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Summary of Leap 

What’s inside

Discover a new definition of success concerning having or not having a job title. Get inspiration to quit your job and start working independently, even without a backup plan.

Key points


The risks and potential successes of uncharted exploration

Tess Vigeland had a fantastic job. She was a part of a team at the radio station that produced the show — Marketplace Money — where they answered questions from the audience about money. She had a successful career in the field she loved, and fans would recognize her by her voice anywhere. When Vigeland decided to leave, she couldn't explain why and how but had a feeling she needed changes.

Tess Vigeland gave a speech about leaping in Portland and inspired dozens of people to make a step and quit their jobs without a plan B. She didn't give them detailed step-by-step instructions or a promise for a better life. Instead, Vigeland shared her doubts and insecurities with the audience, and the magic happened. It finally helped her to accept her story as it was.
Once you are out of the situation you were bothered by, you start doubting your decision to leave. That is how your brain works; don't trust this thought.
You will face many challenges on the way. Close friends and family members may not know what to say when you voice the decision to leave stability for uncertainty. Also, it can be freaking scary to tell your boss that you are quitting. The process of adjusting to a new life may not be smooth. Reading sections about different aspects of a leap, you may find helpful information that helps to prepare beforehand.

This summary is about reevaluating what you're doing, what you love about it, and what you don't. It is also a narrative of the likely fears accompanying “jumping without a net” — migrating between jobs and careers. To acquire the boldness to take those seemingly daunting steps, kindly peruse this piece till the very end.

Leaping is difficult in the world when everyone is expected to have at least a five-year plan. So, take a breath and dive into a page-turner from a woman that had enough courage to make this step and find herself in a better place.

It is never too late to find what you want to do when you ‘grow up’

How do you know it's time to quit? Nobody knows that except for you. However, if this question comes to your mind, you should look around for opportunities. Sometimes your body starts giving hints — hair loss, back pain, or tiredness without reason. These symptoms don't necessarily mean you must leave your current job but don't ignore the signals.
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The post-leap moment is the most challenging time, and it’s OK


People can doubt your decision to leap, criticize it, and ask too many questions


Winners never quit, or do they?


A new lifestyle requires new rules


People can change their successful careers to reinvent themselves in something different



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You’ll learn

The 2 approaches to quitting
How to communicate about your leap
The 6 rules to build a new lifestyle
Why and when different generations quit

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