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8 Best iOS Book Apps to Help You Crush Your Reading Goals


Are you tired of lugging around a heavy book everywhere you go? Try downloading a book app — it’s fun, easy, and highly convenient while on the go. With these apps, you can access thousands of the most popular books in digital format without sacrificing space in your bag.

Reading lots of books can be a breeze with the right app. Not only can they keep all your reading materials in one location, but they can also make your reading experience simpler and more efficient. Several iPhone book apps offer unique features such as customizable shelves, free daily reads, and a broad reading community

Whether you’re looking for a way to read more books to improve your lifestyle or have an annual reading list goal, book apps can be powerful tools to propel you toward a better life. Jump into this list of some of the best book apps to keep you motivated in your reading journey.

Key points:

  • iPhone users are fortunate to have a wide range of reading apps available at their fingertips. They can be especially helpful for people who would like to read more books or simply enjoy the convenience of having their books available to them at all times.

  • Book apps can be an essential tool in helping you achieve your reading and self-growth goals. Some of the most notable book apps for iPad and iPhone include Headway, Amazon Kindle, and Bookly.

  • Between a career, personal relationships, and other obligations, finding the time to complete a full-length book can be challenging. Fortunately, the Headway app can help those who want to explore more books during their busy lifestyle. With Headway, you can access a book’s core ideas, concepts, and principles.

8 best book apps for iPhone

Book apps allow readers to access their favorite e-books anytime, anywhere. By that nature, book lovers can use this list featuring some of the best book apps for iPhone to help them decide on their next pocket reading experience.

1. Headway


Busy lifestyles often prevent people from committing to reading goals. Luckily, listening to book summaries present a genius solution to your time management woes — and the Headway app can be the perfect platform to help you do so. Headway is a bite-sized learning app with all the necessary features to maintain productivity during commutes, errands, or chores.

Explore a vast collection of 15-minute summaries on over 1500 award-winning non-fiction books designed to help you boost your skills and knowledge. Aside from key insights and knowledge from books, this app sports unique features such as progress trackers, fun daily challenges, and personalized book recommendations.

Readers can start indulging in Headway’s top-rated book summaries when they purchase an affordable premium subscription plan at a monthly rate of $14.99 to $69.99 annually. Headway offers a seven-day trial period for those who want to experience the app before moving on to a plan. However, you can also take advantage of Headway’s free daily read, chosen specially by their experienced staff.

Download the Headway app on the Apple Store to access summaries of the world’s bestselling non-fiction books by your favorite authors and celebrities.


2. Amazon Kindle


A popular reading app among the book community, Amazon Kindle is known for its optimized accessibility and wide selection of books in various genres. Although a Kindle reader may be the preferred tool to use when reading e-books, Amazon Kindle is also a great option for people who would rather read from their iPhone or iPad. In fact, the app can offer you pretty much the same experience as a Kindle reader.

Users of this app will be excited to hear of its frequent updates and improvements, which means the app will continuously improve the longer you have it installed. Although most books are available for various individual prices, Amazon Kindle offers a way for users to regularly read and listen to as many books as they want with a subscription to Kindle Unlimited. This subscription starts at $9.99 a month and grants you access to a selection of free titles that come with the plan — a great feature for anyone who reads regularly.

3. Goodreads


For many, Goodreads is considered an essential tool for devout readers to have in their pocket. This app might not give you access to the whole books themselves, but it provides plenty of insight into books you may be planning to read. Once you have titles on your shelf, you can organize them according to what you are currently reading, about to read, or finished reading. It also offers value in its growing online community of readers in various genres. 

A distinctive feature of the Goodreads app is its book scanner. Using this app, you can scan the barcode of any book to see exclusive reviews before making any purchase. Then, you can engage with authors and others who have read the book with the app’s convenient comment section. Being completely free, Goodreads is a great option for someone simply looking for a place to help them stay updated on the latest bestsellers and keep a wishlist of potential reads.

4. Wattpad


Wattpad may not carry many books on the bestseller list, but depending on your personal reading preference, it can be a great option. For example, this may be a good book app for you if you are a fan of fiction and stories by everyday people. This app gives you access to thousands of books by established and budding authors. It also allows you to write stories and publish them on the app.

Book lovers who also enjoy writing might find Wattpad a great platform to share their work and connect with like-minded people. Although a premium version is available to let you access certain books and gain an ad-free reading experience, users also have the option to continue browsing a vast collection of books for free. The subscription starts at the low price of $0.99, and you even get a seven-day free trial.

