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Summary of Eat That Frog! 21 Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time 

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Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed because there are just too many things to do in a day? And have you ever wondered why some people seem to accomplish more than others, even while working in similar environments and with the same amount of time? It is because people work at different levels of productivity. In this book, you will learn the tricks and tactics you can use to boost your productivity and consequently, accomplish more within a smaller time frame.

Key points


Set clear goals and bring the future into the present by planning every day in advance

The first principle of planning, “setting the table,” is about determining what you want to accomplish. It's about clarifying your goals and objectives. It is vital to have clearly defined goals and objectives if you seek productivity in life.

You will work faster and achieve more when you know where you’re going — your end game. Procrastination sets in when we are unclear about what we want to accomplish.

Brian Tracy has a 7-step formula for setting and achieving goals:

1. Decide what you want to do — one of the worst time wasters is doing something well that isn’t necessary.

2. Writing your goals makes them solid and puts energy behind them because they become real.

3. Set a deadline for your goal. Deadlines keep you on your toes.

4. Painting a visual picture clarifies the path you need to follow and boosts your chances of being successful.

5. Prioritize your plan in sequence order. You can map out your plan to help you visualize the steps.

6. Take action on your plan immediately because "execution is everything."

7. Take small steps toward your goal by doing something daily that drives you in that direction.

Your thoughts align with your goals when you write them down. You become driven to execute what you’ve written. You are mustering support in your fight against procrastination by activating your creativity and releasing energy to accomplish.

Plan each day, and never reach a day without knowing what you want to do. No day should be strange to you because you have a clear direction for what you will do. When you know what to expect from yourself, you will be able to meet those expectations.
Your greatest weapon against procrastination is prior planning.
This summary explains how to achieve your goals, get important things done, and do more in less time. It will teach you to beat procrastination and stop wasting time on activities that don’t translate into productivity.

Get the most important tasks done before those that seem urgent but are not important

The 80/20 principle states that 80% of our results come from 20% of our activities. In business, 20% of your customers create 80% of your sales. You can apply this rule to everything, including your everyday tasks.
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Practice creative procrastination and use the ABCDE method continually


Use the law of three to concentrate on areas that will bring results


Thoroughly prepare before you begin any important task, and continuously upgrade your essential skills


Leverage your unique talents, identify your key constraints, and put pressure on yourself


You will become more productive if you learn to motivate yourself and stay focused


Chunking a big task into bits is a good way to get it done


Develop a sense of urgency and endeavor to focus on every task for maximum results



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