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The Headway App’s Illustrations Became the Best According to Novum Design Award

Bite-sized learning app Headway became the only Ukrainian app among the winners of the international Novum Design Award

Headway, an EdTech app with Ukrainian roots, has won The Novum Design Awards. The app, founded in Ukraine with offices in London, Warsaw, Nicosia, and Kyiv, gained Gold in Digital Art and Graphic Design for its unique illustrations.

The Headway app provides learning for fun and easy growth. It offers key ideas from the most influential non-fiction books in a variety of bite-sized content formats like text and audio summaries, visual explainers, daily insights, and personalized challenges. It has a collection of nearly 1500 illustrations as covers for educational content in a unique style, which became one of Headway’s visual features and differentiators.

“The Headway app combines tech and art. Our personalization algorithms help users gain new knowledge by selecting highly relevant content packed into a visual solution that makes learning engaging and fun. We explore books and then find contemporary metaphors based on modern culture streams to reflect their key statements. Every illustration is 100% handmade and, at the same time, meets users’ needs to gain new knowledge with joy”

Polina Honta, product illustrator at Headway.

“Headway’s mission is to help people grow by making the best ideas accessible and crafting enjoyable products. We sketch each illustration from scratch according to our unique style, making learning for our customers even more fun and easy. Our Ukrainian team continues working and creating even in times of war, so winning the international award feels really encouraging”

Anton Pavlovsky, Headway’s CEO and founder

The Novum Design Awards is a leading global design competition and a certificate of excellence that offers international recognition in 10 categories, including Architectural Design, Interior Design, Digital Art and Graphic Design.

Novum Jury evaluated and checked all the submitted designs for the following aspects: quality, technical adequacy, and authentication of the designs.

Headway is a global EdTech startup with Ukrainian roots. It helps over 12M users in 140+ countries feel motivated, learn, do more, and overcome FOMO. Our flagship product is the Headway app which provides fun and easy growth.

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