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4 Best Agile Books

Discover a collection of Agile books that will help you master the principles and practices of Agile methodology for efficient project management.


The Lean Startup

by Eric Ries

4.6 (12660 reviews)

What is The Lean Startup about?

This book offers a revolutionary approach to building and managing startups. It emphasizes the importance of continuous innovation and experimentation to create successful businesses. The author shares his insights and experiences, providing practical advice on how to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing market. With real-life examples and actionable strategies, this book is a must-read for entrepreneurs looking to build sustainable and profitable ventures.

Who should read The Lean Startup

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to build successful businesses through continuous innovation.

  • Business owners looking to implement lean startup principles for growth.

  • Innovators and startup enthusiasts interested in understanding the lean methodology.



by Marty Cagan

4.6 (4161 reviews)

What is Inspired about?

"Inspired" is a comprehensive guide that reveals the secrets behind creating successful and innovative tech products. Written by an industry expert, this book provides invaluable insights into the product development process, from identifying customer needs to delivering exceptional user experiences. With real-world examples and practical advice, it equips aspiring product managers and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools they need to create tech products that customers will love.

Who should read Inspired

  • Aspiring product managers seeking insights on creating successful tech products.

  • Tech entrepreneurs looking to understand the key principles of product development.

  • Designers and engineers interested in building customer-centric tech products.



by Chris Sims, Hillary Louise Johnson

4.4 (2186 reviews)

What is Scrum about?

"Scrum: a Breathtakingly Brief and Agile Introduction" is a concise guide that introduces readers to the Scrum framework, a popular approach to project management. Written by Chris Sims and Hillary Louise Johnson, this book provides a clear and accessible overview of Scrum's principles and practices. With its agile methodology, Scrum enables teams to collaborate effectively, adapt to change, and deliver high-quality results. Whether you're new to Scrum or seeking a refresher, this book offers a valuable resource for mastering this powerful project management tool.

Who should read Scrum

  • Project managers and team leaders seeking to implement agile methodologies.

  • Business professionals looking to understand the benefits of Scrum.

  • Individuals interested in learning about agile project management techniques.



by Jeff Sutherland, Ph.D.

What is Scrum about?

In this insightful guide, an experienced author shares the secrets of Scrum, a revolutionary project management framework that promises to double productivity while reducing time spent on tasks. Drawing from his extensive expertise, the author explains how Scrum can be applied to various industries, providing practical tips and real-life examples. With its innovative approach, this book offers a valuable resource for anyone seeking to optimize their work processes and achieve greater efficiency.

Who should read Scrum

  • Project managers and team leaders seeking to improve productivity.

  • Business professionals looking to implement agile methodologies in their work.

  • Individuals interested in learning about efficient work practices.