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Summary of The Body Keeps The Score 

What’s inside

Discover how people experience trauma and what feelings they battle. Learn ways to support them as well as overcome your own hurdles.

Key points


Trauma is a potentially fatal menace, one to which society needs to pay attention

Trauma has the power to disrupt and destroy one’s life, and therefore, we need to know more about it. Traumatic experiences come from events that cause deep pain, sorrow, and sadness. If a person is traumatized, they suffer the risk of depression and even death.

Dealing with trauma requires a lot of things, many of which you’ll find detailed in this summary. Trauma is widespread across the world, and it's worrying. What's worse is we pay little attention to it, making it hard for people to seek help.
Trauma is not limited to war veterans who have experienced terrible things, it’s prevalent among many people in society.
Trauma doesn't necessarily require a horrific thing to occur, it can happen to anyone, and that's why we should pay it more attention. It can be due to an experience or something that has caused you frustration, stress, or deep pain, leaving you totally helpless. It can also occur due to a mistake or adversity that has plagued your life.

To fully understand how to overcome depression and painful experiences, continue through the chapters of this easy-to-follow summary.

Numbness causes a lack of emotional attachment, especially among war victims

For war veterans and victims of war, numbness might set in. Many find it hard to love their family or friends; the only thing that interests them is the adrenaline rush of the war they've experienced. Numbness occurs when a person is emotionally uninterested in things that are supposed to matter to them.
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Trauma causes post-traumatic stress disorder, a condition its victims think to be peculiar to themselves


Distressed people can be addicted to pain, and recollection of pseudo-trauma can trigger mass hysteria in people living with PTSD


Traumatic experiences can be a very tough process for an adult, but it is nothing compared to facing trauma in childhood


Details of traumatic events stick in the brain longer than that of an ordinary event


Your mind and body are closely connected, and they work together to give you a healthy life


Mindfulness is an effective approach to healing trauma


Everything that happens in your brain depends on electrical signals and connections



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You’ll learn

What is trauma, and how it affects us
How the compulsion to repeat makes us relive the hurt
The link between body and mind
The benefits of practicing mindfulness

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