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Unique Blend: How to Combine Tech and Art?

Explore the beauty and remarkable metaphors of handmade illustrations and covers on the Headway app

There is no way you couldn’t have noticed the beauty and uniqueness of the Headway’s app illustrations. Why are they so masterful, you ask? So, here’s the thing!

For starters, Headway is an app that provides bite-sized learning for fun and easy growth, creating unique pieces of content and summaries of the most influential books. And Headway team believes in the value of craftsmanship since the best things are made for people by people. That’s why illustrators create covers for each summary from scratch, playing with metaphors and profound creative ideas.

There are many topics that Headway covers and one of them is women’s power. These illustrations show both fragility and empowerment as woman’s weapons in the fight for equality. It could also be a metaphor for the strength and internal beauty that a woman develops from confrontation. The battle for her rights doesn’t exhaust her but gives her even more strength.

Headway’s illustrators also have found a way to reflect the pursuit of happiness – the fundamental aspiration of humankind. However, it was one of the most challenging topics to visualize. How to show life without barriers or our feelings while dealing with problems?

Current social issues also get their coverage on the Headway app, for example, racism in the modern world. Such illustrations communicate the importance of equality and reflect our connection with each other.

Headway’s illustrators seek exquisite visual solutions. Look how they play with substandard forms and offbeat images!

There are also authentic illustrations about relationships and love on the Headway app. To create them, illustrators went for metaphors and ideas that could reflect all the complexity and beauty of communication.

One of the most popular topics on the Headway app is self-improvement, productivity, and skills development. It’s breathtaking how intricate imagery could communicate key ideas from such books.

Earlier in the day, the artists were those masters who created huge canvases and painted the ceilings in prestigious estates and temples. And nowadays, it’s also young and talented startup illustrators with creativeness and craftsmanship who give birth to authentic art pieces for an app that you use every day. Isn’t it a miracle?

Check out more illustrations of various covers on the Headway app and look for the metaphors yourself.

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