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Headway Partners with Setapp to Help Users Worldwide Level Up Productivity

The Headway Book Summary App is Now Available on the Setapp Platform.


Headway has joined forces with Setapp to empower users worldwide to enhance their productivity. The Headway book summary app now helps embrace self-development within the app subscription service.

Setapp is a one-stop app subscription with dozens of handpicked macOS, iOS, and Web apps to solve work and life tasks and get more done. The partnership with Headway further enriches Setapp's offerings by providing users with insights from the world's best nonfiction.

Users can find Headway, among other useful apps for education, productivity, design, writing, creativity, and digital community on SetApp. Setapp subscribers can now embark on self-development journeys through 15-minute reading or listening sessions, as well as daily insights and gamified challenges.

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The Headway app on Setapp provides a convenient way to achieve personal and professional goals, offering a seamless and enjoyable path to learning and growth.

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