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3 Best Accounting Books

Looking for accounting books? Find a wide selection of top-rated accounting books to help you master financial management and reporting.


Profit First

by Mike Michalowicz

4.8 (7272 reviews)

What is Profit First about?

In this transformative book, the author shares a revolutionary approach to managing business finances. By implementing the Profit First system, entrepreneurs can break free from the cycle of struggling to make ends meet and instead create a profitable and sustainable business. With practical strategies and real-life examples, this book guides readers on how to prioritize profit, allocate funds effectively, and ultimately transform their business into a thriving money-making machine.

Who should read Profit First

  • Small business owners struggling with cash flow management.

  • Entrepreneurs looking to increase profitability and financial stability.

  • Individuals seeking practical strategies to improve their business finances.


Harvard Business Review Guide to Finance Basics for Managers

by Harvard Business School Press

4.6 (391 reviews)

What is Harvard Business Review Guide to Finance Basics for Managers about?

This comprehensive guide equips managers with the essential knowledge and skills to navigate the complex world of finance. Written by the esteemed Harvard Business School Press, it covers key financial concepts, such as budgeting, financial statements, and investment analysis, in a clear and accessible manner. Packed with practical examples and insights, this book is an indispensable resource for managers seeking to make informed financial decisions and drive organizational success.

Who should read Harvard Business Review Guide to Finance Basics for Managers

  • Managers seeking to enhance their financial acumen and decision-making skills.

  • Business professionals aiming to understand finance fundamentals for effective management.

  • Individuals aspiring to develop a comprehensive understanding of finance principles.


Brewing Up a Business

by Sam Calagione

4.6 (283 reviews)

What is Brewing Up a Business about?

In this captivating memoir, the author shares his remarkable journey as the founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. From humble beginnings in a small coastal town, Sam Calagione takes readers on a wild ride through the ups and downs of building a successful beer business. With a blend of passion, creativity, and determination, he reveals the secrets behind his innovative brewing techniques and the challenges he faced in an industry dominated by giants. This book is a must-read for beer enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

Who should read Brewing Up a Business

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs interested in the craft beer industry.

  • Beer enthusiasts looking for insights into the brewing business.

  • Small business owners seeking inspiration and entrepreneurial advice.