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30 Best CEO Books

Discover the best CEO books that offer valuable insights and strategies for effective leadership, decision-making, and business success.


A Promised Land

by Barack Obama

4.9 (125958 reviews)

What is A Promised Land about?

In this captivating memoir, the author reflects on his early political career, his historic journey to becoming the 44th President of the United States, and the challenges he faced during his first term. With eloquence and candor, he shares his personal experiences, political insights, and the ideals that shaped his presidency. From the highs of passing landmark legislation to the lows of navigating a divided nation, this book offers a compelling and intimate account of Barack Obama's journey in the White House.

Who should read A Promised Land

  • History enthusiasts seeking an insider's perspective on Barack Obama's presidency.

  • Political science students interested in understanding the complexities of governance.

  • Citizens curious about the personal journey of America's first Black president.


Shoe Dog

by Phil Knight

4.8 (35661 reviews)

What is Shoe Dog about?

In this captivating memoir, the author takes us on an exhilarating journey through the ups and downs of building one of the world's most iconic brands. From humble beginnings and countless obstacles, he shares the story of how Nike came to be, revealing the relentless determination, risks, and sacrifices that shaped its success. With raw honesty and inspiring anecdotes, this book offers a rare glimpse into the mind of the visionary behind the swoosh.

Who should read Shoe Dog

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking inspiration from the journey of Nike's creator.

  • Sports enthusiasts interested in the behind-the-scenes story of Nike's success.

  • Business students and professionals looking for valuable insights into building a global brand.


The Ride of a Lifetime

by Robert Iger

4.8 (16449 reviews)

What is The Ride of a Lifetime about?

In this insightful memoir, the author shares his remarkable journey as the CEO of one of the world's most iconic companies, the Walt Disney Company. From his early days at ABC to the acquisition of Pixar and Marvel, Robert Iger provides valuable lessons and leadership principles he learned during his 15-year tenure. With captivating anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories, this book offers a unique perspective on the challenges and triumphs of leading a global entertainment empire.

Who should read The Ride of a Lifetime

  • Aspiring business leaders seeking insights from a successful CEO.

  • Disney enthusiasts curious about the inner workings of the company.

  • Anyone interested in learning valuable lessons from a corporate titan.


Profit First

by Mike Michalowicz

4.8 (7272 reviews)

What is Profit First about?

In this transformative book, the author shares a revolutionary approach to managing business finances. By implementing the Profit First system, entrepreneurs can break free from the cycle of struggling to make ends meet and instead create a profitable and sustainable business. With practical strategies and real-life examples, this book guides readers on how to prioritize profit, allocate funds effectively, and ultimately transform their business into a thriving money-making machine.

Who should read Profit First

  • Small business owners struggling with cash flow management.

  • Entrepreneurs looking to increase profitability and financial stability.

  • Individuals seeking practical strategies to improve their business finances.


One Up On Wall Street

by Peter Lynch

4.7 (9017 reviews)

What is One Up On Wall Street about?

"One Up On Wall Street" by Peter Lynch is a comprehensive guide that teaches readers how to leverage their existing knowledge to achieve financial success in the stock market. Lynch, a renowned investor, shares his strategies and insights on how to identify lucrative investment opportunities, analyze companies, and make informed decisions. With practical advice and real-life examples, this book empowers readers to take control of their investments and potentially earn significant profits.

Who should read One Up On Wall Street

  • Aspiring investors looking to learn how to leverage their existing knowledge to make money in the stock market.

  • Beginner investors seeking practical advice on using their everyday experiences to make profitable investment decisions.

  • Individuals interested in understanding how to capitalize on their own insights and observations to achieve financial success in the stock market.


12 Months to $1 Million

by Ryan Daniel Moran

4.7 (1694 reviews)

What is 12 Months to $1 Million about?

In this insightful guide, Ryan Daniel Moran shares his proven strategies for aspiring entrepreneurs to achieve financial success. Moran provides a step-by-step roadmap, outlining how to identify profitable products, build a thriving business, and ultimately become a seven-figure entrepreneur within a year. Packed with practical advice and real-life examples, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to turn their business dreams into a lucrative reality.

Who should read 12 Months to $1 Million

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a step-by-step guide to building a successful business.

  • Small business owners looking to scale their ventures and increase profits.

