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Summary of Steal Like an Artist 

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Discover techniques to overcome mental blocks and boost your creativity. Find out how to save the creative process from getting monotonous and prevent burnout.

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Art is our imagination brought to life by creativity

Humanity is a creative species and art is one major way we express this creativity. Art is the expression or application of the unique human creative skill and imagination, often in a visual form such as painting or sculpture. Art typically produces works that are to be appreciated primarily for their aesthetic qualities or emotional power. It is either simple or complex but always ingenious.

There are a lot of powerful tools for the expression of a human's creative skill; one of which is art. This summary tackles art and its creation, answering questions that many ask but find no answers.
The expression of creativity through art isn’t exclusive to one form; it can manifest in as many forms depending on the individual's creativity.
Humanity has engaged in artistic endeavors for a very long time; in fact, the first sign of humans evolving into intelligent creatures was cave paintings. We couldn't speak, but we found ways to express ourselves through art; painting. This truth explains the reason behind associating images with art, but as we evolved to speak, our thought process also became, and we discovered new forms of art.

One way to gauge the growth of a person, community, or race is through their resident art works. It is also influenced by these things as well. Art's quality is consistent within an era, race, or individual. Art acts as a means to chronicle the growth of a person, community, or race.

In the following chapters, we shall explore the concept of art, inspiration and how to rediscover new ways to bring to life existing creative works. The misconception of creativity being unique to certain individuals is a dangerous deterrent to the creation of new works of art.

There is nothing new under the sun, so don't be afraid to draw inspiration from different sources

Are you searching for an original idea? Are you stuck? Well, don't fret; there's no such thing as an original idea. Any idea today is based on another that predates it either as a loose basis or a complete “rip-off.” You probably think it is theft to use someone else's idea to make yours; well, you'd be correct, it is theft, but then that is just what art is.
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The best process is the process of creating art that defines and excites you


You can't make art by being detached; it is a hands–on experience


The path to true creativity will first take you out of your comfort zone


There is no more significant work of art that you will create than your life



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Tips for facilitating generating ideas
Changes that are beneficial for creativity
Why you shouldn't give up your hobbies
The pitfalls of using technology for art

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