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10 Best Corporate Gifts To Give Employees and Co-Workers

Find the perfect corporate gifts with our list of the 10 best options for employees and co-workers. From practical office supplies to personalized items, these gifts are sure to impress and show appreciation in the workplace.


Your co-worker’s birthday is rolling around, but there’s one thing on your mind — what to bring them as a gift. The usual Amazon gift card may seem like a surefire way of pleasing your colleague, but they can also make it obvious that you had no idea what to get them otherwise. Instead, make their workday a little more special with a gift that leaves them grinning from ear to ear.

Additionally, your co-workers may be the perfect place to start if you’re trying to build professional relationships to boost your career experience. Giving thoughtful gifts to people at work can help you gain respect points and could even be the basis of a budding lifelong friendship. Consider thanking your colleague for supporting you on a project or giving your desk neighbor a gift set on their birthday — they will surely appreciate the kind gesture!

Whether you’re a CEO looking to build a team-building environment or an employee buying a unique gift for a co-worker, take a look at this extensive list of the best corporate gifts for employees.

Key points:

  • Gifts for your boss or co-worker might be the last thing on your shopping list, but it’s still important to make a good impression and show appreciation in the workplace. This can build trust and gratitude among your professional relationships that can then help you network to receive higher positions and corporate achievements.

  • Buying a gift for your colleague doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. Some of the unique corporate gift ideas are the simplest. For example, personal care packages, tumbler coffee mugs, and custom puzzles are very popular presents.

  • As a corporate employee, finding the time for reading and self-development practices can be difficult. Fortunately, a subscription to Headway, an app that offers short audio and text summaries of popular books, can make a great addition to a company’s toolbelt to help encourage consistent personal improvement among the team.

Top 10 gift ideas for company employees

Choosing a perfect gift for a co-worker may not always be the easiest task, but it can make someone feel valued and appreciated when done correctly. Here are some of the best corporate gifts to help you stand out among your co-workers.

1. A premium Headway subscription


Since a great company requires a team dedicated to personal growth and improvement, employees need access to ways to develop their skills continuously. One of the best approaches to do this is by reading self-help books that focus on career growth and corporate ladder climbing. However, people with busy professions often have to leave this task on the back burner. Fortunately, the Headway app is a bite-sized learning platform that allows your team to gain all the key parts of a book in 15 minutes.

If you are a manager or owner of an organization, part of your job is to continue implementing opportunities for your team to continue their professional development. The Headway app allows your company to participate in fun self-growth challenges, build team relationships, and foster engagement for learning. Sign your colleagues up for a premium Headway subscription to give them access to an exclusive book summary collection based on their interests.

2. Tumbler coffee mug

If you know a co-worker who always arrives to work with their daily coffee fix, this gift may be perfect for them. A tumbler coffee mug is essential for any coffee lover who wants to take their java on the go. Choose from a variety of colors, aesthetics, and designs that reflect your co-worker’s tastes and personality. Here’s a hint — if there’s a particular coffee shop they visit the most, consider getting them a merchandise tumbler with the company logo.

If you feel this gift needs a little extra, try pairing the stainless steel tumbler with a bag of gourmet coffee beans and other coffee-related trinkets. For example, adding a silver coffee spoon or a reusable coffee sleeve to match the color of the tumbler would be a nice touch. Otherwise, keep it simple with the high-quality tumbler alone in a gorgeous gift-wrapped box.

3. 1000-piece custom puzzle

Do you know someone at your workplace asking you for help with their daily crossword and Sudoku puzzles? Get another mind-busting game for them to enjoy with a 1000-piece custom jigsaw puzzle. If they wish, they might even be willing to get the whole team involved with finishing the puzzle as a great team bonding activity!

Consider getting a puzzle that reflects something your co-worker is particularly interested in. For example, this could be something simple like a particular food item they love, a preferred season or weather event, or even a favorite animal. Or, you could find a customizable puzzle to depict something more personal, like a photo of them, a beloved pet, or an image that reflects an inside joke you both share. Either way, this great gift will surely get a few smiles and the brain gears turning!

4. Care package

Not sure what to get that hard-working team member who never seems to take a break from hard work? Or maybe an employee is a bit overwhelmed and needs time to relax. Whatever the case, offer them a gift basket full of items and products designed to help them engage in the best self-care night of their lives. This can be anything, from a basket of toiletry products, or a scented candle, to a box of culinary supplies with everything they need for a fantastic home-cooked dinner. 

The best part of this gift is that you can customize this care package with items you think they would enjoy. For example, a co-worker who frequently goes to spas and beauty parlors might enjoy some face masks, lotions, and a gift card to their favorite salon. A team member who enjoys fine cuisine may otherwise prefer a basket filled with gourmet ingredients, oven mitts, and a few cooking utensils like wooden spoons or ladles. Either way, they’ll receive a fun gift that will help them unwind and destress in their unique way.

5. Essential oil diffuser


If your co-worker loves perfumes and delectable aromas, consider getting them an essential oil diffuser to brighten up their day. Diffusers use natural essential oils to disperse scents into a room and are scientifically proven to boost your mood and decrease stress and anxiety levels. You might even consider throwing in a pack of essential oils to get them started — lavender, lemongrass, and eucalyptus are usually the go-to starter scents.

This well-being gift is a much safer alternative to candles as they can use it without worrying about fire hazards. However, if they decide to place it in the workspace, it’s important to be mindful of others who may be intolerant to powerful scents. Otherwise, it can make a wonderful gift for a new hire who can benefit from an increase in productivity from energizing aromas.

