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17 Best Trauma Books

Discover a wide selection of trauma books that offer insights and guidance on healing and overcoming adversity. Explore our collection now!


The Body Keeps The Score

by Bessel Van Der Kolk

4.8 (61679 reviews)

What is The Body Keeps The Score about?

In this groundbreaking book, a renowned psychiatrist explores the profound impact of trauma on the human body, mind, and soul. Drawing on decades of research and clinical experience, the author reveals how trauma can reshape our brains and bodies, leading to a range of physical and psychological symptoms. Through compelling case studies and innovative therapies, he offers hope and guidance for healing, emphasizing the importance of understanding the intricate connection between the brain, mind, and body in the journey towards recovery.

Who should read The Body Keeps The Score

  • Mental health professionals seeking a comprehensive understanding of trauma healing.

  • Individuals who have experienced trauma and want to explore healing options.

  • Researchers and academics interested in the intersection of psychology and neuroscience.


The Choice

by Dr. Edith Eva Eger

4.8 (24234 reviews)

What is The Choice about?

"The Choice: Embrace The Possible" is a powerful memoir that delves into the extraordinary life of Dr. Edith Eva Eger. Through her personal experiences as a Holocaust survivor, psychologist, and healer, Eger explores the profound impact of trauma and the transformative power of choice. With resilience and wisdom, she shares her journey of self-discovery, offering invaluable lessons on finding freedom, healing, and embracing the limitless possibilities that life has to offer.

Who should read The Choice

  • Individuals seeking inspiration and guidance to overcome life's challenges.

  • Survivors of trauma and those in need of healing.

  • Anyone interested in the power of resilience and personal growth.


How to Do the Work

by Dr. Nicole LePera

4.8 (12540 reviews)

What is How to Do the Work about?

In this insightful guide, Dr. Nicole LePera empowers readers to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing. Drawing from her expertise as a holistic psychologist, she offers practical tools and strategies to recognize and break free from destructive patterns, heal past wounds, and cultivate a stronger sense of self. With a compassionate and empowering approach, this book provides a roadmap for personal growth and creating a more fulfilling life.

Who should read How to Do the Work

  • Individuals seeking to understand and break free from their negative patterns.

  • Those looking to heal from past traumas and improve their well-being.

  • Anyone interested in personal growth and creating a fulfilling life.


My Grandmother’s Hands

by Resmaa Menakem

4.8 (4937 reviews)

What is My Grandmother’s Hands about?

In this thought-provoking book, Resmaa Menakem explores the deep-rooted trauma caused by racialization and its impact on both our physical and emotional well-being. Drawing on personal experiences and extensive research, Menakem offers a pathway towards healing and reconciliation, urging readers to confront their own racialized trauma and engage in transformative practices. With profound insights and compassionate storytelling, this book invites us to mend our hearts and bodies, fostering a more inclusive and just society for all.

Who should read My Grandmother’s Hands

  • Individuals seeking to understand and heal from racialized trauma.

  • Mental health professionals interested in addressing racial trauma in therapy.

  • Activists and educators committed to dismantling systemic racism.


The Gift

by Edith Eva Eger, Ph.D.

4.8 (4612 reviews)

What is The Gift about?

"The Gift: 12 Lessons to Save Your Life" is a powerful and inspiring book that delves into the transformative journey of a Holocaust survivor, Edith Eva Eger. Through her personal experiences and professional expertise as a psychologist, Eger shares twelve invaluable lessons that can help readers overcome trauma, find inner strength, and ultimately reclaim their lives. This poignant memoir offers a profound exploration of resilience, healing, and the power of embracing one's own potential for growth and happiness.

Who should read The Gift

  • Individuals seeking personal growth and self-improvement through transformative experiences.

  • Survivors of trauma or adversity looking for inspiration and healing.

  • Mental health professionals and therapists interested in trauma recovery techniques.


The Only Plane in the Sky

by Garrett M. Graff

4.8 (4164 reviews)

What is The Only Plane in the Sky about?

"The Only Plane in the Sky: An Oral History of 9/11" by Garrett M. Graff is a poignant and comprehensive account of the tragic events that unfolded on September 11, 2001. Through a collection of firsthand testimonies from survivors, witnesses, and responders, the book offers a deeply personal and emotional narrative, shedding light on the harrowing experiences and the enduring impact of one of the darkest days in American history.

