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The 5 AM Club: Own Your Morning. Elevate Your Life

Dive into a bite-sized summary of Robin Sharma's bestselling book

Do you believe that you could have done more with the resources at your disposal? Have you ever felt the need to question your life’s motivation or the authenticity of the principles that you had long held as the standard by which you should live? Here, bestselling author Robin Sharma acknowledges our tendencies to settle for less. So his book is a powerful tale that will show you what you can do differently and how your mornings hold the key to increased productivity.

Chapter one: Vibing with individuals who have the same mindset, heartset, soulset, and healthset as you will influence your output

The book narrates the coming together of three individuals leading three different lives. One was an artist yet to unlock his true potential. The second was an entrepreneur on the verge of losing all she had worked for. And the third looked very much like a homeless man. The three met at a  seminar anchored by a well-known pseudo-guru, Spellbinder.

Halfway through Spellbinder’s powerful presentation, he collapsed and caused a mess that got these three individuals talking to each other. Throughout the conversation, the entrepreneur and the artist could not help but notice how the homeless guy carried himself — his words and charisma contradicted his looks.

He spoke of his vast wealth and how he became successful by following Spellbinder. His knack was surrounding himself with people who value the importance of quality. He asserted that this decision had helped him preserve his peace and revamp his joy. By keeping only people that get him around, he has learned to express himself freely and genuinely.

The ‘homeless’ man reiterated that spending time with people who drain you of your zeal to become exceptional is dangerous. Thus, it is vital to vibe with individuals who share the mindset and attitude as it influences our output.

Spending time with people who drain you of your zeal to become exceptional is dangerous.

He also explained how he realized that service to humanity is the sole motivation of most key figures in history. True wealth and fulfillment come when you dedicate your work to uplifting others. In addition, he condemned today’s social economy that thrives on making people need to grow up to become successful. Therefore, they often forget to appreciate the little things, and in contrast, grow accustomed to the ordinary.

True wealth and fulfillment come when you dedicate your life’s work to uplifting others.

The artist and entrepreneur got interested in his words, so the men invited them to his beach house. There he would reveal hidden truths about success. He told them of the 5 a.m. club that would help optimize their mornings. After they had accepted the invitation, the man said that his driver would pick them up the following morning and drop them at the airport.

Both the artist and entrepreneur arrived at the pickup spot, and before long, they were in a Rolls Royce where the chauffeur claimed that the haggard-looking man they had met yesterday was a billionaire. At the airport, a private jet took them to Mauritius.

Chapter two: Kickstarting tasks at 5 AM will fuel your day and help you live an above-average life

After making it to the island, they met the billionaire. He reiterated some of the points from the day before. He enunciated the importance of getting up at 5 AM and kickstarting tasks that would eventually fuel the day. He told them that he had discovered his ability to capitalize on this strategy had helped him live an above-average life.

Starting your day in solitude that is best accessed in the morning will help you retain the focus that would help you optimize your daily tasks. According to the billionaire in this book, generating high-quality output is one of the benefits of joining the 5 AM club.

Starting your day in solitude will sharpen your focus and help you optimize your daily tasks.

While drawing on his ascent from mediocrity to the exceptional, the billionaire went on to inform his guests of how he had learned to block all sources of distraction. He backed this argument up with findings by neuroscientists that our peak mental state is the point where our reasoning is heightened, which drives our perceptive capacity to an all-new level.

Combining this powerful state with a proven methodology, which the billionaire termed the 20/20/20 formula, would improve your prosperity, productivity, and performance. This concept is what helped the billionaire develop his cognitive sense and become a visionary thinker.

“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.”


The next morning, at exactly 5 a.m., the three gathered at the beach, and the billionaire unveiled the first teaching, which centered on generating better awareness, choices, and decisions. After the revelation, the tycoon asserted that the most successful people have unlocked their capacity to dedicate their time to the tiniest of details. This characteristic is what separates this 5% from the 95% that do not invest theirs all into what they do.

The most successful people dedicate their time to the tiniest of details.

This 5% have subjected their mentality to granularity. And the other 95% are more inclined to focus on the superficial. As such, your output determines who you are. Individuals who have learned to value their unique personality would never give out results that do not speak of their strength or below average. And so, the top performers, producers, and professionals sweat to reach perfection, regardless of the time it takes.

On the other hand, ordinary people choose to dedicate their time to their work just for financial reward or fame. This assertion is why an artist would instead copy financially successful styles to create unique styles that would reinvigorate his artistry.

It is also why true mavericks and trailblazers have found it hard to fit into everyday lifestyles to the detriment of their relationships. However, it is possible to adapt the granularity and rigor concept while identifying and avoiding the tropes that could break the way you communicate with the people around you.

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