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Summary of The Laws of Success in Sixteen Lessons 

Short summary

In a world where success is admired, desired, and jealously guarded, it is a gift to be able to orchestrate one’s success. It would be so much easier to succeed if there were a manual detailing the steps to take and when to take them. The helping hand of adequate preparation, plus knowing what to do when such actions are needed is precious. People struggle blindly, trying their hardest to attain some measure of success in their businesses and even lives, but so few could achieve their goals because they lacked the tools and a guiding hand. Napoleon Hill was a young writer who picked 500 successful individuals’ brains and pinpoints the causative factors of their successes; he also is an astute motivational writer. “The Laws of Success” is a fantastic catalog of sixteen lessons that have come to shape the lives of many successful leaders and individuals alike. The helping hand missing in many businesses and ventures was now ever-present and brought closer to home. Now, all you needed to do to assure yourself of success was to pick a copy and diligently study the contents of this gem of a read. It avails the reader the luxury of taking charge of their own life and its direction as well. And this treasure chest of knowledge isn’t limited to only those with intentions of doing business only; just about anyone can change their lives with the helpful lessons it teaches.

Key points


To mastermind success in business, you require a clear goal and the confidence to achieve it

For success to be achieved, the first step is to ensure one has a clear vision of their goals and make it the primary, if not only, the objective of one’s life. This rule seems simple enough, but most people actually get distracted by too many conflicting goals they set for themselves.

If one lacks a clear and definite aim, it would be difficult to have the adequate amount of focus to even achieve any of the goals one has set for oneself.
Success will come when you are able to identify and stick to your primary goals.
One reason we burden our minds with multiple goals is because we lack confidence in ourselves. The next rule for success is to grow and sustain confidence in oneself. If you don’t have self-confidence, they will be prone to the constant fear of not being enough— young enough, not worthy of love, fear of criticism.

When self-confidence is low, you can make efforts to boost it, confidence is like a muscle and if you exercise it, it’ll grow.
You can increase your self-confidence with practical efforts to wean your mind of fear.
Another thing you’d be wise to grow is your finances as well. To do this successfully is to nurture a healthy saving habit. Saving can be learned, even by the ones who have bad spending habits. It starts with being conscious about one’s income and expenses.
It is important to manage your finances to avoid getting trapped by debt.
To cultivate a proper saving habit, it is advisable to draft up a budget and live within your means and not beyond it.
Those whom I attract to me will reciprocate the acts of kindness and the service that I have rendered others. ~ Napoleon Hill

A successful leader applies his vast store of initiative and brings impossible imaginations to life

Initiative is the ability to assess and initiate things independent of any external influence. It is a trait that is supposed to be commonplace in leadership. Once lacking, a leader will fail instead of succeeding. This rule of success is tailored to ensure that you’ll become a very successful leader/individual if you adhere to it.
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To earn and sustain success, you must be enthusiastic about work and become a master of your own self


Success comes easy when you have a passion for your work


Success is a byproduct of a clear mind backed up with accurate facts


There are lessons to learn from failure if we can endure and show tolerance



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