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7 Best Consumer Behavior Books

Discover a collection of insightful consumer behavior books that delve into the psychology behind purchasing decisions and market trends.



by Jonah Berger

4.7 (5563 reviews)

What is Contagious about?

In this insightful book, the author explores the science behind why certain ideas, products, and behaviors become contagious while others fade away. Through engaging stories and compelling research, he uncovers the key factors that make things go viral, from social influence and emotional triggers to practical value and storytelling. Whether you're a marketer, entrepreneur, or simply curious about human behavior, this book offers valuable insights into the art of creating contagious content and ideas.

Who should read Contagious

  • Marketers and advertisers seeking to understand the science of virality.

  • Entrepreneurs looking to create buzz and increase brand awareness.

  • Social media enthusiasts interested in understanding the psychology of sharing.



by Robert Cialdini, Ph.D.

4.7 (3411 reviews)

What is Influence about?

This book explores the fascinating world of persuasion and the psychological principles behind it. Drawing from extensive research, the author uncovers the six key principles that influence our decision-making processes. Through real-life examples and engaging anecdotes, readers gain valuable insights into how these principles are used in various contexts, from marketing and sales to personal relationships. A thought-provoking and eye-opening read that sheds light on the power of persuasion in our everyday lives.

Who should read Influence

  • Business professionals seeking to understand the science behind persuasion.

  • Salespeople looking to enhance their persuasive techniques and strategies.

  • Individuals interested in learning how to resist manipulation and influence.



by Phil Barden

4.7 (245 reviews)

What is Decoded about?

"Decoded: The Science Behind Why We Buy" delves into the fascinating world of consumer behavior, uncovering the hidden psychological factors that influence our purchasing decisions. Phil Barden explores the intricate workings of our minds, revealing how emotions, instincts, and cognitive biases shape our buying habits. With insightful research and practical examples, this book offers valuable insights for marketers, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in understanding the complex dynamics behind consumer choices.

Who should read Decoded

  • Marketing professionals seeking insights into consumer behavior and purchasing decisions.

  • Business owners looking to understand the psychology behind consumer choices.

  • Students studying consumer psychology and marketing strategies.


The Millionaire Next Door

by Thomas J. Stanley, Dr. William D. Danko

4.6 (11696 reviews)

What is The Millionaire Next Door about?

This eye-opening book delves into the lives of America's wealthy, revealing surprising secrets about their habits and lifestyles. Through extensive research, the authors uncover that many millionaires are not the flashy, extravagant individuals we often imagine, but rather ordinary people living modestly. They provide valuable insights into the mindset and behaviors that lead to financial success, challenging common misconceptions about wealth and offering practical advice for anyone seeking to build their own fortune.

Who should read The Millionaire Next Door

  • Individuals seeking to understand the habits and mindset of self-made millionaires.

  • Financial advisors looking to gain insights into wealth accumulation strategies.

  • Anyone interested in debunking common misconceptions about the wealthy.


Console Wars

by Blake J. Harris

4.5 (1677 reviews)

What is Console Wars about?

"Console Wars" by Blake J. Harris is a captivating non-fiction book that delves into the intense rivalry between gaming giants Sega and Nintendo during the 1990s. This gripping narrative explores the behind-the-scenes battles, strategic moves, and marketing tactics that shaped the video game industry and influenced an entire generation of gamers. Harris provides an in-depth look at the key players, their motivations, and the cultural impact of this epic clash between two gaming powerhouses.

Who should read Console Wars

  • Gamers and fans of the 90s video game industry.

  • Business professionals interested in marketing and competition.

  • History enthusiasts curious about the cultural impact of video games.


Hit Makers

by Derek Thompson

4.5 (467 reviews)

What is Hit Makers about?

In "Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in an Age of Distraction," Derek Thompson delves into the fascinating world of cultural trends and what makes certain ideas, products, and songs become popular. Exploring the intersection of psychology, economics, and technology, Thompson uncovers the hidden forces behind viral sensations and enduring hits. With captivating examples and insightful analysis, this book offers a thought-provoking exploration of the elusive nature of popularity in our modern, fast-paced society.

Who should read Hit Makers

  • Aspiring marketers seeking insights into the mechanics of popularity.

  • Media professionals interested in understanding the dynamics of cultural trends.

  • Anyone curious about the psychology behind viral sensations and trends.


The Aisles Have Eyes

by Joseph Turow

4.1 (40 reviews)

What is The Aisles Have Eyes about?

"The Aisles Have Eyes" by Joseph Turow is a thought-provoking exposé that delves into the world of retail and its impact on consumer privacy and power. Through extensive research and analysis, Turow uncovers the hidden tactics employed by retailers to track our shopping habits, manipulate our choices, and exploit our personal information. This eye-opening book sheds light on the complex relationship between consumers and retailers, urging readers to question the boundaries of privacy and the influence of the retail industry in our lives.

Who should read The Aisles Have Eyes

  • Consumers concerned about their privacy and shopping habits.

  • Retailers and marketers seeking insights into consumer behavior.

  • Individuals interested in understanding the power dynamics of retail.