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20 Best Apps for Book Lovers to Obsess Over

Looking to discover the best apps for readers? This article explores the top 20 book-related apps essential for any self-proclaimed bookworm in 2023.


Book lovers in 2023 are spoiled for choice when it comes to apps that enhance their reading experience. For instance, there are apps for book tracking, publishing written work, and reading comic books. But with so many book-related apps available, finding the perfect one can take much time and research. This article has compiled the best 20 apps for book lovers currently available in 2023, so you can spend less time searching for these apps and more time enjoying their features. 

Top 20 apps for readers

1. Headway


Headway is the perfect app if you are looking to expand your knowledge. At Headway, we understand how hard it can be to find time for reading and personal growth with a busy schedule. We have therefore provided the perfect solution by offering bite-sized learning that can fit into any daily routine. We compile key ideas and summaries from bestselling nonfiction titles to give you important knowledge in under 15 minutes! 

Included with the subscription-based Headway app are the following:

  • text and audiobook summaries;

  • daily insights;

  • challenges for self-growth;

  • a habit tracker;

  • a tailored approach that caters to your specific goals;

  • visual explainers. 

Over 14 million people have joined the Headway community to extend their knowledge with our insights. So if you want to absorb valuable knowledge from books but struggle to find the time, the Headway app is a must-have. Download the Headway app and begin your journey of self-development today.


2. Wattpad


Wattpad is an app for budding writers or readers who love to get lost in an original story. Writers can share their stories and get their work discovered through Wattpad’s global community, which supports them in their writing ventures. Plus, Wattpad Studios looks for undiscovered writers and connects them to worldwide multimedia entertainment businesses, so a story on Wattpad could become the next blockbuster. Readers can also enjoy stories in dozens of languages in any genre they choose, comment within stories, and encourage writers. So, if you want to join and connect with a story-loving community, Wattpad is the place to be.

3. Shelfie


Shelfie is a book tracker app where you can collect your reading notes in one convenient place. This is great for organizing and managing your reading notes. Key features of Shelfie include:

  • add books to your collection by searching for a keyword or scanning a book barcode;

  • books in over 45 languages recognized;

  • directly save images as notes;

  • monitor reading progress;

  • record reading data;

  • share your notes with attractive templates;

  • access your notes anywhere.

4. Epic


Epic is a popular digital reading app for children under 13. This book app is interactive, entertaining, and child-friendly to help inspire a love of reading. Epic gives you access to a library featuring thousands of learning videos, books, and audiobooks. It also provides you with personalized recommendations based on topics of interest and reading levels. There are numerous features included with this app, such as:

  • 24-hour access (and offline access for reading on the go);

  • rewards and badges to encourage and motivates;

  • progress tracking and regular progress emails.

If there is a child in your life that you want to introduce to the world of reading in a fun and motivating way, consider choosing Epic. 

5. Aldiko 


Aldiko makes it easy to collate all your e-books, audiobooks, and comics in one place. It is an e-book reader app with everything you need to manage your digital library. It supports public libraries, letting users browse library catalogs and borrow books. You can organize your bookshelf through collections and categories. Aldiko also customizes your reading experience with numerous themes and fonts. It also helps minimize eye strain with full support for dark mode.

6. Goodreads


This is the infamous app for bookworms. Goodreads is a free app home to the globe’s largest reading community. On the platform, you can:

  • find new books from personalized recommendations based on books you’ve enjoyed;

  • explore what books friends are reading;

  • rate books, leave book reviews, and browse other people’s reviews;

  • track your reading progress;

  • set a yearly ‘Reading Challenge’;

  • scan a book’s barcode and add it to your ‘Want To Read’ bookshelf;

  • recommend books to friends;

  • join online book clubs;

  • vote for your favorite books of the year in the ‘Goodreads Choice Awards.’