Who should read The Only Plane in the Sky

  • History enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive account of the 9/11 attacks.

  • Survivors and families of victims looking for personal narratives.

  • Students and researchers studying the impact of terrorism on society.


The Gift of Therapy

by Irvin D. Yalom

4.8 (2567 reviews)

What is The Gift of Therapy about?

"The Gift of Therapy" is a heartfelt and insightful letter from a seasoned therapist to a new generation of therapists and their patients. In this book, the author shares his wisdom and experiences, offering guidance on the art of therapy and the importance of genuine human connection. With compassion and authenticity, he explores various therapeutic techniques and encourages therapists to embrace their own vulnerabilities. This book is a valuable resource for both therapists and those seeking therapy.

Who should read The Gift of Therapy

  • Aspiring therapists seeking guidance and insights into the field.

  • Patients looking for a deeper understanding of therapy and its benefits.

  • Mental health professionals interested in a fresh perspective on therapy.


Man’s Search for Meaning

by Viktor E. Frankl

4.7 (62234 reviews)

What is Man’s Search for Meaning about?

In this profound and thought-provoking book, a renowned psychiatrist shares his experiences as a prisoner in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Through his harrowing journey, he explores the depths of human suffering and resilience, ultimately revealing the importance of finding meaning in life even in the most challenging circumstances. With profound insights and a powerful message, this book offers a unique perspective on the human condition and the pursuit of happiness.

Who should read Man’s Search for Meaning

  • Individuals seeking to find purpose and meaning in their lives.

  • Psychologists and mental health professionals interested in existential therapy.

  • Anyone looking for inspiration and insight into the human condition.


What Happened to You

by Bruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D., and Oprah Winfrey

4.7 (13440 reviews)

What is What Happened to You about?

In this thought-provoking book, two renowned experts, a psychiatrist and a media mogul, engage in powerful conversations about trauma, resilience, and healing. Drawing from personal experiences and scientific research, they explore how childhood experiences shape our lives, discussing the impact of trauma on the brain and offering insights into fostering resilience. With compassion and wisdom, they provide a roadmap for understanding and healing the wounds of the past, offering hope for a brighter future.

Who should read What Happened to You

  • Individuals seeking to understand the impact of trauma on mental health.

  • Mental health professionals looking to deepen their knowledge on trauma and resilience.

  • Survivors of trauma seeking insights and guidance on healing.


The Gift of Fear

by Gavin de Becker

4.7 (9357 reviews)

What is The Gift of Fear about?

"The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Becker is a compelling and insightful book that explores the instinctual signals of fear and how they can protect us from violence. Drawing from his extensive experience as a security expert, de Becker provides practical advice on how to recognize and trust these survival signals, empowering readers to enhance their personal safety and make informed decisions in potentially dangerous situations. This eye-opening book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the power of intuition and self-preservation.

Who should read The Gift of Fear

  • Individuals seeking to enhance their personal safety and self-defense skills.

  • Parents and caregivers interested in understanding and preventing violence against children.

  • Professionals in law enforcement and security looking to improve threat assessment abilities.


It’s OK That You’re Not OK

by Megan Devine

4.7 (9076 reviews)

What is It’s OK That You’re Not OK about?

In this insightful book, Megan Devine explores the often overlooked topic of grief and loss in a society that struggles to comprehend it. With compassion and understanding, she guides readers through the complex emotions and challenges that come with experiencing loss, offering practical advice and tools for navigating the grieving process. Devine's powerful message reassures readers that it's okay to not be okay, providing solace and support in a culture that often fails to acknowledge the depth of grief.

Who should read It’s OK That You’re Not OK

  • Individuals struggling with grief and loss seeking solace and understanding.

  • Mental health professionals looking to enhance their knowledge on grief.

  • Those wanting to support grieving loved ones in a more empathetic way.


It Didn't Start with You

by Mark Wolynn

4.7 (8745 reviews)

What is It Didn't Start with You about?

