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Headway Received an Editors' Choice Badge From Apple

Apple highlighted the Headway self-growth app's excellence with its Editors' Choice badge.


The Editors' Choice badge appears on Headway's product page in the US App Store. Apple gives the award to apps handpicked for excellence in design, user experience, innovation, and overall quality. 

Recently, Apple also showcased the Headway self-growth app as an App of the Day in the USA four times in a row. These endorsements are valuable for the team and significantly benefit the app's visibility, credibility, and user trust. 

A note from Apple's Editors says:

“No time to read? In just 15 minutes or less, Headway condenses best-selling nonfiction books into bite-sized summaries. Enjoy a personalized feed, join challenges, and save key flashcards for your future self. We especially love the audio-only feature for learning on the go.”

Launched in 2019, the Headway app helps over 18M users in 140+ countries make self-growth a sustainable habit. Since 2020, Headway has retained the status of the world's most downloaded book summary app and stayed in the top 10 of the Free Education category in the App Store and Google Play across its core markets — USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

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