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10 Gifts to Get the Guy Who Has Everything

On the lookout for some exceptional gifts for him? Not sure what to buy the man who has everything? Check out our gift ideas for men who have everything.


Christmas is around the corner, and it’s time to break out the holiday shopping list. But there comes the universal dilemma: that one guy who is notoriously difficult to shop for. You’ve heard it all before — ‘I already have it’ or ‘I don’t need anything.’ So, what do you get for someone who seems to be too stubborn to tell you what they actually want?

Instead of playing it safe and getting the picky guy in your life a plain old gift card, consider giving them something a little more meaningful that will have them remembering the gift for years to come. Although you can never go wrong with a cologne set or a trusty pair of joggers, spicing up the gift exchange with items and experiences that cater to their personal interests can make for an unforgettable holiday season.

Whether it’s for Christmas, their birthday, or any other significant event, there are tons of unique gifts that are practical and useful enough for any man to enjoy. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the special man in your life, look no further than this list of the best gift ideas for men who have everything.

Key Points:

  • Shopping for men who seem to already have everything can be an exasperating experience. It can seem like no matter what you think of getting them, it’ll most likely just end up in their heap of stuff they don’t use. However, studying up on gift ideas can be a great way to find a gift that is practical and delightful for your special guy.

  • The best gifts for men can range from a simple hoodie to a personal pizza maker. Whatever you decide to get them, be sure to cater to individual interests and buy something that you are certain they will enjoy.

  • For some, even the most lavish gifts won’t satisfy the picky man in question. In this case, the Headway app can be a practical solution for anyone unsure of what to buy the man who has everything.

10 Best gifts for the man who has everything

Buying gifts for a man who has everything and wants nothing can be difficult, but researching gift ideas that cater to their interests can help. Let’s dive into some of the most interesting gifts for men that will surely knock their socks off this holiday season.


A premium Headway membership

There’s plenty of commonplace things to get for people who love reading: bookmarks, literary-inspired mugs, and e-readers, to name a few. However, there’s something that will have your book-loving guy totally unsuspecting of what you’re about to give him — a premium membership to a bite-sized learning app. For the man who can’t get enough of reading and self-growth, a subscription to Headway can offer him everything and in between.

The best part? Headway isn’t just for readers. A Headway subscription can also be a great resource for those in busy professions, including teachers, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Consider getting your special man a subscription to Headway to help them gain valuable knowledge in their favorite topics. From self-help and fiction to business strategy and financial books, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on this app.


Tabletop bonfire

Cold winter nights call for hot cocoa and s’mores by the fire. For the guy who likes setting a cozy mood in the evening or at night, lighting a bonfire is the perfect way to do so. However, if you live in an apartment building or a crowded neighborhood, starting a normal-sized bonfire may bring out some environmental concerns. Neighbors might get annoyed by all the smoke, and it could even pose a serious fire hazard.

Luckily, tabletop bonfires allow you to start a bonfire from anywhere you are without running any big-time risks. Gift your special guy a mini bonfire to let them know how much they light up your life — and how grateful you are for the spark between you. Whether you decide to go with a charcoal, wood, or propane-burning portable bonfire, make sure that you get one that is safe to use around your special guy’s living arrangements.


Portable grill and smoker

Not sure what to get for the grillmaster in your life? Besides a pair of tongs and an apron that says ‘Kiss the Chef,’ it may be time to give your favorite griller a way to continue their passion on the go. A portable grill and smoker is one of the best gifts for older men who have everything because it’s easy, convenient, and allows them to grill efficiently without all the extra hassle. Besides, there’s probably a written rule somewhere that all dads are all somehow grill technicians.

If you know a guy who would love to grill all year round if they could, then give your personal grill chef the opportunity to share their gourmet meats with everyone this coming year. You can bring a portable grill with you on vacations and camping trips or even use it for a quick barbeque during the colder months. It sure beats lugging out the entire grill for a meal when you could simply flip open your trusty portable smoker!


Projector screen

Still looking for a gift that will please that movie guru guy without just getting them a bunch of movie tickets or DVDs? Let them take their movie nights to the next level with a projector screen. We’re talking about luxury homemade movie nights in the backyard or living room that can make for cozy date nights or parties with friends. Without a doubt, this will have your guests raving for months!

Not only will this let your movie-loving guy set up a film anywhere they wish, but it’ll also make for cozy memories with their loved ones. If you want to take this gift up a notch, surprise them by setting up the screen in a place where you can decorate with comfy seating, snack trays, and beautiful string lighting. When they walk in, your movie buff will be bouncing off the walls with excitement!


Custom fleece hoodie

Who can ever have enough hoodies? Surprise the love of your life this winter season with a high-quality fleece hoodie that keeps them warm throughout the year. If you wish, you might even consider getting them a custom-designed hoodie that has a funny phrase or photo on the front that can be an inside joke between the two of you. No matter if it’s your partner, your brother, or your uncle, hoodies can be the perfect gift to get for someone who is difficult to shop for.

Consider their preferences when it comes to clothing to make sure that this is something they would actually wear. For instance, you should choose a color and style that matches their aesthetic and personal likes. They might already have a ton of hoodies, but this one might surpass all others if it comes from you.