7. ComiXology


If you are comic book-mad, ComiXology is the app for you. It boasts a library of over 200,000 graphic novels, manga, and digital comics from household names, including DC, Viz, and Marvel. It also includes work from indie writers that have made their own path. New content is added almost daily and includes ComiXology Originals. This premium app is great for both seasoned comic book fans and those new to the art form. ComiXology’s ‘Guided View’ feature offers cinematic and immersive reading on all device sizes. It even lets you read offline, so an internet connection does not limit you. 

8. Amazon Kindle 


Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular book apps. It lets you read books on your tablet or phone and access thousands of free Kindle books (you don’t need to own a Kindle to use the app). There are over 1.5 million books available, and it caters to every kind of reader, from books and comics to newspapers and magazines. Key Amazon Kindle features include:

  • sampling a book before you buy (read the first chapter);

  • customization of your reading experience with options for font, brightness, and layout;

  • syncing of your e-books across numerous devices;

  • a built-in dictionary.

9. Bookly 


Bookly is another book tracker app that lets you manage your books and track your reading progress. It is one of the best book apps, in part because it allows you to:

  • set a timer to monitor your reading;

  • add books, audiobooks, or e-books to your collection;

  • create custom book ‘Collections’;

  • set a ‘Book Goal’;

  • rate and comment on books;

  • set daily reminders;

  • share your progress;

  • receive insightful statistics about your reading;

  • play relaxing sounds while reading.

10. Libby 


Libby is an award-winning app for borrowing e-books, magazines, and audiobooks from libraries for free. All you need is a library card and the Libby app. The platform displays your library’s digital book collection so you can efficiently browse its catalog. It also lets you download titles so you can enjoy them offline. Libby includes additional tools that let you:

  • add bookmarks and notes;

  • enjoy read-along stories with children;

  • change text size and background color;

  • set a sleep timer;

  • zoom into comics and magazines.

11. Serial Reader


This next app helps you to read classic books in daily segments, making the reading process less overwhelming. Serial Reader has over 900 classic books to choose from, and it sends you a new issue from the book daily. These issues can be read in 20 minutes or under, making it easy to fit into your routine. Serial Reader includes:

  • hundreds of free popular classics;

  • a wide variety of fonts and themes;

  • tracking of reading streaks;

  • syncing with Goodreads.

If you are keen to get through some literary classics but find them daunting, Serial Reader can help you on your reading journey. 

12. Commaful


Commaful allows readers to enjoy bite-sized thrillers, horror, romance, fanfiction, and poetry. This free app also allows short story writers to upload their work (you can even write stories directly from your phone). Both bestselling authors and writing beginners use Commaful, and you can share your stories on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The app displays stories in a picture-book format to bring them to fruition. Looking for short stories to sink your teeth into? Or want to share your writing creativity with others? Commaful is a great choice.

13. Kobo


Another great app for e-books and audiobooks is Kobo. This app has over 6 million books, and you can buy them directly off the platform. Many elements have been added to enhance the Kobo reading experience, including:

  • choice of text size and style;

  • ‘Night Mode’ to decrease eye discomfort;

  • read across multiple devices;

  • schedule a timer on your audiobook;

  • browse e-book and audiobook samples;

  • review books and browse other user reviews;

  • choose from numerous languages to read in.

14. Audible 


Audible is an audio entertainment app that includes audiobooks, Audible Originals, and podcasts. Titles are available in every genre, ensuring there are options to suit your every fancy. You can stream or download anything from the ‘Catalog’ whenever you wish, listen online or offline, set a sleep timer, and build your own library. Fresh content is added each week, including bestsellers and exclusive originals. Audible is a fantastic app if you enjoy listening to stories at home or on the go.

15. Inkitt 


Inkitt is a novel reading app where you can explore thousands of new novels by indie writers and enjoy them for free. The app also helps aspiring authors begin their journey toward the ultimate goal: publication. With novels covering all genres, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Users of Inkitt can:

  • read upcoming novels by indie writers;

  • auto scroll when reading;

  • receive reading recommendations based on your preferred fiction genres;

  • download books and enjoy them offline;

  • customize fonts and colors.

