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Summary of Somebody to Love 

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A gripping reveal of the journey of one of humanity's most deadly diseases, Somebody to Love, dares to tell a story no one else would try and uses compelling stories and imagery to drive a grim image home. Written by the famous writers of the Michael Jackson biography, Matt Richards and Mark Langthorne have masterfully captured the life and times of elite rock star Freddie Mercury to disabuse our minds of the glamour and allure of the world of sex, drugs, and reckless abandon. The life of Freddie Mercury is one of glitz and glamour, a flamboyance that remains unmatched. But underneath the glossy exterior was a lot of conflict and a search for who he is. This summary explores all the intricacies left hidden for so long. “He was a loveable rogue, and very costly to be around, always bumping into expensive things and demanding champagne, but always bright and lively and the center of attention.” ~ Matt Richards

Key points


Society creates norms that can often lead to us living in falsehood, live your authentic self

In the 70s, it wasn't trendy or accepted to be openly gay, especially in the UK. This is where our story starts, and we meet young Freddie Mercury as he and his ragtag band of friends try to break into the music business with their unique and impressive talents.
There is often a conflict with our feelings and societal norms, and it is okay to question and define what is normal for you.
Mercury had struggled with his sexuality for a long time, unable to reconcile if it was indeed “normal” to have romantic feelings for another man. Mercury himself had a somewhat strong connection to his roots and upbringing. Born to religious and conservative Indian parents, Bomi and Jer Bulsara in Zanzibar, he spent his childhood in India in boarding school.
We must cultivate good values; these are what forge or wreck our future personalities.
Regardless of how little time he spent with his parents, Mercury cultivated a profound respect for them, their religion, and their culture. Bomi and Jer were members of the Zoroastrian faith, and they had strong beliefs on what was considered right and wrong. They may have unknowingly instilled these values into Mercury at some point in his life, but in any case, it formed the core of the adult he'd become; ashamed, afraid, and in disguise.
We can often feel caged or trapped by the immense pressure to fit into society's mold, and it is okay to break free and be our authentic selves.
Mercury would later return to Zanzibar before fleeing to England with his family, a move that would open the door to wanton exploration and a long path of self-discovery and reinvention. He had always been adept in the musical arts, even as far back as boarding school. Blessed with the rich vocal gifts of his Persian heritage, Mercury had the voice of an angel, and he knew how to use it.

In the following chapters, we shall dig deeper beyond the allure and porcelain finish Mercury put up, far into the dark underbelly. The summary reveals his life, struggles with his sexuality, the music industry, and the illness that would ultimately bring his boisterous tale to an end.
Despite being good at sports, Freddie was increasingly attracted to subjects such as art and literature and, of course, music. ~ Matt Richards, Mark Langthorne

HIV/AIDS originated from an unfortunate chimpanzee bite and has managed to become a worldwide epidemic

Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS) is a deadly disease that affects the body via viral action. It targets the immune system and ultimately weakens it, leaving the body susceptible to opportunistic illnesses, any of which would eventually lead to the individual's death.
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HIV struck the gay community particularly hard, as back then, no one bothered to have protected sex


People considered HIV the “gay plague” until it affected just about everyone; straight men, women, and infants


It became apparent that unprotected sex was the cause when HIV also hit the community of the famous and the media


HIV is not a stranger today, and there are measures taken to contain and manage the condition



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