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Summary of His Needs, Her Needs 

What’s inside

Identify the essence of a long-lasting and happy relationship that will strengthen your marriage and help you fulfill your needs.

Key points


Marriage is about meeting emotional needs

Every year, men and women in love go to the altar excited. They hurry to make their vows to each other so they can officially become man and wife, but only a few know what they are setting themselves up for.

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but it's just as complicated. During courtship, everything seems to go well. Each partner believes the other person is great, and they are happy because they've found “the one.” However, the story begins to change months or years into their marriage.

The “in love” feeling dies a natural death, and reality kicks in. At this point, many couples begin to wonder if they’ve made a mistake by marrying their partner. They start asking if their partner is “the one” for them or not.

Let's burst some bubbles. There's no such thing as just one single person that is “perfect” for you. Granted, you have your unique specifics for a romantic relationship, but there are thousands of people who can meet that need.

Sure, not everyone is compatible, but it's rare that incompatible couples date long enough to consider marrying each other in the first place. If you intentionally chose to marry your partner and later started feeling like they weren’t right for you, the chances are high that you were misinterpreting your feelings.
Except in rare cases of sudden behavioral changes, what married couples mean when they say they married the wrong person is that their partner no longer meets their emotional needs like when they were dating.
It's a pretty common phenomenon. If couples can meet each other's needs, then most marital problems would cease to exist.

Satisfying your partner's emotional needs is possible. In the following pages, you will find the fundamental, emotional, and psychological differences between men and women and how that makes their emotional needs different. Not just that, you'll be equipped to satisfy your partner's deepest cravings, thereby affair-proofing your marriage. It's hard for an emotionally satisfied partner to start an affair.

He needs sex; she needs affection

Sex and affection are the biggest determiners of marital success because they are the most fundamental needs males and females have. When a marriage fails to meet these needs, the couple becomes prone to affair and divorce. Some people would never imagine having an affair because of their strong moral or religious convictions. They try to endure the marriage but would live the rest of their lives unsatisfied.
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Intimate conversation is the live wire of romantic relationships


Men become sad when their wives lose interest in recreational activities they used to enjoy together


Intimate conversations between couples is a life skill, one that isn't learned in a day


Don't stop looking attractive simply because you're married


Domestic and financial support are integral needs of most men and women



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What stands behind the unhappy union of two
Ways to smooth out communication
The time needed to revive trust after cheating
How to resolve financial dilemmas in marriage

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