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Summary of How to Talk to Anyone 

What’s inside

Find out what stands behind excellent communicators and begin implementing simple but effective techniques to feel confident no matter your goals or how many people you talk to.

Key points


No one will know what you want unless you say it

So much depends on communication. Verbal or non-verbal, our mastery of it defines whether we will be successful among other human beings. Moreover, it is inevitable because how else would we co-exist and progress as a society?

It seems pretty straightforward: just say what you want or need, thus putting others in the know. However, many of us fail to do that, feeling shy and insecure about ourselves. Leil Lowndes’ book is aimed at all people who think that they have not enough confidence to speak to others. Sometimes, you don’t even need immense willpower to strike up a meaningful conversation. Instead, you should learn the appropriate techniques of doing so.
Often, you can’t speak your mind not because you are timid, but because no one taught you the right way to do this.
“How to Talk to Anyone” comprises 92 techniques, wittily named by Leil Lowndes. Having read this summary, you will learn how to make people fall in love with you, appear genuine and credible, break into a tight crowd, and talk like a VIP. What do you think is hiding behind the “Accidental Adulation” or “Scramble Therapy” techniques? Every chapter contains 4-5 techniques to help you get better at talking to people and making them do what you want — sometimes without actually saying what it is.

How to fascinate everyone without saying a word

First impressions are incredibly powerful. They are holograms that stay in your acquaintance's memory forever. Therefore, it is important you get the first impression right.
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What follows the "Hi!"


How to talk like a VIP


How to be an insider in a crowd


Here's how you signal the other person that you two are very much alike


How to praise but not go to the dogs of flattery


Get directly into their hearts


You don’t have to be a smart politician to work a party


How to break the most treacherous glass ceiling of all



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You’ll learn

How small talk could lead to a job
Welcoming body language
Graceful opening lines
Communication guru lifehacks
How to sound like an insider in any group

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