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4 HR Trends and Priorities to Build a Strong, Efficient Team 

When your people grow, your business grows

Remote work, shifting priorities from job achievements to people’s personal lives, and the desire to work with value-driven companies are just a few points from the list of how the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced how we work. High-class employees increasingly choose companies that have a human-centered approach, care about employees’ physical and mental health, and provide flexibility.

How can you ensure your company meets these criteria, attracts talents, and helps them interact effectively and grow? There is no single recipe, but the following 4 HR trends and priorities will help you move towards this goal.

1. Invest in people’s growth

The success of your business always depends on people. So if you want to grow your business, start with investing in your employees’ growth. Research suggests that employees’ education opportunities at work are among the most desirable benefits. Companies with learning assistance programs have 15% more engaged employees and 34% higher staff retention.


By implementing corporate learning programs, companies can help people develop their skills, acquire new ones, and gain expertise in new areas. And that’s where the Headway for Business can come in handy.

The Headway app provides fun and easy growth and helps make self-development a sustainable habit. It allows users to get learning that entertains on such topics as Productivity, Happiness. Self-Growth, Business & Career, Leadership, Money & Investments, Health, Home & Environment, Negotiations.

A recently launched corporate subscription program will help you make your employee’s learning systematic and efficient, develop their communication, managerial, or other skills needed, grow motivation, and get inspired to develop more ideas for business.

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2. Embrace a hybrid work format

The pandemic has dramatically changed the way we perceive our workplace, and even in post-covid times, many people still don’t feel like going back to the office. At the same time, many employees would be happy to finally break out from their home offices to improve their productivity and have more in-person communication.

As there is no one-size-fits-all solution, a hybrid work format can be an answer. And here, you have a variety of options to consider.

  • Office-first format. The office is the primary workplace, but employees still have a remote option.

  • Remote-first format. The team mainly works from home but has some office days for meeting from time to time.

  • 3-2 model. Employees work three days remotely and two days from the office or vice versa, depending on the team’s demands on in-person cooperation.

But how to choose the approach that fits best. Try combining business interests with asking your employees’ opinions, as the truth is somewhere in between.

3. Care about employees’ well-being

Only 24% of people think their employers care about their well-being. At the same time, these people are 69% less likely to change their current job and 71% less likely to burn out.

According to Gallup research, having a corporate doctor in addition to insurance programs, including family members to well-being activities, promoting healthy food, and initiating well-being ideas sharing is among the most effective ways to enhance care for employees.

You can also show your care by providing employees with a helpful tool to get more knowledge about developing their well-being in terms of health, finance, relationships, and other spheres of life. On the Headway app, they can discover all necessary information on this topic from the world’s non-fiction bestsellers.

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4. Implement diversity and inclusivity even more

Diversity and inclusivity practices are more than just a social demand. Indeed, by including people of different races, genders, ages, and sociocultural backgrounds in the team, your company gets a broader perspective on issues you deal with.

True inclusivity means that all these different people feel accepted, safe, and can freely share their ideas, resulting in more value for the company. Many companies already have diversity and inclusivity policies and practices, and the next challenging step is diversifying leadership.

You can support your team in developing leadership skills by providing them with a corporate subscription to the Headway app. Your employees will get personalized collections with bite-sized content helping them reach a new professional level and grow into leaders.

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