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Summary of No More Mr. Nice Guy 

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Everyone likes the guy who volunteers to do the lawn, even when it’s not his job. Men with Nice Guy Syndrome are guilty of always striving to please other people, even when their help is discomforting. No More Mr. Nice Guy charts a course of recovery for all the Nice Guys who have been taken advantage of or are burning out from trying to please everyone. Dr. Robert Glover is a leading contributor to the Nice Guy Syndrome discussion; his expertise in the field stemmed from his efforts to overcome the many frustrations accompanying love and life. He is certified in Marriage and Family Therapy, with a doctorate in the same field. “Humans connect with humans. Hiding one's humanity and trying to project an image of perfection makes a person vague, slippery, lifeless, and uninteresting.” ~ Dr. Robert A. Glover

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What is the Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome?

The priority of most Nice Guys is to look good and see that everything is done “right.” Their happiness is a function of how happy they make other people. Generally, Nice Guys avoid conflict with every fiber of their being and put themselves in dire situations to avoid getting on another’s nerves. Of course, Nice Guys are calm and free-spirited and are often particular about pleasing the women in their life. Nice Guys think that always acting good, caring, and giving makes them rightly positioned to receive love, happiness, and fulfillment without mincing words.

This belief system is at the very core of what Dr. Glover calls the Nice Guy Syndrome. The Nice Guy Syndrome represents a myth that if and when Nice Guys choose to be “good,” they become endeared to those around them, get what they want, and live a hitch-free life.
The concept of the Nice Guy Syndrome grew out of Dr. Glover’s frustration of trying to do it “right” yet never getting back what he deserved.
If the mentioned traits are true of you, breaking free from the Nice Guy Syndrome with insights from this piece would be a piece of cake. It is about time you stopped the hourglass of people-pleasing and started moving towards fulfillment in love and life. If you recognize yourself or anyone close to you in the Mr. Nice Guy niche, kindly go through the summary to the end for a practical and effective guide for breaking free from the harmful effects of this debilitating syndrome.

Attributes of nice guys and how they are made

This tireless effort at appearing good usually involves trying to cascade certain realities about themselves (their faults, yearnings, and passions) and morphing into what they think others would love (giving, helpful, and calm). There is no mold cast for Nice Guys, but they all have a collection of similar attributes. These attributes are a product of ideologies developed during childhood that guide their lives.
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