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3 Best Books On Peace

Discover a collection of books on peace, exploring its importance, strategies for conflict resolution, and inspiring stories of harmony.


Peace is Every Step

by Thich Nhat Hanh

4.8 (3808 reviews)

What is Peace is Every Step about?

"Peace is Every Step" is a transformative guide to finding inner peace and mindfulness in our daily lives. Written by a renowned spiritual leader, this book offers practical teachings and insightful anecdotes that encourage readers to cultivate awareness and compassion. With gentle guidance, it explores the power of mindfulness in bringing harmony to our relationships, work, and even in the face of adversity. A profound and accessible read for anyone seeking a more peaceful and fulfilling existence.

Who should read Peace is Every Step

  • Individuals seeking inner peace and mindfulness in their daily lives.

  • Those interested in incorporating mindfulness practices into their routines.

  • Anyone looking for practical guidance on finding peace and happiness.


The Anatomy of Peace

by The Arbinger Institute

4.7 (1883 reviews)

What is The Anatomy of Peace about?

"The Anatomy of Peace" by The Arbinger Institute is a transformative book that delves into the root causes of conflict and offers a profound approach to resolving it. Through a captivating narrative, the book explores the power of shifting our mindset from a self-centered perspective to one of empathy and understanding. It provides practical tools and insights to help individuals and communities foster peace, heal relationships, and create lasting change.

Who should read The Anatomy of Peace

  • Individuals seeking to understand the root causes of conflict.

  • Leaders and managers looking for effective conflict resolution strategies.

  • Anyone interested in fostering peace and harmony in relationships.


Three Cups of Tea

by Greg Mortenson

What is Three Cups of Tea about?

In this inspiring true story, a man's mission to promote peace takes center stage. Greg Mortenson's journey unfolds as he builds schools in remote regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan, providing education to children who have been denied this basic right. Through his tireless efforts, Mortenson not only transforms the lives of countless individuals but also fosters understanding and bridges cultural divides, proving that education can be a powerful tool for peace.

Who should read Three Cups of Tea

  • Educators and school administrators interested in promoting peace through education.

  • Humanitarian workers seeking inspiration and insights into grassroots initiatives.

  • Individuals passionate about making a positive impact in developing nations.