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12 Best Books On Power

Discover the best books on power and influence, providing valuable insights and strategies to enhance your leadership skills and achieve success.


Bag Man

by Rachel Maddow, Michael Yarvitz

4.8 (8038 reviews)

What is Bag Man about?

"Bag Man" by Rachel Maddow and Michael Yarvitz is a gripping account of a notorious criminal who infiltrated the highest levels of power in the White House. This book uncovers the wild crimes committed by this brazen crook, the audacious cover-up that ensued, and the spectacular downfall that eventually followed. With meticulous research and compelling storytelling, Maddow and Yarvitz shed light on a scandal that shook the foundations of American politics.

Who should read Bag Man

  • History enthusiasts interested in uncovering political scandals and corruption.

  • Fans of Rachel Maddow's investigative journalism and in-depth reporting.

  • Individuals seeking a gripping account of a high-profile political scandal.


The Sum of Us

by Heather McGhee

4.8 (4559 reviews)

What is The Sum of Us about?

In this thought-provoking book, the author delves into the profound impact of racism on society, exploring how it detrimentally affects not only marginalized communities but also the collective well-being of society as a whole. Through insightful analysis and personal anecdotes, McGhee highlights the economic, social, and political costs of racism, while offering a compelling vision for a more inclusive and prosperous future where everyone can thrive.

Who should read The Sum of Us

  • Individuals seeking to understand the far-reaching impact of racism.

  • Policy makers and activists working towards racial justice.

  • Anyone interested in building a more inclusive and equitable society.



by George Orwell

4.7 (84904 reviews)

What is 1984 about?

In a dystopian society ruled by a totalitarian regime, Winston Smith, a low-ranking member of the ruling Party, rebels against the oppressive system. As he navigates a world of constant surveillance and propaganda, Winston begins to question the truth and his own identity. George Orwell's iconic novel, set in the year 1984, explores themes of government control, manipulation, and the struggle for individual freedom in a chilling and thought-provoking manner.

Who should read 1984

  • Fans of dystopian literature seeking a thought-provoking and chilling read.

  • History enthusiasts interested in exploring the dangers of totalitarianism.

  • Individuals concerned about the erosion of privacy and government surveillance.


The 48 Laws of Power

by Robert Greene

4.7 (59129 reviews)

What is The 48 Laws of Power about?

"The 48 Laws of Power" is a captivating guide that delves into the intricate dynamics of power and manipulation. Drawing from historical examples and psychological insights, the book presents 48 laws that can be employed to gain and maintain power in various aspects of life. With its thought-provoking analysis and practical advice, this book offers a compelling exploration of the strategies and tactics used by influential individuals throughout history.

Who should read The 48 Laws of Power

  • Aspiring leaders seeking to understand the dynamics of power.

  • History enthusiasts intrigued by the strategies of influential figures.

  • Individuals navigating complex social and professional environments.


Empire of Pain

by Patrick Radden Keefe

4.7 (9923 reviews)

What is Empire of Pain about?

"Empire of Pain" delves into the secretive and controversial history of the Sackler Dynasty, a wealthy family known for their involvement in the pharmaceutical industry. Patrick Radden Keefe uncovers the untold story behind the creation and marketing of OxyContin, a highly addictive painkiller that fueled the opioid crisis in America. Through meticulous research and interviews, Keefe exposes the Sackler family's immense wealth, their influence on medical practices, and the devastating consequences of their actions on countless lives.

Who should read Empire of Pain

  • Individuals interested in the dark side of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • History enthusiasts curious about the Sackler family's controversial legacy.

  • Those seeking a gripping narrative on the rise and fall of a powerful dynasty.


Too Much and Never Enough

by Mary L. Trump Ph.D.

4.6 (103635 reviews)

What is Too Much and Never Enough about?

In this revealing and insightful book, the author, a clinical psychologist and niece of a prominent figure, delves into the complex dynamics of her family and their influence on the rise of a controversial and powerful individual. With a blend of personal anecdotes and psychological analysis, she offers a unique perspective on the factors that shaped the world's most dangerous man, shedding light on the inner workings of a family dynasty and its far-reaching consequences.

Who should read Too Much and Never Enough

  • Individuals interested in understanding the psychological dynamics of Donald Trump's upbringing.

