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Summary of The Mountain Is You 

What’s inside

Travel into the mysteries of your mind and behaviors to discover how your fears sabotage your happiness and growth. Achieve mastery through straightforward yet life-changing tips and practices.

Key points


Your life is a mountain ridge, not a plain

Have you ever climbed a mountain? When you reach the top, the voice in your head saying, “You can’t do this!” is finally silent because you proved it wrong. But you wouldn’t know it if you stayed at the foot, terrified of taking the first step.

These mountains are your progress in work, life, or relationships. In a way, you are that mountain because you always hike your own psychological trails and explore its beauty and unknown treasures. Sometimes you have to jump over a fallen tree in your path; that can be a traumatic memory or a complex. You can be your biggest obstacle or tremendous force; nothing feels better than conquering yourself.
Your victories in the external world are the peaks you scaled inside of you.
Ascension always includes tripping and falling. However, people often confuse failing with being a failure. They believe mistakes make them imperfect or unworthy. Nonetheless, perceiving errors as lessons can enrich your experience, temper your character, and deepen your knowledge.
Keeping the myth of perfection means never rising above your head.
Whatever your mountain is, you must drop your excessive demands, imposed values, and false views while at its foot. For example, you must determine why you need to lose weight. Is it because you love your body and want to care for it, or because someone said you look unattractive?

Be honest with yourself about why you need to hit that peak. The ascension breaks those following the wrong goals; only genuine desires can motivate and push you further.

Finally, remember that the way up is always hard, but the only means to grow.

Therefore, prepare to discover and climb your mountain, even if your fears create traps on your way to the top.

Your progress relies on your readiness to change

People say you are your best friend and worst enemy. When it comes to career, finances, or personal growth, your mind can promote you to victory or block your every effort; you may think that you are moving forward while, in reality, you are running in a hamster wheel.
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Self-sabotage starts with the autopilot mode of life


Navigate your life by your emotions


Letting go allows people to heal and move forward


Traumas are the cracks in your future’s foundation


Enhancing life starts with improving yourself



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You’ll learn

To flatten the speed bumps on your way to a dream
About self-sabotaging tricks
What your emotions can teach you
How to say goodbye to your past traumas
Building a new self

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