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Bookworm’s Guide to Reading 50 Books a Year

Reading 50 books a year is an excellent way to expand your mind. 50 books a year is a big goal, but with these practical tips, it’s easy to read more.

Bookworm’s Guide to Reading 50 Books a Year

Are you a book lover looking to take your reading to the next level? Have you ever dreamed of reading 50 books in a year but didn’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck! Reading 50 books a year may seem ambitious, but it is achievable with some planning. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge, escape into a new world, or challenge yourself, this guide will show you how to reach your goal of 50 books a year. From setting realistic targets to finding the perfect reading spot, we’ll cover all the tips and tricks you need to know to make this a reality. So grab a book, and let’s start this reading journey together!

Key points:

  • While setting a goal to read 50 books is doable, it’s helpful to consider your intention. If you want to learn more, you don’t necessarily have to read a book from cover to cover to do this. Headway provides detailed book summaries so that you can expand your knowledge in a few short sessions.

  • Planning what to read will ensure you keep momentum. Try choosing books you enjoy and can learn from. Then decide how you’ll digest it: read a paperback, listen to an audiobook, or use reading apps like Headway.

  • Make it a habit to read for a short time each day and work it around your schedule. You can read or listen to book summaries on the Headway app to make it easier to reach your reading goal.

How to read 50 books a year

If you want to read 50 books in a year, you’ll benefit from making a plan. With a few lifestyle shifts, you’ll easily increase your reading count and learn more, no matter your schedule. Here are the top tips for reading 50 books a year.

Try a more efficient way to read with Headway

If you intend to learn more with every book you read, Headway has the perfect solution to help you reach 50 books a year. It is satisfying to tick a book off your list, but you don’t need to finish every book to learn something new. 

Nonfiction texts sometimes repeat the same information in different ways to help you understand the content. Although this can be a very useful way to learn, you may not have unlimited time to finish all 50 books in full. Instead, we propose reading summaries so you can grasp the key points and help decide if it’s a book you would like to read in its entirety. By spending just 15 minutes a day on the Headway app, you can get through multiple book summaries in no time! With detailed overviews and exciting visuals, learning becomes fun and encouraging. Download the Headway app today and start understanding the books that interest you. 

Make a list of books you want to read

You don’t have to plan all 50 books since your reading preferences may change across the year. However, starting a list of what you want to read is a good idea. You might choose your next three books or the next 20. Either way, it is motivating to have your next read lined up ready before finishing your current one.

Bookworm’s Guide to Reading fifty Books a Year - Headway App

Swap time on your phone for a moment to read

Do you pick up your phone first thing in the morning? If so, you’re not alone. It’s common to get stuck in a scroll during your downtime and let the day get away from you. Although, if you’re excited to read more this year, consider picking up a book instead of your digital devices. This simple swap will help you find more time to read during the day. So, whether it’s first thing in the morning, on your lunch break, or before bed, try to avoid using your phone and read a couple of pages instead.

Have multiple books on the go

In the book community, readers are divided over starting multiple books at once — they either love it or hate it. For some, it is a distraction and slows them down. However, for others, it might be just the thing to motivate faster reading. 

One benefit of starting numerous texts is the ability to choose. You can pick whichever genre you’re in the mood for. For example, you might pick up a fiction book if you’ve had a long day at work and need to switch off. Whereas, if you’re in the mood to learn something new, a personal development text may suit you better. If your mood usually dictates what you do, this method might help you read more.

Set realistic objectives

You’ve already set a target to read 50 books a year. However, to achieve this, it’s helpful to specify mini goals to keep up the progress. For instance, some people read for 10 minutes daily as this is realistic for their lifestyle. Try to be realistic about your limits and the length of your reading sessions. 

If you need a little encouragement, the Headway app can support you by making learning a daily habit. You’ll be able to set realistic targets, pace yourself accordingly, and receive motivating reminders to expand your mind.

Read different lengths of books 

We briefly spoke about reading momentum, which the length of text may affect. We suggest reading shorter books at the start of your challenge so you get a sense of accomplishment while being motivated to read. It’s a good idea to switch up the length of books you’re reading as you may need more motivation and feel intimidated by weighty novels. It’s helpful to give yourself options, which is why some people prefer having multiple books on the go. 

Find a comfortable place to read

The reality of enjoying more books is that you’re likely to read in various places. However, you may have a few preferred spots that encourage a relaxing and positive experience. For instance, you might enjoy sitting in bed, getting cozy under a blanket, or going to a coffee shop. Work with your preferences and allow time to unwind in these spaces. Curating a comfortable space for this activity may encourage you to read more.

