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21 Thoughtful Gifts for Readers (That Aren’t Books)

Discover 21 thoughtful gifts for the book lovers in your life that go beyond books. From cozy reading accessories to unique literary-themed items, find the perfect present to delight any avid reader.


Reading is the ultimate form of self-care; it can nurture creativity and expand knowledge. At first glance, buying a present for someone who reads should be easy. In truth, gift-giving can be challenging if you’re shopping for someone who has everything. So, what are good gifts for people who love to read? While the obvious answer might be books, it isn’t easy to find gift ideas for book lovers as they’ve already read so many novels. 

Fortunately, we have the ultimate guide to bookish gifts. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, a festive treat, or a thoughtful surprise to show someone you’re thinking of them, this list will provide you with the best gifts for bibliophiles

Key points:

  • Buying books for someone who loves reading should be easy; until you realize you can’t find a physical book they haven’t read. It’s time to get creative and find book gifts based on their lifestyle and reading habits.

  • The best gifts for book lovers are the ones that create a calm, warm, and peaceful environment to read in. Some reading gifts include candles, blankets, an unusual mug, or a warm book light.

  • If you’re looking for book gift ideas for people who travel, a portable reading light, an e-reader, a Kindle book cover, and a book-inspired book tote bag are excellent.

  • Noise-canceling headphones are one of the best gifts for avid readers who need more focus. You can also purchase a Headway app subscription for your favorite reader, giving them access to fun audio learning on the go! Together, these are perfect if you want to encourage your loved one to read more. 

21 gift ideas for readers 

In this article, you’ll discover gifts for book readers that go beyond the page. While you may think reading is all about words on paper, multiple factors affect the reading experience. 

Some readers need help to concentrate, whether from self or external distractions. Many people don’t have a dedicated space for their reading material, and others might often travel, making it tough to carry books. You can choose from many thoughtful reading gifts to make your loved ones’ reading experience more comfortable. Show them you care with these gift ideas for readers.

1. Innovate their reading experience with a Headway subscription

If you know someone who loves expanding their mind by reading nonfiction, offer them a monthly or annual Headway subscription. You’ll help increase their productivity, discover popular books, and maybe their next favorite read. Headway is the app that transforms books into bite-sized learnings to help the reader understand the topic without reading the entire piece. 

This new, innovative way to learn has been transformative for numerous readers, particularly those who need more time or find long periods of focus difficult. Users can access 15-minute book summaries, visual explainers, and challenges to help them decide if a book is right for their reading goals. What’s more, the Headway app is available in text or audio format — download from Google Play or the App Store today!

Headway App

2. Read from anywhere with a portable reading light

For the night owls or the early birds, a portable reading light allows people to read anytime without disturbing those around them. This is a gift for readers who are always on the go. Book lovers can read anywhere, anytime, from the comfort of their bedroom to camping in the serene woods. 

3. Never lose the page with a nightstand book holder 

Do you have a book lover friend who hates bookmarks but always loses their page? This one is for them. A book holder will look great on any nightstand, keeping the book open without the need for inserts. Also called a book stand, readers can perch their book on the holder and never lose their page again. 

4. Track reading goals and thoughts with a reading journal

There are numerous journals available to track reading habits. If you know someone new to reading, they may enjoy a simplified version to record titles they’ve read. However, if your gift receiver is a long-time book lover, they might prefer a more in-depth journal. Some reading diaries allow you to note the titles you’re reading, book ratings, thoughts on the book, and favorite quotes. If you can’t find one you like, consider making a gift using a bullet journal and fun stationery! 

5. Help them get cozy with a scented candle

Creating a calming atmosphere can take any reading experience to the next level. It could boost their mood and improve their focus. A scented candle is a great way to do this, as it offers a warm glow to accompany the reading session. A collection of scented candles is a beautiful gift for people who like to read, as they can choose from various scents to suit their book.

6. Keep them warm while they read with a new blanket

Knitted throws definitely make the list of thoughtful gifts for book lovers. There’s nothing better than snuggling under a warm blanket with a good book. Fortunately, blankets are easy to shop for and are one of many excellent gifts for people who like to read.


7. Art prints of their favorite books

We all know the bitter-sweet feeling of finishing a favorite book. That’s why the best gifts for readers are the ones that celebrate their favorite tales and bring the action to life. One gift that does just this is an art print. Many iconic reads inspire new artwork and honor some of the best stories in the world. If you know someone who loves the classics, such as Jane Austen’s books, or has a series they always talk about, try finding artwork to accompany these prominent literary pieces. Art inspired by fiction is an excellent option if you’re looking for unique gifts for readers.

8. Create the perfect reading book nook with a desk lamp

If candles aren’t their thing, a table book lamp will do the job just as well. Creating a warm reading environment can make the experience feel extra special. If you upgrade their reading nook with a lamp, find one that suits their home decor and use a warm bulb for the coziest feeling.

9. Keep books safe while traveling with a fashionable tote bag

Every book lover needs something to carry their books in. Tote bags and book bags are popular, with endless design options. You’ll find book-inspired designs, as well as many others.

10. Inspire them with beautiful bookmarks

Uncommon bookmarks are wonderful gifts for readers as they come in various designs, colors, and materials. You’ll discover magnetic bookmarks, personalized, handpainted, wooden, and many more varieties of page holders. What’s more, you can choose from quotes, reading trackers, images, and positive affirmations. With such a vast choice, it’s easy to find something your gift receiver will adore. If you’re feeling creative, you might enjoy making your own bookmark too!

