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Summary ofShe Comes First

Most men find the female genitalia mystifying, but few dare to put their hand up and admit it. After years of trying to understand the myths surrounding the female orgasm, Ian Kerner finally cracked the code. It all comes down to what you do with your tongue! An experienced sexologist and bestselling author, Ian Kerner, explains in detail why oral sex is the answer to your sexual prayers and how you can take your partner from zero to “wow” with just a little patience and tongue-related trickery. She will undoubtedly thank you for it! “I was sure that on my gravestone, my epitaph would read, ‘He came. He saw. And then he came again.” ~ Ian Kerner

Key points


Understanding your partner’s body is the key to pleasing them

Many men find it difficult to understand why a woman can’t “come” just as quickly as they can. After all, the male orgasm is far easier to understand and achieve than a woman’s. It all comes down to understanding the female anatomy and realizing that patience and time are just as important as what you consider to be the final course. Enjoying the journey is just as much fun!

“She Comes First” debunks the myths you might have heard about the female sexual response and teaches you that at the end of the day, the best way to take a woman to the brink of sexual climax is to use what is in your mouth — your tongue!
Women orgasm far more reliably through oral sex than penetrative sex.
The key to a long-lasting and enjoyable relationship is sexual equality. That means giving the woman in your life just as many orgasms as you have. If the female orgasm has always been somewhat of a mystery to you, learning to use your tongue is the single best way to turn it all around.

The mystery of female sexuality

It’s a fair assessment that most men don’t understand female sexuality well, although few are brave enough to admit it. If you ask most women, they will tell you that although they may enjoy the sex life they have with their partner, they probably don’t manage to orgasm regularly.
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The inevitable male climax


Clitoris 101


Your most potent sexual tool is in your mouth


History has created a twisted image of female sexuality


The female anatomy explained


Why “wet” doesn’t mean anything


Conquering hygiene concerns


Have the ideal cunnilingus attitude



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