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10 Workplace Trends to Address in 2023

A complete list of corporate buzzwords signalizing leadership issues.


Many new workplace buzzwords have emerged recently, capturing media headlines and sparking heated discussions in the corporate world. Despite the variety of terms, most reveal leadership issues and a resulting decrease in employee engagement. The surveys conducted by Gallup in November 2022 revealed that only 33% of US employees are engaged at work, while less than 2 in 10 Americans claim they receive proper performance management. 

Headway analyzed the key trends affecting the current work environment and developed a booklist to help leaders detect and eradicate the performance issues in their teams.


Latest workplace trends glossary

Employer trends

RTO mandate is a corporate policy obliging employees to work from the office.

Quiet Firing involves managers making the job unpleasant or unrewarding to push employees out of the organization.

Productivity Paranoia stands for managers' uncertainty if their people are working as effectively as they should, which results in excessive monitoring.

Loud Layoffs are companies' reduction in force announcements that shock employees and dominate media headlines.

Quiet Promotion involves managers giving employees extra responsibilities at work without a pay increase or title change.

Employee trends

Pleasanteeism is an employee behavior that involves concealing concerns and anxieties to seem productive in the workplace.

Quiet Quitting is an employee trend that promotes following the job requirements with minimum effort instead of going above and beyond.

Career Cushioning involves searching for new career options and preparing to leave in response to instability at your current job.

Resenteeism involves being openly apathetic at work and keeping an unsatisfying job due to rising cost of living concerns and raging layoffs.

Bare Minimum Monday promotes putting in minimum effort on the first day of the workweek to avoid stress and resist hustle culture.


"Most workplace trends shaping the business environment over the last 12 months derive from the same strategic management issues. Leaders must reconsider talent strategies, redistribute responsibilities, rebuild trust, and regain impact while closing the communication gap between employers and employees. It's high time to eliminate fatigue and enhance employee engagement before a new corporate buzzword arises."

Olga Shapovalova, Strategic Management Expert, B2B & Partnerships Director at Headway EdTech Startup.

5 books every leader should read in 2023

Radical Candor by Kim Scott

Why is it useful? The book will help you establish better relationships with colleagues and eradicate the "mean boss" stereotype while maintaining a strict and functional workplace.

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown

Why is it useful? The book provides practical tools and strategies for developing courageous leadership skills. You will learn to lead with greater effectiveness, authenticity, and impact while cutting the distance between you and your team.

Fearless organization by Amy Edmondson

Why is it useful? The book is a guide to creating a work culture that will foster innovation and creativity by letting people take risks, experiment, and learn from failure. You will discover crucial steps to boost employee engagement and retain top talent.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Why is it useful? In a competitive industry, teamwork is more important than finance, strategy, and even technology. The book explores the importance of vulnerability, accountability, and trust and provides leadership strategies to create a more cohesive and effective team.

Leadership is Language by L. David Marquet

Why is it useful? The book uncovers how using proper language and communication can result in an organization’s success. By learning to ask questions, listen actively, and provide concise feedback, you can foster relationships with your team and boost performance.

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