6. Snack gift box

Nearly all of us have someone who is a devout foodie in our lives. Luckily, this trait can make your life a lot easier when buying gifts for them. All you have to do is get them a box of their favorite snacks or sweet treats! Whether you purchase a pre-made box of snacks produced by the local bakery or prefer to create your own box with snacks you know the gift recipient loves, your munchie-loving co-worker will certainly leave a lasting impression.

You can choose snacks according to your co-worker’s tastes if you decide to go custom. The first step in this gift-giving is to consider whether the gift recipient prefers sweet or savory foods. Then, opt to create a personalized gift box that favors one or the other. For example, a sweet gift box can include cupcakes, candy, chocolates, fruits, and other confectionary desserts. On the other hand, a savory gift box can come with chips, finger sandwiches, and even meal items like burgers and fries — whatever tickles their fancy!

7. Candle set

You may not be able to light a candle at work due to safety regulations, but you can certainly light it at home after a long day at the office. This employee appreciation gift is perfect for someone who needs a way to destress from work with a cozy night next to a warm candle. If you know the gift recipient is a candle lover, consider getting them a set of multiple candles in one box that will last them through several days of burning time.

With this thank you gift, you can play around with the types of candles and their accompanying scents. For instance, you’ll want to stick to handmade, 100% soy-based candles if your co-worker prefers natural ingredients. Moreover, if your co-worker is the jokester type, a funny scent name might be a good way to get a laugh out of them. Otherwise, you could play it safe and go for common scents like vanilla and sandalwood.

8. Sherpa throw blanket

Hardly anyone can resist the feeling of surrender when you get under a fuzzy throw blanket after a long day at work. The winter can be cold and dreary,  so a sherpa blanket may be the perfect thing to keep your co-worker warm and cozy. Sherpa is a type of fleece made of 100% polyester synthetic materials and is designed to replicate the revering qualities of sheepskin. Not only is it incredibly soft and plush, but it’s also specially made to prevent stains and wrinkles, which means it will likely last a long time throughout the usual wear and tear.

Consider treating your co-worker to a well-deserved after-work nap with a sherpa blanket. What’s more, you can choose various colors, thicknesses, and textures that suit your tastes and personal preferences. Opt for darker colors, thicker varieties, and larger sizes for a gift during the colder months. As for the warmer months, your co-worker will likely prefer something lightweight and cooler, so opt for a thinner blanket with warmer colors.

9. Ceramic planter

Does your co-worker have a green thumb? If so, use the opportunity to give them a holiday gift that allows them to maintain their passion and hobby all year long. In other words, a ceramic planter may be just the thing for them and their home office

If you have ever been to your co-worker’s house for dinner, you’ll know the style of decor they enjoy. However, if not, you may have to wing it based on what you already know about their preferences. In either case, neutral colors like white, beige, and black can usually fit into any home’s aesthetic.

You may even consider including a few packets of flower seeds to build up the gift. Better yet, offer them a planter with a live plant you’ve grown from a seedling. That way, they’ll have a gorgeous planter and a new plant to care for in one go. You decide!

10. Desk photo frame


One of the most classic decorations for any office and special occasion, a desk photo frame can add a perfect touch of home and comfort in a work environment. If you’re struggling to find an appropriate office gift for your colleague, this would likely be the safest option that still gets a great reaction from them. It is practical and useful and allows your colleague to spruce up their desk accessories and make it a little more personal to them. 

An important thing to consider is whether you will put a photo in the frame or leave it blank. With the first option, you could go for a group photo of the team that they can hang up to remind them of the supportive team environment. If you decide to leave it blank, your colleagues can put in any photo they wish, such as a family photo of their spouse and children. 

Give the best corporate gift with Headway

Buying a gift for a colleague is vastly different from buying a gift for a friend or family member. You want to be generous with your purchase but must also remain professional with your presentation and gift choice. The good thing is that most ambitious employees have one thing in common: the desire for self-growth and career expansion. 

The Headway app provides your team with a variety of audiobook summaries designed to help them focus on their personal development goals. With a library of over 1500 summarized nonfiction bestsellers, Headway offers companies exclusive summary collection based on your team’s interests. On top of this, it can also become a great team-building activity as you monitor your team’s progress with the user analytics dashboard. Download the Headway app to gain unlimited access to thousands of self-improvement and career-boosting audiobook summaries.


What are custom corporate gifts for employees?

Whether you’re a fast-food worker or the CEO of a top company, almost every employee needs a break from work now and then. In this case, some good employee gifts include sherpa throw blankets, water bottles, succulents, Bluetooth speakers, earbuds, tote bags, laptop sleeves, wireless chargers, or candle sets to help them relax and destress after work. 

What should I get my boss as a gift?

There’s a difference between an appropriate gift for a co-worker and what is appropriate for a boss. When buying a gift for your boss, it’s important to keep it entirely professional and poised. At the same time, don’t go overboard with spending. You don’t want to make it seem as if you’re trying hard to vie for your boss’ attention. With all this in mind, consider gifts like a desk photo frame featuring a picture of the team, or a subscription to the book summary app, Headway, to help them bring the team closer together with bonding and self-development activities.

What is the best gift for a co-worker?

The best gift for a co-worker is one that considers their individual interests and preferences. For example, if your co-worker enjoys gardening, a ceramic planter may be the perfect addition to their home, indoors or outdoors. Or, if they’re a foodie, consider a snack gift box to incorporate their favorite snacks and goodies into one gift.

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