Leather boots

There’s nothing more attractive than straight-up leather. And when you put it on a great-looking boot, there’s something that anyone will be vying to put in their closet. As the perfect complement to any outfit, leather boots can be a great gift for any man who takes his personal style seriously.

This can also be a practical gift for men who do a lot of outdoor work — leather boots are extremely durable and last long throughout continuous wear and tear. Not to mention, they are also super fashionable and trendy, which means you’ll be updating their closet while giving them something they can use regularly.


Hot sauce gift set

Calling all spice lovers! If you know a guy who can’t get enough of spicy food, hot sauce might be just the thing that lights your gift recipient’s eyes up in flames. Get your favorite hot-sauce junkie a collection of gourmet hot sauces to try that will get their taste buds tingling. Pre-made gift sets are available by several leading hot sauce brands, but you could always create your own custom gift box that caters specifically to your guy’s preferences.

Try looking for a hot sauce bundle that incorporates some of their favorite flavors and brands. That way, you can be sure that this is something that they will enjoy and may even continue purchasing on their own. Some tasty hot sauces to look out for include habanero, sweet and spicy, sriracha, and cayenne garlic.


Weighted blanket

Nearly everyone has experienced an overload of stress at some point in their life. Whether it’s due to work, personal relationships, or a non-stop schedule, show that special man in your life some TLC with a weighted blanket. Choose among textures and thicknesses that you think would be best for that special someone — are they a cold sleeper or a warm sleeper? Either way, there’s a weighted blanket that fits their needs.

Weighted blankets are scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Not to mention, they’re super warm and, therefore, perfect to give anyone in the colder months. If you’re giving your SO a weighted blanket this year, don’t forget to snuggle up alongside them and reap the stress-relieving benefits of that extra weight at night.


Bar soap set

The best part about hygiene products is that everyone can use them, and they eventually run out. That means they’re practically a universal gift: you can give them to literally everyone, and you know they’ll always need more of it! And, of course, who doesn’t love a good-smelling bar of soap? 

Whether the man in question is a significant other who loves all things fresh and clean, or it’s simply a younger brother who needs a bit of freshening up, a bar soap set can make a great stocking stuffer. Look for bar soap sets with endearing qualities like exfoliation and the ability to make skin extra soft. Also, consider sticking to scents like sage, musk, sandalwood, and fir to make the recepient more inclined to use the gift.


Personal pizza maker

If there’s anything that nearly everyone can agree on, it’s that pizza is probably one of the best inventions on Earth. However, here’s another invention that just about tops the cake: a personal pizza maker. Yep, you heard that right.

These contraptions have features that allow you to craft pizza masterpieces with professional brick-oven results. For the home chef to the college student looking to make meals in their dorm, a personal pizza maker can be a great present. If you know anyone who loves making pizza just as much as they do eating it, giving the gift of being able to make homemade pizza every day of the week is sure to get a thumbs up from them.

Give the perfect gift this year with Headway

There may not be one universal gift that can please everyone, but there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t like a gift that helps them improve their lives. With apps on the market that allow you to stay consistent with your goals and learn while on a busy schedule, it’s no wonder that many people are purchasing digital subscriptions as gifts.

As such, the Headway app can be the perfect solution to your holiday gift-giving woes. If you know a guy who loves reading, or someone who would like to prioritize self-care but doesn’t have the time, consider purchasing them a membership to Headway. With this bite-sized learning app, your special someone can gain unlimited access to a variety of 15-minute audiobook summaries catered to their personal development and goals.

Not sure what to get your loved ones this holiday season? Still on the fence about that gift for that special guy? Consider giving the gift of learning this holiday season when you download the Headway app.


What should I buy for a man who is super picky about gifts?

There’s always someone who is going to be picky about what you get them. To combat this issue around the holidays and still get them something that they can use, consider getting them something that fits their general interests. For instance, if your guy likes cooking or simply loves pizza, a personal pizza maker may just hit the jackpot. Otherwise, if you know a guy who is quite particular about his appearance, then a bar soap set or a pair of fashionable leather boots could have him grinning from ear to ear.

What is the perfect gift for a dad?

Let’s face it — dads are sometimes the last person on your holiday shopping list. If the dads in your life have all asked for ‘nothing’ this year, but you still want to make their holiday special, then consider getting them something memorable like a custom hoodie or T-shirt. Of course, you could always go the generic route — a toolbox, a gift card, or even a mug that says ‘Number 1 Dad.’ However, you could try something different that caters to other dad-friendly interests, like a portable grill and smoker, new boots, or a personal pizza maker.

What should I get my boyfriend as a gift?

It’s easy for others to think that it’ll be super easy to buy your significant other a gift. After all, you know everything about what they like or don’t like, right? Wrong! No matter how much you know about a person, you can still be stumped about what to get them — especially if they already have a lot of stuff. If you’re not sure what to get your significant other as a gift, consider something that is practical yet romantic, like a portable bonfire for cozy nights, a projector screen for movie dates, or a weighted blanket to snuggle under.

What is the perfect birthday gift for a guy who has everything?

Christmas isn’t the only time of the year that has people stumped on what to get for that one guy who always seems to be well-dressed with a home that is impeccably decorated. If you’re looking for birthday gifts for a man who has everything, consider things that can run out, such as bar soap and hygiene sets. This way, you know that your gift will definitely be put to good use!

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