In this insightful book, the author delves into the profound impact of inherited family trauma on our lives. Mark Wolynn explores how unresolved traumas from previous generations can shape our behavior, relationships, and even physical health. Through compelling stories and practical exercises, he offers a roadmap to break free from these patterns and heal the wounds that have been passed down. Discover the power to end the cycle and create a brighter future for yourself and future generations.

Who should read It Didn't Start with You

  • Individuals seeking to understand the impact of inherited family trauma.

  • Therapists and mental health professionals interested in ancestral healing.

  • Anyone looking to break free from generational patterns and find healing.


I Hate You — Don’t Leave Me

by Jerold J. Kreisman, MD, and Hal Straus

4.6 (5791 reviews)

What is I Hate You — Don’t Leave Me about?

This insightful book delves into the complex world of borderline personality disorder (BPD), offering a comprehensive understanding of its symptoms, causes, and treatment options. Written by Jerold J. Kreisman, MD, and Hal Straus, it explores the emotional rollercoaster experienced by individuals with BPD, providing practical advice for both sufferers and their loved ones. With compassion and expertise, the authors shed light on this often misunderstood disorder, offering hope and guidance for those affected by it.

Who should read I Hate You — Don’t Leave Me

  • Mental health professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of borderline personality disorder.

  • Individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder seeking insight and guidance.

  • Friends and family members of individuals with borderline personality disorder.


Hidden Valley Road

by Robert Kolker

4.5 (15649 reviews)

What is Hidden Valley Road about?

"Hidden Valley Road" delves into the extraordinary story of the Galvin family, a seemingly typical American family with twelve children. However, their lives are shattered when six of their sons are diagnosed with schizophrenia. Robert Kolker takes readers on a gripping journey, exploring the impact of mental illness on the Galvin family and shedding light on the complexities of the human mind. This poignant and thought-provoking book offers a compelling insight into the challenges faced by one family and the resilience they display in the face of adversity.

Who should read Hidden Valley Road

  • Mental health professionals seeking insights into schizophrenia and family dynamics.

  • Individuals interested in understanding the impact of mental illness on families.

  • Readers looking for a compelling true story of resilience and hope.


If You Tell

by Gregg Olsen

4.3 (76860 reviews)

What is If You Tell about?

"If You Tell" is a gripping true crime book that delves into the horrifying story of a family plagued by abuse, murder, and the power of secrets. Gregg Olsen masterfully unravels the tale of three sisters who endured unimaginable torment at the hands of their own mother and stepfather. This chilling account explores the unbreakable bond between siblings as they finally find the courage to confront their past and seek justice for the crimes committed against them.

Who should read If You Tell

  • True crime enthusiasts seeking a gripping tale of murder and family secrets.

  • Fans of suspenseful non-fiction books exploring the complexities of sisterhood.

  • Those interested in the psychological dynamics of dysfunctional families.


The Myth of Normal

by Gabor Maté, MD

What is The Myth of Normal about?

In this thought-provoking book, a renowned medical doctor explores the impact of trauma and illness in our society. Gabor Maté delves into the notion of "normalcy" and how it perpetuates a toxic culture. Through compelling stories and insightful analysis, he reveals the profound connection between trauma, addiction, and various illnesses. With a focus on healing and resilience, this book challenges societal norms and offers a fresh perspective on the path to true well-being.

Who should read The Myth of Normal

  • Individuals seeking to understand the impact of trauma and illness in a modern society.

  • Mental health professionals looking to deepen their knowledge on healing practices.

  • Those interested in exploring the connection between culture and personal well-being.


Out of the Shadows

by Patrick J. Carnes, Ph.D.

What is Out of the Shadows about?

In this insightful book, a renowned psychologist delves into the complex world of sexual addiction. Drawing from his extensive research and clinical experience, the author sheds light on the hidden struggles and destructive behaviors that plague individuals suffering from this addiction. With compassion and expertise, he offers a comprehensive understanding of the underlying causes, the impact on relationships, and effective strategies for recovery. A must-read for anyone seeking to comprehend and address the shadows of sexual addiction.

Who should read Out of the Shadows

  • Individuals struggling with sexual addiction seeking guidance and understanding.

  • Therapists and counselors working with clients dealing with sexual addiction.

  • Loved ones of those affected by sexual addiction

  • seeking insight and support.