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Summary of Millionaire Success Habits 

What’s inside

Explore practicable habits that can help you make better financial decisions. Implement actionable steps on how to create a millionaire mindset.

Key points


Habits are the things that differentiate us

A habit is formed when you perform a certain activity or do things in a particular way over and over again for a period of time. By definition, habits are neutral and we need them because they make life easier. Habits require little to no effort to execute once they have been cemented in our brains, and that can be a good or bad thing, depending on the kind of habit formed.

Habits are either empowering or disempowering. Running late to meetings for example, is a habit but obviously not an empowering one since it can get you fired. But the opposite of that — always going to meetings early — will serve you a great deal.
Your habits can either help you succeed or contribute to your failure.
The difference between super successful people and those struggling to make headway in life lies in their habits. A successful person has a habit that's making him successful, likewise, an unsuccessful person is doing something that's contributing to his failure.

Take the late coming habit for example. A person used to going to places late wouldn't know why he's always late to work. And if he's working in a strict organization, that habit can cost him his job when it's flagged as time theft.

If you want to succeed in any area of life, there are key habits you must develop. These key habits are timeless and they work for anyone who implements them. For the rest of this summary, we'd be considering top success habits proven to work for super successful people from all walks of life. The habits would be presented in actionable bits so you can implement them right away.

Do your best while you can

A career is long term, takes time to build, and most of your adult life will be spent pursuing it, so it's certainly worth talking about.
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Vision brings meaning to your actions


Understand the WHY behind your actions


Deal with the enemy within


Create a positive story for yourself



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You’ll learn

The ups and downs of wealth creation
The success habits of super successful people
How to spend and save wisely
The importance of embracing good habits
How to create sustainable goals

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