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Life-changing Insights from the 7 Best Personal Development Books

Make knowledge your power with this selection by Headway and the Assist.


The primary step to making personal and professional growth enjoyable is finding the content and format that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Struggling with dozens of unfinished books is not the way for high achievers. Your busy schedule should no longer keep you from staying on track with the world’s best ideas. 

The Headway bite-sized learning app and the Assist newsletter share a mission of helping lifelong learners on their journey by picking only the most valuable content. Go on reading to discover Headway’s selection of life-changing insights based on the non-fiction booklist by the Assist Team.

Your habits may be the difference between your successes and failures

  • Self-discipline pushes you to achieve your goals by doing the right things at the right time. 

  • Learning a new habit is specific to the person in question, as there is no one-size-fits-all process.

  • The brain responds faster to a trigger only when it seems worthwhile.

Be genuinely interested in what matters to other people and create meaningful connections

  • Kindness costs nothing and is the best way to build ever-lasting bonds. When you show people empathy, they reward you with loyalty.

  • Being brave enough to open up can be difficult, but if you want to develop genuine and honest connections, you must learn to be vulnerable.

  • Having the courage to apologize helps you connect with other people because they will see that you're genuine.

Take pride in learning and experimenting with different ideas to create more solutions.

  • Originality is a product of continuous thoughts, ideas, and practices that come in different dimensions.

  • Assumptions are needed at some points, but they should never cloud analysis and critical evaluation.

  • Quitting should be your last option when trying to create, invent or take a stance.

Focus on meaningful relations and meaningful work to increase the chances for sustainable success

  • Principles are the link between your actions and your values.

  • Use prepackaged principles to fabricate new ones while considering your goals.

  • Those who see the bigger picture are good goal-setters.

Having a lot of money is nothing. Strive for wealth instead.

  • Your happiness can never compare to your money. So, don’t chase money at its expense.

  • Your investing skills will bring you money, but you need more than skill to sustain wealth.

  • Wealth is not the display of riches but the money you save and invest.

Leadership is the choice to serve others with or without any formal rank.

  • Managers look after numbers, while leaders look after people.

  • When people feel they have the control to do what is right, they will more likely do the thing properly.

  • If the leaders give their people something to believe in, the people will give everything they have to embrace the challenge.

Embrace your power: don’t try to be extroverted if you are an introvert.

  • While extroverts might wrongly be considered socially acceptable, we need a balance of introverts in the world.

  • Extroverts are ideal team players, but introverts make great team leaders.

  • Introverts have a high degree of empathy that allows them to appreciate the feelings of others deeply.

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