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2 Best Celebration Books

Celebrate special moments with personalized Celebration Books, capturing memories and milestones to cherish forever. Perfect for any occasion.


The Atlas of Christmas

by Alex Palmer

4.6 (119 reviews)

What is The Atlas of Christmas about?

"The Atlas of Christmas" by Alex Palmer is a delightful exploration of holiday traditions from around the world. This festive book takes readers on a global journey, uncovering the merriest, tastiest, and quirkiest customs celebrated during the holiday season. From Iceland's Yule Lads to Japan's KFC Christmas dinner, this beautifully illustrated atlas is a treasure trove of fascinating traditions that will enchant readers of all ages.

Who should read The Atlas of Christmas

  • Travel enthusiasts seeking to explore unique holiday traditions globally.

  • Food lovers interested in discovering festive culinary delights worldwide.

  • Individuals looking for a fun and quirky book to celebrate the holiday season.



by Judith Flanders

4.2 (199 reviews)

What is Christmas about?

In this captivating biography, Judith Flanders delves into the rich history and cultural significance of Christmas. From its humble beginnings as a religious celebration to its transformation into a global phenomenon, Flanders explores the traditions, customs, and controversies surrounding this beloved holiday. With meticulous research and engaging storytelling, she unravels the layers of Christmas, revealing its enduring charm and the profound impact it has had on society throughout the centuries.

Who should read Christmas

  • History enthusiasts interested in exploring the origins and evolution of Christmas traditions.

  • Individuals seeking a comprehensive understanding of the cultural significance of Christmas.

  • Anyone curious about the historical context and social impact of Christmas celebrations.