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Summary of The Untethered Soul 

Short summary

“The Untethered Soul” by bestselling author and meditation center founder Michael A. Singer is an insightful text stock full of mind-blowing teachings that will really open your third eye and present you with the secrets to life. Without the rigmarole of proverbs and the confusion of mystical words, Singer breaks down the steps to attaining inner freedom in this explanatory book.

Key points


There is a voice inside your head and that voice is there because you are unconsciously cushioning yourself from reality. To master this voice, you must pay attention not to the voice that speaks, but to ​you that listens

Everyone has a voice that speaks in their head. It is the voice that’s reading this out to you right now even though your lips aren’t moving. It’s the voice that’s saying: “A voice in my head? Do I really have a voice in my head?”

Yes, There it is. It is the voice of your thoughts. It speaks in your head before words ever come out of your mouth and it speaks in your head even when words don’t come out of your mouth. It is a narrator when you walk down the street and notice things(1), like;

“Oh, there’s a dog at a fire hydrant. Wait, why does that dog look so much like Mrs James’s Labrador? Ah, that’s because it is Mrs James’s Labrador. The trees are beginning to brown, fall is approaching… I remember last fall, I spent so much time with Janet… I wonder how Janet is doing…”

If you notice, it doesn’t exactly have a stable direction of speech and it can and will jump topics without missing a beat. It even has the ability to argue with itself: “Did you buy new batteries for the smoke alarm? No, we don’t need new batteries. What do you mean we don’t need new batteries? We don’t. Yes we do, do you not remember the last time and how you nearly burnt the house down because you didn’t change the batteries in time? Oh, shut up, you don’t have the money for batteries. Oh, but you have money for tacos?”

Yep, it can get pretty wild in there considering the voice is talking to the voice, and the voice is inside you.

It would be pretty awkward if everything the voice said came out of your mouth. Not only would you have hurt many people’s feelings, and gotten fired a few hundred times, you would look absolutely crazy just walking on the street and talking.

The inner voice might seem harmless, or even helpful sometimes, but it is not

Think about it this way. If you had a best friend who shadowed you 24/7, never for one second shutting up, wouldn’t you get tired? You would want a break, some quiet. It’s the exact same issue here. The voice is in your head, and it won’t be quiet.
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The discovery of who you are is the key to inner freedom and finding your lucid self and gaining control over your body and mind


To be truly free, you must let go and not allow yourself to be stopped by fear, you must learn to accept change in order to grow


The secret of existence is actually very simple, such that you might overlook it if you are not careful and miss the sight of God



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