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4 Best Attachment Theory Books

Discover the best Attachment Theory books for understanding relationships, parenting, and emotional development. Explore expert insights and practical advice.



by Amir Levine, M.D., Rachel Heller, M.A.

4.7 (14806 reviews)

What is Attached about?

This insightful book delves into the fascinating world of adult attachment, exploring how our early experiences shape our relationships. Backed by scientific research, the authors reveal three attachment styles - anxious, avoidant, and secure - and explain how they impact our romantic connections. Offering practical advice and strategies, this book empowers readers to understand their own attachment style and navigate the complexities of love, fostering healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

Who should read Attached

  • Individuals seeking to understand their own attachment style and improve their relationships.

  • Couples looking to strengthen their bond and create a secure attachment.

  • Mental health professionals interested in the science of adult attachment.


Hold Me Tight

by Dr. Sue Johnson

4.6 (4697 reviews)

What is Hold Me Tight about?

In this insightful book, Dr. Sue Johnson presents seven transformative conversations that can strengthen and heal relationships. Drawing on her extensive experience as a therapist, she explores the science behind love and attachment, offering practical tools and strategies to help couples navigate through conflicts and deepen their emotional connection. With compassion and expertise, Dr. Johnson guides readers on a journey towards building a lifetime of love and intimacy.

Who should read Hold Me Tight

  • Couples seeking to strengthen their emotional connection and intimacy.

  • Therapists and counselors looking for effective relationship intervention strategies.

  • Individuals interested in understanding the science behind lasting love.


Love Sense

by Dr. Sue Johnson

4.6 (688 reviews)

What is Love Sense about?

In this groundbreaking book, a renowned psychologist delves into the intricate workings of romantic relationships. Drawing on extensive research and clinical experience, the author unveils a revolutionary understanding of love, exploring the science behind it. With practical insights and compassionate guidance, she offers a fresh perspective on how to cultivate and maintain healthy, fulfilling relationships, ultimately transforming the way we perceive and experience love.

Who should read Love Sense

  • Couples seeking to deepen their emotional connection and improve their relationship.

  • Therapists and counselors looking for evidence-based approaches to couples therapy.

  • Individuals interested in understanding the science behind love and relationships.


Anxiety in Relationship

by Theresa Miller

4.1 (435 reviews)

What is Anxiety in Relationship about?

In this insightful book, Theresa Miller explores the complex dynamics of anxiety within relationships. With a focus on eliminating negative thinking, jealousy, and attachment issues, Miller provides practical strategies to overcome couple conflicts. Drawing from her expertise in psychology, she offers valuable advice on fostering healthy communication, building trust, and cultivating a strong emotional connection. Whether you're struggling with anxiety or seeking to improve your relationship, this book offers a comprehensive guide to creating a more fulfilling and harmonious partnership.

Who should read Anxiety in Relationship

  • Individuals struggling with anxiety and negative thinking in relationships.

  • Couples seeking to overcome jealousy

  • attachment issues

  • and conflicts.

  • Therapists and counselors looking for insights into anxiety in relationships.