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Summary ofHow to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Worry and anxiety are prevalent problems in the modern world. Did you know worry can give you a fatal stomach ulcer? It's true! If you're a chronic worrier, it's time to take action. The wise words of Dale Carnegie, world-famous author of countless best-selling books, will help you revolutionize the way you think about worry, giving you the tools to banish it from your life forever. With an army of followers all now living worry-free, indeed it's time you joined their ranks! The bottom line is that anxiety will rob you of your happiness, stunt your progress, and cause you to remain static in your life, when you could be moving towards new and exciting opportunities. Few people realize that there is a way out of a constant cycle of anxiety. It takes time and know-how, but worry doesn’t have to dictate every second of your life. "Our thoughts make us what we are." ~ Dale Carnegie

Key points


Worry will steer your life if you allow it

How often do you sit down and allow your mind to wander? Do you then let yourself start overthinking? Do you then start worrying about what happened in the past, feeling bad about what happened, and then panic about what may come in the future? These are all common issues in the modern-day. We spend time living in the past or future; we forget to enjoy the here and now. Dale Carnegie understood this from a very early age, and his teachings ring true even today, perhaps even more so than before.
Today, we’re more connected than ever before, but we’re more stressed than we’ve ever been. Be more aware of your triggers and make a plan to overcome them.
If you're someone who struggles with overthinking, or you're constantly worrying about what might happen, learning how to put the brakes on constant worrying and learning to live in the moment will be a huge positive for you. Of course, this is something we could all benefit from, but some certainly more than others.

The benefits of focusing on kicking worry out of your life are truly far-reaching. Not only will you notice the joy that is all around you, but you’ll develop stronger relationships as a result of not constantly being dragged down by fear and worry. Dale Carnegie’s advice has never been more pertinent than it is today, and by taking it all on board and creating a plan to free yourself, you’ll notice that your life feels lighter, happier, and ultimately, healthier.

Banish your worries by living firmly in the moment

One of the main reasons for worry and stress is that we're no longer living in the moment; we're either lamenting something that happened in the past or becoming stressed about something that hasn't even happened yet or may never happen. Dale Carnegie explains the idea first brought about by Sir William Osier, a professor of medicine, teaching us to live in “day tight compartments.” This means that you should live in a compartment that is firmly in the here and now. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't begin to plan for tomorrow and the future, but the best way to do that is to live to the best of your ability today, to create opportunities for the time to come.
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