  • Individuals interested in learning strategies to become financially independent.


The 4 Disciplines of Execution

by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling

4.7 (629 reviews)

What is The 4 Disciplines of Execution about?

"The 4 Disciplines of Execution" offers a practical guide to help individuals and organizations achieve their most important goals. Drawing on real-world examples and research, the authors present four key disciplines that can transform the way goals are pursued and achieved. With a focus on clarity, focus, engagement, and accountability, this book provides a roadmap for success in any endeavor, offering actionable strategies and insights to drive meaningful results.

Who should read The 4 Disciplines of Execution

  • Business leaders seeking effective strategies to achieve their goals.

  • Managers looking to improve their team's performance and productivity.

  • Individuals interested in personal development and goal-setting techniques.


Thinking, Fast and Slow

by Daniel Kahneman

4.6 (33761 reviews)

What is Thinking, Fast and Slow about?

In this thought-provoking book, the author explores the two systems that drive our thinking: the fast, intuitive system and the slow, deliberate system. Drawing on decades of research, he reveals the biases and errors that often cloud our judgment, and offers insights into how we can make better decisions. With engaging anecdotes and compelling examples, this book challenges our understanding of decision-making and provides valuable tools for improving our thinking processes.

Who should read Thinking, Fast and Slow

  • Individuals interested in understanding the complexities of human decision-making.

  • Psychologists and behavioral economists seeking insights into cognitive processes.

  • Business professionals looking to improve their decision-making skills.


The Intelligent Investor

by Benjamin Graham, Jason Zweig

4.6 (4582 reviews)

What is The Intelligent Investor about?

"The Intelligent Investor" is a comprehensive guide to value investing, written by a renowned financial expert. This book offers timeless wisdom and practical advice on how to navigate the unpredictable world of investing. It emphasizes the importance of thorough analysis, patience, and discipline in making investment decisions. With insightful strategies and real-life examples, this book equips readers with the knowledge and mindset needed to become intelligent investors and achieve long-term financial success.

Who should read The Intelligent Investor

  • Aspiring investors seeking to learn the principles of value investing.

  • Experienced investors looking to refine their investment strategies.

  • Anyone interested in understanding the fundamentals of intelligent investing.


The Personal MBA

by Josh Kaufman

4.6 (3360 reviews)

What is The Personal MBA about?

"The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business" is a comprehensive guide that distills the essential principles of business into a practical and accessible format. Written by an experienced entrepreneur, this book offers valuable insights and strategies for anyone looking to succeed in the world of business. From marketing and finance to leadership and decision-making, it provides a wealth of knowledge to help readers navigate the complexities of the business world and achieve their goals.

Who should read The Personal MBA

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking a comprehensive guide to business fundamentals.

  • Professionals looking to enhance their business knowledge and skills.

  • Individuals interested in understanding the principles of successful business.


What It Takes

by Stephen A. Schwarzman

4.6 (3021 reviews)

What is What It Takes about?

In this insightful book, the author shares his personal journey and the valuable lessons he learned while striving for excellence. From his early days as a young entrepreneur to becoming a prominent figure in the business world, Schwarzman provides practical advice and strategies for achieving success. With a focus on leadership, decision-making, and perseverance, this book offers a compelling narrative that inspires readers to pursue their own path to greatness.

Who should read What It Takes

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking insights and strategies for achieving success.

  • Business leaders looking to enhance their leadership skills and decision-making.

  • Individuals interested in personal development and achieving excellence in life.


Scaling Up

by Verne Harnish

4.6 (1978 reviews)

What is Scaling Up about?

In this insightful business guide, the author explores the key factors that separate successful companies from the rest. Verne Harnish reveals the strategies and practices employed by a select few companies that have managed to scale up and achieve remarkable growth. Packed with practical advice and real-life examples, this book offers valuable insights for entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to take their organizations to the next level.

Who should read Scaling Up

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners seeking strategies for rapid growth.

  • Executives and managers looking to scale their organizations effectively.

  • Start-up founders and leaders aiming to avoid common growth pitfalls.


The Cult of We

by Eliot Brown, Maureen Farrell

4.6 (1326 reviews)

What is The Cult of We about?

