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Summary of Relentless 

What’s inside

Decode what makes up the winner's mentality to make the most of your talent, succeed in a competitive environment, and achieve quick results.

Key points


Greatness is defined by how fearless you are in the face of negativity

People who win are those who do not quit when things get tough. Winners see quitting as the last option, and even at that, they make sure they never get to the stage where they’ll have to quit. The biggest leaders in the world are those who failed several times. What distinguishes these leaders from the average person is that they learn from their mistakes. While quitters are giving up, winners are going neck deep into the storm with a strong resolve to come out on the other side.
Not everything is achievable, but there’s no limit to what you can achieve if you’re determined and smart about your goals.
Many things that exist today once seem improbable, however, with the willpower and determination of some people, they’ve become a reality. A relentless winner doesn’t stop trying to win at any point. It doesn’t matter if they have a healthy lead, or they are trailing by a lot; they will continue pushing for the win. They are not easily distracted, and to them, winning isn’t a choice, it’s a necessity.

In this summary, the differences and similarities between the three human behaviors mentioned below are explained in a way that would make it easy for you to switch from good to great, and from great to relentless. Every individual belongs to one of these three categories. What you need to do is to identify the one you belong to and see if you need a switch.

This tidbit examines the difference between a Cleaner, a Closer and a Cooler. These three terms broadly explain human traits, and they will help you distinguish between being a winner or a quitter. The tips and explanations contained in this bite–sized summary are good for you, especially if you’re trying to be a serial winner. This summary is an ideal guide for you on how to make the best of your life.

Aspire to be a Cleaner because it teaches you to create new goals anytime you reach your personal best

Three personalities define every human:
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Being confident is a good thing once you’re sure of your ability to deliver the right results


Cleaners always aim for the highest level, and they shoot their shots, whether they are under pressure or not


Failure only becomes a bad thing when you refuse to learn from it


Decision making is an integral part of what makes you a success because it helps you achieve more in less time


What makes you a winner is your ability to remain committed and dedicated even when you’re at the top


When you’re at the peak of your career, people will fear you more than they like you


Your determination not to back down easily is what defines you as a winner



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You’ll learn

What is the mindset of a Cleaner
How to maintain your dark side
Why quick decision-making matters
How to always stay on top

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