sport of running with interesting guests that range from ultramarathon runners like Katie Arnold and three-time Olympian Diana Nukuri. 

This running podcast serves as the perfect motivation for a long run. Each episode runs over an hour, so you can warm up and wind down from your run while listening to these motivational speakers. 

8. Trail Runner Nation

Trail Runner Nation Podcast

Want a running group without having to physically run side-by-side with anyone? Meet Trail Runner Nation. Hosts Don Freeman and Scott Warr invite listeners to join them for their weekly runs as they talk to engaging and informative guests in nutrition, sports, and coaching. 

No matter what level of running you are at, this running podcast has something for everybody. The topics discussed include the art of pacing, how to build mental toughness, the evolution of trial aid, the power of consistency, and more. If you are looking for an inspirational running commentary for your next trail run, look no further than Trail Runner Nation

9. Pursuing Health 

Pursuing Health Podcast

What happens when a medical student discovers CrossFit? She makes a must-listen podcast about it. In Pursuing Health, host Julie Foucher bridges the gap between fitness and medicine. She interviews various medical professionals who discuss in-depth how we can use fitness as a defense against (rather than a cure for) disease and sickness. Foucher's episodes go back to 2011 and cover subjects such as debunking nutrition myths, training during pregnancy, how to create a champion, and so much more.

Pursuing Health is a great option for you if you are looking for an educational running podcast to improve your knowledge of health and wellness. 

10. More Than Running 

More Than Running Podcast

Calling all inspirational female athletes! This running podcast is for you. Dana Giordano, a professional runner, talks to some of the most successful women in the world of running in this amazing podcast. Listeners will discover how various women succeeded in running and how they are making a difference on and beyond the track. 

If you are looking for a running podcast that focuses on coaching, activism, and how to carve out a space for female athletes, More Than Running is the perfect listen for you. 

11. Feel Better, Live More

Feel Better Live More Podcast

Feel Better, Live More shares stories from leading health experts and personalities who reveal simple health hacks, debunk health myths, share expert advice, and give you the tools to revolutionize how you work out, sleep, eat, and relax.

Dr. Rangan Chatterjee has over 20 years of experience and has authored four bestselling books. His podcast blends his work experience with insight from industry professionals, other researchers, and doctors to uncover the truth behind health. If you are looking for a running podcast that transforms the way you feel, Feel Better Live More is the choice for you.  

12. Mo-Joe: An 18-Week Marathon Training Diary

Mo-Joe: An 18-Week Marathon Training Diary

Interested in what the process looks like when a couch potato transforms into a long-distance athlete in just 18 weeks? George Lamb is here to show you. With the help of body coach Joe Wicks and 4-time Olympic champion Sir Mo Farah, George strives to reach his goal of running in the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon. 

Mo-Joe lets listeners join George in his journey to running a marathon. Episodes include the training, encouragement, and advice, as well as the highs and lows George experiences on his path. This running podcast also features other Olympians, marathon legends, elite runners, and sports psychologists who join in to offer valuable tips and insights. 

13. TED Talks/TED Health

TED Health

TED offers a wide variety of thought-provoking speeches performed in just 18 minutes or less on their app. TED's diverse speakers and entrepreneurs tell stories from all walks of life and discuss various ideas, innovations, and more. Although TED Talks are typically enjoyed in video format, their app allows users to download just the audio, which is perfect for listening while on your run. 

Another branch of TED talks comes in the form of TED Health. This series of lectures covers various health-related topics with some of the world’s leading thinkers. If you seek a stimulating and educational podcast to listen to while running, TED Talks and TED Health are great options. 

14. Ten Percent Happier 

Ten Percent Happier podcast

In 2004, award-winning journalist Dan Harris suffered a panic attack on Good Morning America. This terrible moment led him to try something he otherwise never would've considered; meditation. This running podcast, which shares its title with his bestselling book, is a meeting of minds for mindfulness devotees. 

On his show, Dan talks with top scientists, influential meditation teachers, elite athletes, and celebrities. Some notable guests include the Dalai Lama and Brene Brown. Discussions range from topics such as psychedelics and enlightenment to anxiety and relationships. Harris' radical message that happiness is a skill that people can train permeates through each episode of his podcast. Ten Percent Happier is one of the best running podcasts for the runner seeking out an engaging and inspirational listen for their workout

15. Running Rogue Podcast

Running Rogue Podcast

If you are looking for a practical and technical running podcast to help you with your form, Running Rogue Podcast is for you. The Rogue Running organization was founded in Austin, Texas, as an outlet to train professional and amateur runners. This running podcast is the educational offshoot of this organization and is hosted by one of Rogue's head coaches, Chrus McClung.

McClung speaks to an expert guest on each episode to cover topics ranging from marathon race planning to mental training. This is one of the best running podcasts for a weekly dose of detailed running insights.

If you like running podcasts, you'll love the Headway app

Unlike music, running to podcasts offer a complete escape. When listening to a podcast, you'll often find that you’ve completed your run before you know it! This said, finding the right listen for your workout can be time-consuming and difficult. That's where the Headway app comes in. 

If you are torn about what you want to listen to, browse the Headway library. We offer thousands of audio summaries of the world's bestselling non-fiction books. Whether you want to listen to a book about nutrition, health, mindfulness, athletics, and so much more, Headway has something for you. 

Download the Headway app today to gain unlimited access to life-changing running audiobooks from the world's best minds.

Frequently asked questions

Is listening to podcasts while running good?

The short answer is yes! While you may think listening to a show during your run would be difficult, many professional athletes claim that their workouts go by faster when distracted by a podcast’s story.

What to listen to when you're running?

Some of the top running podcasts include Ten Percent Happier, Trail Runner Nation, and The Running Explained Podcast. Alternatively, if you are looking for something different, the Headway app offers a wide variety of bestselling 15-minute book summaries that you can listen to during your quick cardio burst!

Is it better to listen to music or an audiobook while running?

If you are looking to use your time already allotted for exercise to also focus on self-development and education, audiobooks or listening to the book summaries found on the Headway app are a great choice for you.

What other running podcasts can you explore if you've already listened to these?

If you've already listened to these podcasts, you can explore others like "Ali on the Run" by Ali Feller, which features inspiring stories and expert advice from runners; "Running for Real" with Tina Muir, focusing on real-life experiences and mental health; "Marathon Training Academy" with Trevor Spencer, offering practical training tips and marathon insights; the "Strength Running Podcast," where Jason Fitzgerald discusses running performance and injury prevention with experts and "CITIUS MAG" by Chris Chavez, covering the latest in running news and athlete interviews. These podcasts provide a variety of perspectives and tips to keep you motivated and informed.

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