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3 Best Brain Science Books

Looking for brain science books? Explore our collection of insightful and informative reads on the fascinating subject of neuroscience.


The Brain that Changes Itself

by Norman Doidge, M.D.

4.7 (4181 reviews)

What is The Brain that Changes Itself about?

"The Brain that Changes Itself" by Norman Doidge, M.D. explores the remarkable capacity of the human brain to adapt and rewire itself. Through a collection of captivating stories, Doidge delves into the frontiers of brain science, showcasing personal triumphs of individuals who have overcome various neurological challenges. This groundbreaking book sheds light on the plasticity of the brain and offers hope for those seeking to harness its transformative power.

Who should read The Brain that Changes Itself

  • Individuals interested in understanding the remarkable plasticity of the human brain.

  • People seeking inspiration from stories of personal triumph over neurological challenges.

  • Professionals in the field of brain science looking for groundbreaking research.


The Mind and the Brain

by Jeffrey Schwartz, Sharon Begley

4.6 (399 reviews)

What is The Mind and the Brain about?

"The Mind and the Brain" explores the fascinating concept of neuroplasticity and its implications for our understanding of the mind. Written by Jeffrey Schwartz and Sharon Begley, this thought-provoking book delves into the power of mental force in shaping our brain's structure and function. Through compelling research and real-life examples, it challenges traditional notions of the brain's fixed nature, offering a compelling argument for the transformative potential of our thoughts and actions.

Who should read The Mind and the Brain

  • Individuals interested in understanding the connection between the mind and the brain.

  • Neuroscientists and researchers seeking insights into neuroplasticity and mental force.

  • Those looking to harness the power of their minds for personal growth.


How Dogs Love Us

by Dr. Gregory Berns

4.4 (3073 reviews)

What is How Dogs Love Us about?

In this captivating book, a renowned neuroscientist shares his personal journey of decoding the mysterious workings of the canine brain. Through a series of groundbreaking experiments, he explores the depths of the human-dog bond, revealing the true extent of how dogs love us. With heartwarming anecdotes and scientific insights, this book offers a unique perspective on the profound connection between humans and their furry companions.

Who should read How Dogs Love Us

  • Dog owners seeking a deeper understanding of their furry companions.

  • Animal lovers curious about the science behind canine emotions.

  • Neuroscientists interested in the study of animal cognition and behavior.