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Summary of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 

Short summary

Are you someone who is often swept away by their emotions? Do you feel unable to think rationally when in the heat of the moment? These are situations that affect countless people in the modern-day, but the entire picture can be improved by focusing on one thing — emotional intelligence. “Emotional Intelligence 2.0” is one of the most popular EQ tests to take, and by doing so, you’re unlocking a wealth of personalized information, which allows you to break free from being controlled by your own emotions. Better relationships, greater confidence, improved decision-making skills, and even more cash from your job. These are all benefits of improving your own EQ. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 gives you the vital information you need and hands you the key to control.

Key points


Understanding yourself and your emotions

Emotions have the power to sweep us away and lead us down paths we're better off avoiding. If you can avoid those paths, you can learn strategies, develop self-control, and understand your emotions better. You can prevent making poor decisions and causing harmful actions from happening.
Emotions are powerful, butwe can control them withtime and effort.
Emotional Intelligence 2.0 breaks down the idea of EQ (emotional intelligence) and explains everything in an easy-to-understand way. You’ll receive clear guidance and exercises to try in real time so you can slowly develop your EQ to higher levels.

By increasing your EQ, which is the overall aim of this summary, you’ll notice a greater sense of control. Not just that, you’ll observe improvements in many areas of your life and a much brighter future to expect.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) differs from Intelligence Quotient (IQ), which measures regular intelligence. Come along with us in this informative piece as we unveil the many facets of EQ together.

Why do some people succeed and others falter?

Throughout history, there have been countless instances of people who have done well in their lives, the people who have aimed high and exceeded expectations. On the flip side, many people have tried hard to reach their goals but have fallen short of the mark. Why is this? If we learn that hard work conquers everything and that if we try hard enough, we can have whatever we want in life. Why do some people succeed and others don’t seem to make it?
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Are you at the mercy of your emotions?


The importance of the Emotional Intelligence appraisal 2.0 test


The four main EQ competencies explained


Boosting your self-management skills


Are you socially aware?



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