  • Political enthusiasts seeking insights into the factors shaping Trump's leadership.

  • Those curious about the impact of family dynamics on powerful figures.


Catch and Kill

by Ronan Farrow

4.6 (7667 reviews)

What is Catch and Kill about?

In this gripping exposé, a fearless investigative journalist uncovers a web of deceit, espionage, and corruption. Ronan Farrow unveils the shocking truth behind a conspiracy designed to shield powerful predators from justice. With relentless determination, he delves into the dark underbelly of the entertainment industry, revealing the harrowing stories of victims silenced and the lengths taken to protect the guilty. "Catch and Kill" is a chilling account that exposes the sinister forces at play in our society.

Who should read Catch and Kill

  • Journalists and media professionals seeking insights into investigative reporting.

  • Advocates for victims of sexual assault and harassment.

  • Individuals interested in exposing corruption and power dynamics.



by Edward W. Said

4.6 (1726 reviews)

What is Orientalism about?

In this thought-provoking book, the author delves into the complex relationship between the West and the East, exploring the concept of Orientalism. Through meticulous analysis, Said examines how Western societies have constructed and perpetuated distorted images and stereotypes of the East, shaping their own identity in the process. With a critical lens, he challenges prevailing narratives and offers a compelling argument for the need to reevaluate and redefine our understanding of the East-West dynamic.

Who should read Orientalism

  • Scholars and students of postcolonial studies and cultural criticism.

  • Individuals interested in understanding the historical and cultural impact of Western representations of the East.

  • Readers seeking a critical analysis of Orientalist discourse and its implications.


The Prince

by Niccolò Machiavelli

What is The Prince about?

"The Prince" is a political treatise written by an Italian author during the Renaissance period. This influential book explores the nature of power and the strategies rulers should employ to maintain and expand their authority. Drawing from historical examples and Machiavelli's own experiences, it offers practical advice on leadership, diplomacy, and the manipulation of public opinion. Controversial for its ruthless approach, "The Prince" remains a thought-provoking guide to the complexities of governance.

Who should read The Prince

  • Aspiring politicians seeking insights into the art of leadership.

  • History enthusiasts interested in Renaissance political philosophy.

  • Individuals curious about the dark realities of power dynamics.


Commander In Cheat

by Rick Reilly

What is Commander In Cheat about?

In this insightful and humorous book, Rick Reilly delves into the world of golf to shed light on the character and leadership style of a prominent figure. Through entertaining anecdotes and astute observations, Reilly explores how the game of golf serves as a metaphor for Donald Trump's approach to power, revealing the tactics, cheats, and mind games employed by the former president both on and off the course.

Who should read Commander In Cheat

  • Golf enthusiasts interested in a unique perspective on Donald Trump.

  • Political observers seeking insights into Trump's leadership style through golf.

  • Readers curious about the intersection of sports and politics.


The Power of Russian Propaganda

by based on articles by Vox, BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian, Vice, Politico, and Radio Liberty

What is The Power of Russian Propaganda about?

"The Power of Russian Propaganda" is a comprehensive analysis of the influence and tactics employed by Russian propaganda, drawing from articles by reputable sources such as Vox, BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian, Vice, Politico, and Radio Liberty. This book delves into the intricate web of disinformation campaigns, media manipulation, and psychological warfare employed by Russia, shedding light on the far-reaching impact of their propaganda machine on global politics and public opinion.

Who should read The Power of Russian Propaganda

  • Journalists and media professionals seeking insights into Russian propaganda.

  • Political analysts and researchers studying the influence of Russian propaganda.

  • General readers interested in understanding the impact of Russian propaganda.


The Palace Papers

by Tina Brown

What is The Palace Papers about?

"The Palace Papers" by Tina Brown offers an intimate and revealing look into the inner workings of the House of Windsor. With meticulous research and insider knowledge, Brown uncovers the truth and turmoil that lies behind the royal facade. From scandals to secrets, this book delves into the complexities of one of the world's most famous families, providing a captivating exploration of power, privilege, and the challenges faced by the British monarchy.

Who should read The Palace Papers

  • Royal enthusiasts seeking an insider's perspective on the House of Windsor.

  • History buffs intrigued by the truth and turmoil within the British monarchy.

  • Those interested in the personal lives and scandals of the royal family.