"The Cult of We" delves into the rise and fall of WeWork, the co-working startup that captivated the business world. Authors Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrell expose the captivating story of WeWork's charismatic founder, Adam Neumann, and the company's meteoric ascent, followed by its spectacular downfall. This gripping account unravels the delusions and questionable practices that fueled WeWork's rapid growth, ultimately leading to its dramatic unraveling and the unraveling of Neumann's grand vision.

Who should read The Cult of We

  • Entrepreneurs and aspiring startup founders seeking insights into WeWork's rise and fall.

  • Investors and financial analysts interested in understanding the dynamics of the startup ecosystem.

  • Business enthusiasts curious about the captivating story behind WeWork's controversial journey.


Nine Lies About Work

by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall

4.6 (839 reviews)

What is Nine Lies About Work about?

In this thought-provoking book, two renowned authors challenge conventional wisdom about work and leadership. They expose nine common lies that hinder productivity and engagement in the workplace, offering practical insights and strategies for leaders to create a more effective and fulfilling work environment. Through compelling stories and research-backed evidence, the authors empower readers to question traditional practices and embrace a freethinking approach to leadership in the real world.

Who should read Nine Lies About Work

  • Managers and leaders seeking to challenge conventional workplace beliefs.

  • HR professionals looking to gain insights into effective leadership practices.

  • Individuals interested in understanding the truth behind common work myths.


Turning the Flywheel

by Jim Collins

4.6 (799 reviews)

What is Turning the Flywheel about?

"Turning the Flywheel" by Jim Collins is a concise and insightful monograph that serves as a companion to his renowned book "Good to Great." In this book, Collins delves into the concept of the flywheel, a powerful metaphor for sustained success in organizations. Through real-world examples and practical advice, he explores how to build momentum, harness the flywheel effect, and achieve long-term greatness in business.

Who should read Turning the Flywheel

  • Business leaders seeking to understand the key principles of sustained success.

  • Entrepreneurs looking to transform their organizations from good to great.

  • Management teams aiming to implement a flywheel strategy for long-term growth.


Get A Grip

by Gino Wickman, Mike Paton

4.6 (741 reviews)

What is Get A Grip about?

"Get A Grip" is a practical guide for entrepreneurs seeking to take their business to the next level. Written by Gino Wickman and Mike Paton, this book offers a step-by-step approach to help entrepreneurs gain clarity, focus, and control over their business. With actionable strategies and real-life examples, it provides valuable insights on how to overcome common challenges, build a strong leadership team, and achieve success in the entrepreneurial world.

Who should read Get A Grip

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking guidance on achieving success in their business ventures.

  • Small business owners looking to improve their management and leadership skills.

  • Individuals interested in learning effective strategies for growing their entrepreneurial businesses.


The Great CEO Within

by Matt Mochary

4.6 (713 reviews)

What is The Great CEO Within about?

"The Great CEO Within" is a comprehensive guide to building and leading successful companies, written by an experienced entrepreneur and executive coach. This tactical guide offers valuable insights and practical advice on various aspects of company building, including leadership, team management, culture development, and decision-making. With real-life examples and actionable strategies, this book equips aspiring and current CEOs with the tools they need to navigate the challenges of running a company and achieve long-term success.

Who should read The Great CEO Within

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking practical strategies for building successful companies.

  • Current CEOs looking for tactical guidance to enhance their leadership skills.

  • Business professionals interested in understanding the intricacies of company building.


The Biggest Bluff

by Maria Konnikova

4.5 (3250 reviews)

What is The Biggest Bluff about?

In this captivating non-fiction book, Maria Konnikova takes readers on a thrilling journey through the world of high-stakes poker. With no prior experience, she immerses herself in the game, determined to understand the psychology behind it. As she navigates the unpredictable world of poker, Konnikova discovers valuable life lessons about attention, self-mastery, and the art of winning. This compelling narrative offers a unique blend of personal growth, psychology, and the exhilarating world of professional gambling.

Who should read The Biggest Bluff

  • Poker enthusiasts seeking insights into the game's psychological aspects.

  • Individuals interested in personal growth and self-mastery.

  • Anyone curious about the intersection of psychology and decision-making.


The Four

by Scott Galloway

4.5 (2765 reviews)

What is The Four about?