11. Help them find a bookshelf to house their paperbacks

Everyone needs somewhere to store their books. If you’re on the hunt for gift ideas for readers, a bookshelf can transform a home reading environment. Work with the space they have to find the perfect fit for all their paperbacks! 

12. Make a beautiful book display with unique bookends

Bookends are the perfect option if their book collection is relatively small or they prefer styling items around their home. Bookends are unique gifts for readers as they come in many designs, from novelty shapes to whimsical crystals and modern decor. Not only are they functional and hold things in place, but they also look great.

13. Stationery to annotate their favorite books

Annotating books isn’t just for literary scholars; nowadays, many book lovers enjoy recording thoughts about their current read and spotlighting their favorite lines. Stationery is a great gift for readers who annotate their stories. Some good stationery includes transparent sticky notes, highlighters, colored pens, and tabs. 

14. Book-themed puzzles

Like artwork inspired by novels, there are multiple ways to celebrate great works of literature —  including jigsaw puzzles. Since many people read to calm their minds, doing a puzzle offers them another relaxing activity while still sticking with the theme of books. 

15. Digitalize reading with an e-reader


If your budget stretches this far, an e-reader is a fantastic gift for those short on space or people who travel a lot. Its small size makes it light and convenient to take in a bag, so they don’t have to worry about fitting a bookcase or buying multiple paperbacks. An e-reader is also an excellent option for saving paper and making reading more accessible. As you research the best e-readers, consider getting one with a backlight so the user can read day or night. If you like the idea of digital reading, but an Amazon Paperwhite e-reader is outside your budget, try a monthly Headway subscription instead for a convenient way to read on the go.

16. Blue light reading glasses for the person who reads from a device 

Some readers prefer to use a tablet or a phone to read popular texts, like those learning from the Headway app. However, if they enjoy reading daily, they might experience eye strain and disrupted sleep from a device’s blue light. 

Blue light glasses are a fun, affordable, and stylish way to prevent this artificial light from affecting reading. While we need more research to confirm the benefits of these eyeglasses, they might ease eye fatigue and sleep issues associated with blue light.

17. Maximize relaxation with a wooden bathtub tray 

If you know someone who prioritizes relaxation or needs more self-care, treat them to a wooden bathtub tray with a built-in book stand. These are the best gifts for book lovers as they offer the ultimate leisure activity, combining bathing with reading. Make sure to get a tray that can hold the book in place for a hassle-free experience.  

18. Personalized book stamp

These are a book lover’s dream. Personalizing a stamp with their name makes the books a little more unique, allowing them to label each text they’ve read. You can find numerous designs online, so you’re sure to find something to suit their style.

19. A unique mug to make them smile 

Sticking with the theme of personalization, design your own mug to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. A warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate pairs perfectly with a comfortable read. So, what better gift than a unique or personalized mug?

20. A notebook to record thoughts, inspirations, and favorite quotes


From favorite book quotes, character rants, and exciting ideas, your book lover friend needs somewhere to store their inspirations. A lined notebook is a good place to start, but you’ll get bonus points if the cover is book-themed or celebrates their favorite novel. Alternatively, if they are particularly creative, opt for a bullet journal. These come with blank or dotted pages, so users can design their own formats. The options are endless: They can create a scrapbook-style layout, comparison tables, mood boards, and much more. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

21. Noise-canceling headphones to eliminate distractions 

Some people can dive headfirst into a new book, while others take time to tune out the world around them. If you’re looking for a more extravagant gift for readers, noise-canceling headphones are ideal. They offer a moment of silence to reduce distractions but can also set the mood with calming music or nature sounds. For those who love to use the audio function on the Headway app, noise-canceling headphones help them tune into the learning material and soak up the knowledge easier.

Get to know popular titles on the Headway app

We’re making learning fun again with bite-sized text and audio clips to support one’s reading goals. The gift of a Headway subscription is a great way to show you care about your friend’s passion for reading. With colorful visuals, story-like formats, and easy-to-understand content, users feel welcomed and encouraged on Headway. Download the Headway app to browse popular titles and explore the world of digital learning on the go.

Final thoughts

That’s a wrap on our top 21 book gifts! This list will surely please the book lover in your life as you support their passion for words. 

Reading gifts don’t have to stop at books; in fact, there are many ways you can brighten the reading experience for your loved one. You can help them curate their dream reading nook, create storage space for their possessions, encourage them to expand their book selection with Headway, and even offer them some quiet amongst the busyness of life. 

We hope you found the perfect gift for readers and are inspired to treat a loved one.


What to gift a person who loves reading?

There are many thoughtful gifts for people who like to read. For example, book-themed t-shirts that you can order on Etsy, Barnes & Noble, or any of their favorite bookshop gift card, decorative items complement reading spaces, or the first edition of their favorite book so readers feel calm and focused.

What should I get my bookworm friend?

People who love to read are always on the lookout for new books. A subscription to the Headway app is a fun way to encourage your loved ones to read and learn more. Users can read or listen to the core concepts from hundreds of popular titles, helping them expand their knowledge and decide if the book is right for them.

What do you put in a gift basket for readers?

If you know someone who loves books, get them a stationery collection to annotate their favorite quotes, lines, and scenes. They may also enjoy a reading journal to track what they read and their thoughts on each text.

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