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Best books on communication skills

Master the art of conversation to win at work and in life

It isn’t easy to imagine our lives without talking to other people. But, alas, not every conversation ends in the way we imagined it. If you want to be the guru of good conversation and have been looking for books to improve your communication skills, then your search is over!

The Headway team prepared the top 5 books on how not to mess things up while talking to your colleague, friends, or partner and to deliver your thoughts in a clear and precise way.

So, what to read to become a pro at communication? Go on reading!

1. How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes and Joyce Bean

There are so many books on communication skills, and not all of them are genuinely informative and worthy of your time. But it’s not the case with this one!

Many people know this book, and it’s not surprising. After all, it is a Big Boss in the world of literature about interactions and connections. Yet, we are still sure that it’s a must-read as Joyce Bean’s work has now been remastered and adapted to the reality of the modern world. Inside the book, there are 92 techniques to boost conversation skills. All of them will help you understand how to present yourself in the best way possible and build communication in different scenarios. What can we say? Oldie but goldie.

2. Difficult Conversation by Douglas Stone

No matter how much you watch YouTube or talk to a therapist, you can’t cut difficult conversations from your life completely. It is the fact that you need to accept and make the most benefit of. And Difficult Conversation Douglas Stone is here to help you with that!

This book will teach you to look into the roots of a conflict, put yourself in someone’s shoes, and express reactions correctly without damaging yourself and others. Effective communication books have called, and they want you to pick up this one as your next read!

3. The Speed of Trust by Stephen M.R. Covey

Good relationships are always based on trust. Corporate, personal, any kind of them! The formula is simple: trust = comfortable communication = the expected profit for both sides. But is it as easy in action as it sounds? Yes, if you’ve read The Speed of Trust!

Tips and tricks that M.R. Covey described in the book will show how reliance works in different kinds of relations, how to build one and not lose it. Trust us now, read this legend of books on communication skills, and learn to trust even better!

4. How to Win Friends & Influence People in The Digital Age by Dale Carnegie

This one is simple: the legendary Dale Carnegie and his immortal classic from 1936. But now it’s even better! All practical insights from the book have been renovated and applied to our reality!

With the development of social media, talking to people is now possible 27/4. And even though it’s convenient, it also creates an even higher need to improve our conversation skills in various cases. This communication book will reveal all the secrets of solid friendship and influence in business through a decent discussion competency. Praised by millions of readers worldwide, How to Win Friends & Influence People in The Digital Age deserves a place on your bookshelf!

5. You’re Not Listening by Kate Murphy

“You hear me, but you don’t listen!” Have you ever received this phrase from someone? We firmly believe that it is equally essential to deliver your thoughts clearly and be a good listener in proper communication.

This is why You are not Listening is a great choice. Kate Murphy, a New York Times contributor, explains why we became so talkative, how to be good at listening to interlocutors, and get rid of wordiness. Everybody loves being in the company of a good listener, and this title from the collection of 10 best books on communication skills will help you become one!

6. Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About The People We Don’t Know by Malcolm Gladwell

More than seven billion people are in the world, and most of them are strangers to us. However, this does not mean that we don’t have any talks with them every now and then. At the supermarket, airport, bank — sometimes a small conversation with a person we don’t know is unavoidable. But is every acquaintance what it seems? What are the chances that a stranger we bumped into is fooling us?

You will find all the answers in Talking to Strangers — one of the most popular communication books written by Malcolm Gladwell. In this work, the bestselling author provides us with techniques and strategies for figuring out anyone standing in front of us. He reinforces these tips with relevant high-profile cases from history that we all have heard about but have never thought of in this way. It was impossible not to add this title to our list of the best books on communication skills!

7. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

A conversation is a powerful tool that helps solve conflicts, find the middle ground, and change someone’s mind. Of course, it’s only possible if you know how to build an impactful and healthy dialogue. That’s why Influence by Robert Cialdini is an essential part of our article dedicated to communication books.

It’s not a secret that there are psychological mechanisms behind the art of persuasion. So if you’ve been thinking about mastering it, then this title will definitely teach you all the how-tos. Besides making you an outstanding persuader, Influence will also reveal multiple tips and tricks on how to confront someone else’s unwanted effect on you. Undoubtedly, this book is worth reading!

8. Games People Play by Eric Berne

Every time we get involved in social interactions, there are actually many more things happening ‘behind the scenes.’ After all, we cannot find out what’s on someone’s mind, but we can learn more about human behavior and psychology to recognize the signals. This knowledge can help you greatly to choose the correct scenario for further communication.

Eric Berne’s book Games People Play unfolds everything you’ve always wanted to know on the matter. This work is so influential that it has already been acknowledged as one of the best psychology books of modern times. And because the insights from this book let you prepare for a good dialogue, we’ve added it to our article with the best books on communication skills right away. Are you ready to find out what game every person around you plays? Then don’t hesitate to include Games People Play to your ‘effective communication books’ to-read list!

9. The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why It Matters by Priya Parker

The fact that communication is a massive part of meaningful gatherings doesn’t need any proof. However, it also works oppositely. A well-conducted meeting sets the right mood and is beneficial for good conversations.

Written by Priya Parker, The Art of Gathering will become your guide to creating memorable experiences in any group you participate in. The approach presented in this book truly changes the narrative of how we perceive different kinds of gathering and their context. It may not be one of the communication books we are used to reading, but it definitely broadens our knowledge and spectrum.

10. Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi

If you are not a fan of having lunch all by yourself, no worries; you are doing everything right. It turns out that having company while eating helps to build strong and meaningful connections. But that’s only one of the dozens of strategies described by Keith Ferrazzi in Never Eat Alone. The author of this classic sees communication and relationships in general as a meaningful tool that helps us succeed in any area of life.

This representative of communication books keeps multiple insights on bonding and reaching an understanding. Moreover, it teaches readers how to accept honest feedback and rejection, boost assertiveness, and be a leader at conferences. Never Eat Alone is truly a must-read for anyone who aims to have communication that matters.

This collection of 10 books to improve communication skills is essential for everyone who aims to have healthy conversations. Of course, the art of perfect interactions is not the easy one to master. Yet, it is always a good idea to dive into something that will make you more fulfilled, successful and motivated.

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