"The Four" delves into the inner workings of four tech giants - Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google - and explores the factors that have propelled them to become dominant forces in the modern world. Scott Galloway uncovers the hidden DNA that drives their success, examining their strategies, innovations, and impact on society. With insightful analysis and captivating storytelling, this book offers a comprehensive understanding of the power and influence wielded by these tech titans.

Who should read The Four

  • Entrepreneurs and business leaders seeking insights into the success of Amazon

  • Apple

  • Facebook

  • and Google.

  • Tech enthusiasts interested in understanding the inner workings of these tech giants.

  • Marketing professionals looking to gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape.


Super Pumped

by Mike Isaac

4.5 (1433 reviews)

What is Super Pumped about?

"Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber" by Mike Isaac is a gripping non-fiction account that delves into the rise and tumultuous journey of one of the most disruptive companies of our time. With unprecedented access to insiders, Isaac uncovers the cutthroat world of Uber, exploring the power struggles, scandals, and relentless ambition that shaped the company's explosive growth. This captivating narrative sheds light on the complex personalities and high-stakes battles that defined Uber's journey from startup to global phenomenon.

Who should read Super Pumped

  • Entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts interested in the rise and fall of Uber.

  • Tech industry insiders curious about the behind-the-scenes drama at Uber.

  • Anyone fascinated by the disruptive nature of the gig economy.


In Search of Excellence

by Thomas J. Peters, Robert H. Waterman

4.5 (615 reviews)

What is In Search of Excellence about?

"In Search of Excellence" offers valuable insights into the practices and strategies employed by some of America's most successful companies. Written by Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, this book delves into the secrets behind the exceptional performance of these organizations. Through extensive research and case studies, the authors identify key principles that contribute to excellence, providing readers with practical lessons and inspiration to apply in their own business ventures.

Who should read In Search of Excellence

  • Business leaders and managers seeking insights into successful company practices.

  • Entrepreneurs looking for inspiration and strategies to improve their businesses.

  • Students and academics studying organizational management and leadership.


Masters of Scale

by Reid Hoffman, June Cohen, Deron Triff

4.5 (403 reviews)

What is Masters of Scale about?

"Masters of Scale" offers a captivating exploration into the minds of the world's most accomplished entrepreneurs. Authored by a trio of experts, this book unveils the surprising truths behind their remarkable success stories. Packed with invaluable insights and practical advice, it delves into the strategies, mindset, and principles that have propelled these individuals to the top. Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business leader, this book is a must-read for unlocking the secrets of scaling and achieving extraordinary growth.

Who should read Masters of Scale

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking insights from successful business leaders.

  • Business professionals looking to scale their ventures and achieve growth.

  • Individuals interested in the strategies and stories of renowned entrepreneurs.


Built, Not Born

by Tom Golisano, Mike Wicks

4.5 (177 reviews)

What is Built, Not Born about?

In this insightful guide, a successful self-made billionaire shares his no-nonsense advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Drawing from his own experiences, the author provides practical strategies and valuable insights on how to build a thriving business from scratch. With a focus on practicality and determination, this book offers a roadmap for those looking to achieve entrepreneurial success, emphasizing the importance of hard work, perseverance, and strategic decision-making.

Who should read Built, Not Born

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking practical advice from self-made billionaires.

  • Small business owners looking for strategies to scale their ventures.

  • Individuals interested in personal development and success stories.


Billion Dollar Loser

by Reeves Wiedeman

4.4 (4061 reviews)

What is Billion Dollar Loser about?

"Billion Dollar Loser" is a gripping account of the meteoric rise and catastrophic downfall of a charismatic entrepreneur, Adam Neumann, and his company, WeWork. Reeves Wiedeman delves into the captivating story behind the creation of the shared workspace giant, exposing the excessive ambition, questionable business practices, and unchecked hubris that ultimately led to its spectacular collapse. This riveting narrative sheds light on the high-stakes world of startups and the perils of unchecked ambition.

Who should read Billion Dollar Loser

  • Entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts seeking insights into the rise and fall of WeWork and its charismatic founder

  • Adam Neumann.

  • Investors and financial professionals interested in understanding the factors behind WeWork's dramatic downfall and its impact on the market.

  • Anyone curious about the behind-the-scenes story of one of the most notorious business failures in recent history

  • offering a cautionary tale for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Invent & Wander

by Jeff Bezos, Walter Isaacson

4.4 (2603 reviews)

What is Invent & Wander about?