Consider Inkitt if you are a passionate reader looking to discover fresh, new talent or are a writer keen to share your work.

16. Marvin 3


Marvin 3 is an e-book and comic book app offering over a hundred features to revolutionize your reading experience. More advanced than other similar apps, it allows you to fully customize the reading interface. Particular highlights of the app include:

  • external font support;

  • speed reading;

  • integration with Goodreads;

  • ability to add journal entries and notes;

  • highlighting sentences;

  • photo explorer;

  • wide range of import and export tools;

  • reading statistics.

Marvin 3 is an excellent choice if you are looking for an e-book or comic book reader with extensive customization features.

17. Leio


Another book-tracking app that makes our list is Leio. This app mainly caters to physical books. One of its primary features is its timer, which allows you to monitor your reading sessions and gain valuable information about your habits. Leio also lets users:

  • receive accurate predictions about your reading life (such as when you will finish a book);

  • monitor your progress in multiple books;

  • set reading deadlines so Leio can ensure you finish a book in a certain time;

  • save and share progress with friends;

  • gain insights about your reading lifestyle.

18. Scribd


Millions of readers already use Scribd, a digital library for a whole host of content, including magazine articles, podcasts, e-books, and audiobooks. It also features research documents, such as medical reports, study guides, and case studies. It even has sheet music for any instrument and difficulty level! This subscription-based service includes a digital library of audiobooks and e-books covering countless genres, including biography, entertainment, religion, true crime, and romance. Additionally, Scribd lets its users:

  • customize narration speed;

  • download audiobooks for offline use;

  • add annotations;

  • set a sleep timer.

19. Apple Books


Apple Books is your one-stop shop for all the books and audiobooks you love. Users can:

  • browse the ‘Audiobook Store’ and ‘Book Store’ to find a book;

  • track what they have read;

  • monitor what they wish to read;

  • set ‘Reading Goals’ to build good reading habits;

  • receive personalized recommendations;

  • organize their library by creating custom collections;

  • publish stories on the platform with support from Apple Books;

  • add books they are interested in into a ‘Want to Read’ list.

Apple Books serves over 100 million users each month, making it an undeniably popular choice.

20. Litsy 


Litsy is, first and foremost, an app for sharing your joy of books with friends. Litsy lets you share your favorite books with its passionate community of authors, readers, and influencers. Users can create posts about their reading experiences with photos, quotes, reviews, and blurbs, each linked to one book. You can also share your favorite passages, ignite great conversations about books, and browse what other people are currently reading. Litsy is a good book app if you love sharing and exchanging your thoughts and feelings about books with others.

Download the Headway app today

As you can see, many excellent book-related apps are available. Options range from apps for book tracking, writing, e-books and audiobooks, and beyond. By browsing through our top picks of apps for book lovers, you will be sure to find one suitable for you. Why not start with Headway?

Headway is a self-growth and development app perfect for book lovers, delivering daily insights, book summaries, and visual explainers, so you can grow no matter how busy your daily schedule may be. If you love absorbing knowledge from books but struggle to find the time, download the Headway app, where we pick out key insights from popular nonfiction titles and deliver them to you using a fun and simple approach. You can also browse great nonfiction titles by viewing book lists on the Headway blog.

Your journey to self-betterment begins with Headway.


Is there an app to keep track of books you’ve read?

Numerous book-tracking apps are available, including Shelfie, Goodreads, and Leio.

What is the most popular book app?

The most popular book app is Goodreads, with over 125 million members and more than three and a half billion books!

What is the best online book app?

There are many book apps available that cater to different needs. The best book app for self-growth and development purposes is the Headway app which uses key insights from bestselling nonfiction titles to help you become the best version of yourself.

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