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Summary of The Power of Intention 

Short summary

Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Have you been working hard at your goals but it seems like things aren’t coming together? Are you plagued by bad relationships and unhealthy energy? Your search for answers to these questions has brought you to this life-changing book by the bestselling author, educational counselor, and former professor, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. He explains how the power of intention and your connection to God can change your life for the better. “When you’re connected to the power of intention, everywhere you go, and everyone you meet, is affected by you and the energy you radiate. As you become the power of intention, you’ll see your dreams being fulfilled almost magically, and you’ll see yourself creating huge ripples in the energy fields of others by your presence and nothing more.” ~ Wayne W. Dyer

Key points


The world is made up of different energies; learn to always choose the positive ones

Would you be more hopeful if you knew that everything you desire — while staying connected to God — can become a reality? Well, you are about to get really hopeful because this is indeed the truth.

The universe is designed in such a way that you only receive what you attract. This means you have to train your mind to constantly attract positive energy.

The difference between someone successful and someone who manages to live a mediocre life is their constant positive energy and level of connection to the power of intention. They look at things differently from everyone else because they are not focused on the obvious details; they are more interested in what it could turn out to be.

You can win in this game of life too. You can be anything you want. But first, you need to be firmly connected to God, the one who wields total control over the power of intention. Keep reading to find out how.

You have access to the power of intention, but you have to make it work for you

Living a life of intention means going through each day with a definite purpose and determination to achieve whatever your mind desires. It also means you are ready to take advantage of different opportunities that come your way, and you do not easily give up on your dreams.
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There are so many perspectives to life; understanding how to handle them all is an important skill


When you strive hard to maintain a connection to intention, you’ll get more work done and avoid distractions


On the days you encounter obstacles, take a few steps back to assess the situation and try again


The people around you can either inspire you to be better or prevent you from being successful


Every step that you take toward becoming a better person adds up to your success


Nobody else is going to do the work for you; start making moves directed at improving your life


Your ability to remember how much of a genius you are, especially when things get tough, is what keeps you going



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