"Invent & Wander" is a captivating collection of writings by a visionary entrepreneur and business magnate. Through a series of insightful essays and interviews, the author shares his thoughts on innovation, leadership, and the future of technology. With anecdotes from his own experiences, this book offers valuable lessons and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and anyone interested in the relentless pursuit of groundbreaking ideas.

Who should read Invent & Wander

  • Entrepreneurs seeking insights and inspiration from Jeff Bezos' journey.

  • Business leaders interested in understanding Amazon's unprecedented success.

  • Innovators and dreamers looking for unconventional thinking and strategies.


No Filter

by Sarah Frier

4.4 (1605 reviews)

What is No Filter about?

"No Filter" by Sarah Frier delves into the captivating journey of Instagram, the popular social media platform. Frier uncovers the behind-the-scenes story of its creation, growth, and eventual acquisition by Facebook. Exploring the impact of Instagram on society, she reveals the struggles, triumphs, and controversies faced by its founders. This insightful book provides a comprehensive look at the rise of a cultural phenomenon that forever changed the way we share and experience visual content online.

Who should read No Filter

  • Social media enthusiasts seeking an in-depth understanding of Instagram's evolution.

  • Entrepreneurs and marketers looking to leverage Instagram's success for business.

  • Technology enthusiasts curious about the behind-the-scenes workings of Instagram.


Trillion Dollar Coach

by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Alan Eagle

4.4 (861 reviews)

What is Trillion Dollar Coach about?

"Trillion Dollar Coach" is a compelling guide to leadership, drawing inspiration from the legendary Bill Campbell, a renowned coach in Silicon Valley. Written by Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg, and Alan Eagle, this book unveils the invaluable lessons and strategies that Campbell employed to mentor some of the biggest names in tech, including Steve Jobs and Larry Page. With insightful anecdotes and practical advice, it offers a playbook for effective leadership in the fast-paced world of Silicon Valley.

Who should read Trillion Dollar Coach

  • Aspiring leaders seeking insights from Silicon Valley's legendary coach.

  • Entrepreneurs and executives looking to enhance their leadership skills.

  • Tech enthusiasts interested in the secrets behind Silicon Valley's success.


Business Adventures

by John Brooks

4.3 (3814 reviews)

What is Business Adventures about?

"Business Adventures" is a captivating collection of twelve timeless tales that delve into the intriguing world of Wall Street. Written by a renowned author, this book offers a unique perspective on the triumphs and failures of various businesses and their leaders. With a blend of storytelling and insightful analysis, it explores the complexities of the corporate world, providing valuable lessons and thought-provoking anecdotes that continue to resonate with readers today.

Who should read Business Adventures

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking valuable insights into the world of Wall Street.

  • Business students looking to understand the historical context of finance.

  • Investors interested in learning from past successes and failures.



by Duncan Clark

4.3 (1974 reviews)

What is Alibaba about?

"Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built" is a captivating biography that delves into the extraordinary journey of Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group. Duncan Clark unveils the inspiring story of how Ma, a former English teacher with humble beginnings, built one of the world's largest e-commerce companies. This book explores Ma's relentless determination, innovative strategies, and the challenges he faced in revolutionizing the Chinese business landscape, making it a must-read for anyone interested in entrepreneurship and the power of perseverance.

Who should read Alibaba

  • Entrepreneurs seeking inspiration from the success story of Jack Ma and Alibaba.

  • Business professionals interested in understanding the rise of China's e-commerce giant.

  • Investors looking to gain insights into the strategies behind Alibaba's growth.


The First 90 Days

by Michael D. Watkins

What is The First 90 Days about?

"The First 90 Days" by Michael D. Watkins is a comprehensive guide that offers proven strategies for professionals transitioning into new roles. This updated and expanded edition provides valuable insights and practical advice on how to navigate the critical first three months of a new job, ensuring a successful transition. With a focus on accelerating learning, building relationships, and delivering results, this book is an essential resource for anyone seeking to start off on the right foot in a new position.

Who should read The First 90 Days

  • New executives looking for a comprehensive guide to navigate their first 90 days in a leadership role.

  • Professionals transitioning into a new job or industry seeking effective strategies to accelerate their learning curve.

  • Managers and HR professionals interested in supporting their employees' successful onboarding and integration into the organization.