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2 Best Books on Ethical Issues

Discover a wide range of thought-provoking books on ethical issues, providing valuable insights into moral dilemmas and societal challenges.


Right Wrong

by Juan Enriquez

4.4 (89 reviews)

What is Right Wrong about?

"Right Wrong: How Technology Transforms Our Ethics" by Juan Enriquez explores the profound impact of technology on our moral compass. Through thought-provoking analysis and real-life examples, Enriquez delves into the ethical dilemmas arising from advancements in fields like artificial intelligence, genetic engineering, and robotics. This book challenges readers to critically examine the evolving relationship between technology and ethics, urging us to navigate the complex ethical landscape of our rapidly changing world.

Who should read Right Wrong

  • Technology enthusiasts seeking to explore the ethical implications of innovation.

  • Ethicists and philosophers interested in the intersection of technology and morality.

  • Business leaders navigating the ethical challenges posed by technological advancements.


The Aisles Have Eyes

by Joseph Turow

4.1 (40 reviews)

What is The Aisles Have Eyes about?

"The Aisles Have Eyes" by Joseph Turow is a thought-provoking exposé that delves into the world of retail and its impact on consumer privacy and power. Through extensive research and analysis, Turow uncovers the hidden tactics employed by retailers to track our shopping habits, manipulate our choices, and exploit our personal information. This eye-opening book sheds light on the complex relationship between consumers and retailers, urging readers to question the boundaries of privacy and the influence of the retail industry in our lives.

Who should read The Aisles Have Eyes

  • Consumers concerned about their privacy and shopping habits.

  • Retailers and marketers seeking insights into consumer behavior.

  • Individuals interested in understanding the power dynamics of retail.