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3 Best Books On Patriarchy

Discover a collection of insightful books on patriarchy, exploring its impact on society, gender dynamics, and the fight for equality.


The Beauty Myth

by Naomi Wolf

4.5 (1081 reviews)

What is The Beauty Myth about?

"The Beauty Myth" by Naomi Wolf explores the societal pressures and expectations placed on women to conform to narrow standards of beauty. Through extensive research and analysis, Wolf reveals how these images of beauty are used as a tool to control and undermine women's progress in various aspects of life. This thought-provoking book sheds light on the harmful effects of the beauty myth and calls for a reevaluation of society's perception of women's worth.

Who should read The Beauty Myth

  • Women seeking to understand societal pressures and beauty standards.

  • Feminists interested in exploring the impact of beauty ideals.

  • Individuals interested in the intersection of gender and media.


We Should All Be Feminists

by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

What is We Should All Be Feminists about?

In this thought-provoking book, the author passionately explores the importance of feminism in today's society. Drawing from personal experiences and anecdotes, she highlights the pervasive gender inequality that persists worldwide. With eloquence and conviction, Adichie argues for the necessity of feminism, urging readers to challenge societal norms and embrace a more inclusive and equal future for all. This powerful manifesto serves as a rallying cry for individuals to recognize and address the systemic injustices faced by women.

Who should read We Should All Be Feminists

  • Young adults seeking to understand and challenge gender inequality.

  • Educators and activists advocating for gender equality and empowerment.

  • Individuals interested in exploring the intersectionality of feminism and social justice.


Men Explain Things To Me

by Rebecca Solnit

What is Men Explain Things To Me about?

In this thought-provoking collection of essays, the author delves into the pervasive issue of mansplaining and its impact on women's voices. With wit and insight, she explores the power dynamics that perpetuate this phenomenon, shedding light on the broader implications for gender equality. Through personal anecdotes and astute analysis, Solnit challenges societal norms and encourages readers to question and dismantle the structures that silence women's experiences.

Who should read Men Explain Things To Me

  • Women seeking validation and empowerment in a patriarchal society.

  • Men interested in understanding and challenging their privilege.

  • Anyone passionate about gender equality and social justice issues.