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Summary of Business Adventures 

Short summary

The business world is one rife with pitfalls for the careless and unprepared. Ever wondered why some businesses fail? Do you wonder what it takes to run a business successfully? Contained in this summary are vital points needed to avoid business failure. “Business Adventures: Twelve World Classic Tales from The World of Wall Street” is a book on financial success and failure written by John Brooks. John Brooks was a writer and a contributor to The New Yorker Magazine. He was the author of several bestselling books on business financial vital points, and a military veteran. Brooks passed away in 1993, some months short of his 73rd birthday. “Business Adventures remains the best business book I’ve ever read.” ~ Bill Gates

Key points


You need to understand what makes a business work, and here's why

The economy of a country can be broken by minor lapses that degenerate into big problems. Most nations like the United States, China, South Africa, the United Kingdom, etc., build their economy around business and trade, and it's important to know how they have succeeded or why they have failed.

Are you confused about what big names like Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates did and are doing to control the business world? Then you need to understand that being at the top requires taking the right steps. A good business needs time and planning, which is why this summary tells the story of successful and unsuccessful businesses, and the reason for their outcome.

John Brooks was a certified professional whose books on business and financial planning have been used as guidelines by many people to gain success. This particular book is popularly known as one of the best books read by Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

The success or failure of a business is built around its planning and execution. The outcome of such planning and execution is a combined effort of risk and confidence.
Businesses are not self-sustaining, it takes active effort to keep a thriving one healthy.
For a businessperson to attain their desired goal, they must first understand why they want to start a business in the first place. They must find a target audience and study them. They must also consider factors like:
• What the people need
• Why people need it
• When the people need it
• It's affordability
• It's ease of use
• It's maintenance and revenue

In this bite-sized book, you’ll learn more about the right approach to business.

The fall of the Ford Edsel is a primary example of how a business can fail without proper planning

The fall of stocks in the market can cause mass hysteria and frantic panic. Lack of attention to business and greed from business owners can trigger an adverse effect on the Stock Market.
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Estimates and big spending alone do not guarantee the success of a business


Careful planning and good partnership are integral to the success of any business


Entering into a good partnership can help you to move to the next stage of your business


Private information about businesses should not be taken advantage of unless made public


Private information cannot be said to be public until the media has been duly informed by the organization in question


An employee's trust should be expected even when they work for a rival company



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