Discover your favorite reading style

There are many ways to enjoy literature, from reading a paperback to using an e-reader or listening to audiobooks. Despite some readers disregarding audiobooks as reading, it is a fantastic tool that makes literature more accessible. If you want to read more, but need help with traditional books, consider trying a different format. Users can experiment with bite-sized text or audio clips on the Headway app to discover their preferences. Make sure to choose your preferred reading style, as it makes reading 50 books a year more enjoyable.  

Read books you love 

There’s nothing worse than starting a book and realizing it’s not for you. Reading in genres you love makes it easier to finish a text and read 50 books a year.

Whether you’re reading 50 personal development books in a year or enjoy learning from multiple genres, you should pick texts that interest you. If you need help deciding what to read, you can check out detailed book summaries on the Headway app. You can choose from iconic nonfiction texts and beloved fiction.

Bookworm’s Guide to Reading fifty More - Headway App

Work around your schedule

Life gets busy, and finding time for self-care activities, like reading, can be challenging. It’s understandable why many people believe they don’t have enough time for it. However, like most habits, it’s possible if you start doing it little and often. To do this, you must first be realistic about your schedule. If you don’t already, note down all your responsibilities on paper, giving you a clear view of your week. Next, consider where you have free time and what you can swap out for a brief read.

You don’t need to read for an hour a day to achieve your targets. You can start working towards your goals with as little as 10 minutes a day. Try finding time on your commute, between tasks, on your breaks, or before bed. For instance, Headway allows you to listen to a book’s central ideas on the go.

Have a book nearby

As you begin to think about where to make time in your schedule, remember that some weeks will be easier to carve out this time than others. When life gets busy, have a book nearby for when you have a few minutes to spare. Keep one by your bed, at the office, or in your bag.

Grab a book instead of your phone whenever you find a few minutes. If you prefer digital reading, keep your e-reader charged or have a novel ready on your device. If you’re keen to plan, you may put shorter, light-hearted text near your bed stand to read when you have less time and lengthier ones elsewhere for indulging in a longer reading session. It’s important to be kind to yourself and appreciate your progress, even if you haven’t had time to read some days.

What are the benefits of reading 50 books a year?

Whether you read 20 or 50 books, regular reading can benefit your mood, skillset, and motivation. For one, taking time to read might lower stress levels, providing respite from your daily routine. Moreover, the more you enjoy literature, the better you’ll understand your preferences. You may discover a new genre or author you love, making it easier to pick books you’ll enjoy. 

More benefits of reading 50 books a year include:

  • improves focus, concentration, and memory;

  • expands creativity, vocabulary, and knowledge;

  • exposes you to different perspectives and ideas;

  • discover new genres and authors;

  • fosters a sense of accomplishment and self-satisfaction;

  • improves writing and communication skills;

  • it helps to develop empathy and understanding of different perspectives.

benefits of reading 50 books a year - Headway App

Download the Headway app to learn more this year

If your intention for reading 50 books per year is to know more, the Headway app can support your vision. Although the Headway book summaries can’t replace the original long-form book, you can make the most of your reading time by learning about the core concepts. Headway turns popular books into bite-sized text or audio clips, making them easy to understand. Instead of taking days or weeks to read one book, you’ll understand the key ideas within a few sessions. 

With minimal effort, you’ll start learning on the go and have fun while doing it! You’ll even get through more books in a year and develop a positive habit. Download the Headway app today.

Final thoughts

Reading 50 books in a year is a rewarding goal. It can help enhance your understanding of the world and improve focus, concentration, and memory. It’s also a great way to escape the stresses of daily life and immerse yourself in new worlds. 

More than anything, it’s a way to challenge yourself. Finishing a book or learning a new concept brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. While it can seem daunting at first, anyone can reach the goal of reading 50 books a year with a bit of planning. You may rethink how you tick off each book and focus on learning new ideas instead.

So, set your goal, make a plan, and start reading – you never know what you might discover. Remember, reading is not just a way to pass the time, it also nourishes your mind and soul.


Is reading 50 books a year good?

Fifty books a year is a great target to work towards. By building a daily habit and finding texts you love, it is easier to reach your reading goals. Readers can view detailed book summaries on the Headway app to discover their next read.

What are the benefits of reading 50 books a year?

Reading 50 books a year may improve concentration and creativity, expand your vocabulary, and introduce you to different perspectives. It can also improve your writing and communication skills and help you discover your favorite genres.

How many books should a person read in a year?

While reading 50 books a year is an impressive goal, everyone has different lifestyles, and you should adjust the number accordingly. Instead of focusing on 50 books a year, concentrate on learning new ideas through book summaries. 

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