5. NovelFull


NovelFull offers over 20 genres of books to browse through, ranging from fiction to non-fiction and several other categories. This app has a few interesting features to make reading fun and exciting, including a customizable book reader. Users are likely to enjoy having the ability to switch fonts, adjust brightness levels, and change the background color to suit their taste.

Another great feature of this app is offline reading, which makes it much easier to download books to your shelf and read them on the go. NovelFull also adds new books daily, making this a great option for someone who likes to read regularly. For those who would like to read their books without ads, the app offers a subscription service starting at a conveniently low price of $4.99.

6. Inkitt


Many book apps focus solely on providing you with e-books in various genres, but Inkitt goes beyond the simple book player. This app places emphasis on building a community of readers that can share ratings and reviews of books they enjoyed. In this light, you can have your book collection, writing platform, and reading community all in one place.

On Inkitt, you get access to over 100,000 novels written by indie authors — and you could even become one of those authors if you wish. Whether you are looking for a place to read stories or you would like a place to share your work with fellow writers, this app is a great place to start engaging with followers and your favorite Inkitt authors. Users will also be ecstatic to learn that the app requires no subscription service, meaning all its features are free to use.

7. Serial Reader


Serial Reader is a different type of book app than most others on this list. It provides readers with access to classic literature in bite-sized bits each day. Rather than only providing access to books on the app, Serial Reader allows you to upload books from your local storage to read on its handy shelf. Users should be wary that the app only supports EPUBs, but at least your e-book collection is all in one place.

Once you begin subscribing to various books, Serial Reader sends you daily reads you might enjoy based on your activity. Most features on the app are free to use, but users who wish for added features like unlimited book uploads can choose to upgrade to a premium subscription. The subscription starts at only $0.99, which may be worth it for an amateur reader who would like to start by reading a small amount each day.

8. Libby, by OverDrive


If you visit the library often, the Libby app can save you a few trips by offering access to your local library’s e-books, magazines, and other digital content. With this app, you can browse by genre and discover lists of popular titles created by your local librarians at multiple branches. Not only is it free to use, but Libby offers stand-out features like a  dark mode, an article view to read magazines, and a convenient notification system that tells you when a loan is about to expire.

With no subscription service currently available, Libby is a more affordable option for readers who want unlimited book access without spending a fortune. Some downsides include the fact that some libraries may not use the app to power their digital services, and you need to give e-books back after the loaning period is over. However, these flaws can easily be overlooked by readers who prefer borrowing books from libraries rather than purchasing them.

Get the best book app with Headway

Reading may not be everyone’s favorite pastime, but it can help build new skills and knowledge. In this case, finding a way to gain key information from books may pay off without taking hours out of your schedule. For example, a book summary app, such as Headway, maybe a more convenient option for someone who doesn’t have the patience or time to commit to a full-length book.

The Headway app is a learning service dedicated to people looking to broaden their reading horizons and stay motivated in their reading goals. Readers can enjoy Headway’s extensive collection of book summaries in text or audio formats. Moreover, this app allows you to collect fun achievements, track your reading progress, and complete milestones along the way. You can take advantage of this opportunity for growth by heading over to the Apple Store to begin your journey.

Download the Headway app to access a comprehensive library of over 1500+ audiobook summaries.


What is the best book app for iPhone or iPad?

Although there may not be a singular best app for books on iPad or iPhone, you may be able to find the most suitable book app that closely fits your personal preferences and needs. For example, if you prefer to listen to audiobooks but still enjoy e-books once in a while, then an app that offers both reading modes may be best. Or, if you would like to start reading more but don’t have the time, reading book summaries with the Headway app could be the best option.

Why should I download book apps?

Downloading book apps can be a great way to learn more about books you want to read. Book apps can also offer plenty of mental and physical health benefits, depending on the types of books you read. For instance, reading and listening to e-books on self-help and career development can give you advice and guidance on improving your lifestyle and introducing healthy techniques into your life.

What type of book app should I download?

Every book app is different, which means you’ll need to figure out the book app that works best for you. For example, some iPad book-reading apps offer full-length digital books, while others offer detailed summaries that condense books down to their most important parts. Another example may be apps that offer access to reading communities rather than books. The type of book app you should download, therefore, depends on what exactly you are expecting from the app.

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