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Summary ofInvisible Women

What’s inside

Discover how the data gap makes society less convenient and more dangerous for women. Find out successful initiatives that strive to redress the gender balance.

Key points


Data is a decisive argument in the fight for equality

What do fewer conflicts and better education have in common? The answer is higher participation of women as policymakers. Numerous cases confirm the outstanding outcomes of female leaders. When they join negotiations with countries at war, the probability that a peace agreement will last over 14 years rises by 35%. Similarly, Portugal's expenditure on schools has increased with more female members of parliament. Although the positive results of women's contributions are undeniable, many male-dominated fields resist gender equality.

After hearing about female protests against discrimination, men often complain, “There are too many conversations about gender.” They consider the world already equal for everyone. This belief is hardly surprising; the gulf between the sexes is tricky. While women experience it daily, men seldom witness or read about it due to the data gap. The latter stems from two factors. Firstly, scientists collect less information about the female lifestyle (we will discover the reasons for this soon). Secondly, even when their research includes women, they rarely separate data by sex.

Why is it a problem? Data is a powerful leverage for transformation and decision-making. For example, when Google discovered that new mothers quit at twice the rate of other employees, it prolonged maternity leave at full pay. The number of dismissals dropped by 50%. As long as half of humanity is invisible in statistics, its needs and challenges will remain a niche knowledge.
Combatting the data gap will improve women's health, increase GDP, and reduce the crime rate.
Let's investigate how data gaps impede societies thriving and discover worldwide recipes for coping with this challenge. The findings will impress you.

How data-led design saves lives

Are you tired of ever-present smartphones? If so, we have good news for you. Experts say devices won't get any bigger since they have reached the maximum size of men's hands. It's one of the simplest examples of how the male perspective impacts the design of most things around us. That's also why fitness trackers underestimate calories burned during housework, and makeup can glitch VR headsets. Some consequences of this one-track design are only inconveniences, but others may cost lives.
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The transport system is biased against women


Unpaid labor drastically affects women's income


Science used to misjudge gender differences


Why women's participation in science is fundamental


Data alone isn't enough; society should act on it



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How data-led design can save lives
Why it's profitable to invest in start-ups created by women
Peculiarities of the female immune system
About biased AI-algorithms
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