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7 Surprisingly Simple Truths Behind Extraordinary Results

Find the inner power and reroute your life to the track of greatness

One of the most terrible things that can happen to anyone in life is to be at your wit’s end and not have the least idea of what to do next. You have exhausted all your options trying to get things to work for you, but the horizon is looking very bleak, and no hope seems forthcoming. It sucks. You try so hard to balance your life out, try every new technique and formula you know, but all your effort is simply inconsequential, and all you need is just one big break. The thing you seek that would turn your life around and ultimately prep you for success is called The One Thing.

Business Coach Gary Keller, the co-founder of the largest real estate company in North America — Keller Williams Realty International — together with Jay Papasan, Vice President and Executive Editor of the same company, have put together their book The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truths Behind Extraordinary Results, some interestingly simple truths garnered from years of experience in their life’s journey, that will definitely reroute your life to the track of greatness.

“People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.”

Edmund Hillary

What is The One Thing?

In a frustrated attempt to get the most results out of his members of staff at the office, Gary was forced to ask this question: “What’s the ONE THING that you can do this week so everything else would be easier or unnecessary?” From that moment, the results were unimaginably great.

Gary realized that whenever he had huge success, his concentration was focused on one thing. Wherever there was a slight change in success rates, his focus had shifted too. It shows that success results from “going small,” meaning to succeed, you need to do what you should do, not what you could do. Whether or not you get extraordinary results is dependent on how narrow you can make your focus. Let’s examine some of the essential simple truths that will help you achieve your One Thing.

7 simple truths behind extraordinary results

1. There are 6 lies between you and success

You need to be cautious of the obstacles that are between you and your success. The lies are:

  • Everything matters equally: Equality does not exist. Successful people only make time for the most important things. They do this by clearly prioritizing their goals.

  • Multitasking: The One Thing cannot flourish in this environment. When you multitask, one thing gets less attention than the other.

  • A disciplined life: Although this is important, you also need a positive habit. A positive habit that is propelled by discipline yields magnificent results.

  • Willpower is not always on Will-Call: Your will can be drained and strained. It doesn’t last forever. Things like suppressing emotions and impulses, resisting temptations, etc. can strain it. It needs to be constantly recharged.

  • A balanced life: Big and extraordinary things happen outside the balance. Prioritize and do important things. Nothing happens in the center. Go outside the balance!

  • Big means bad: You shouldn’t fear big things. Instead, your fear should be remaining mediocre. Make big moves and do big things because there are no limits to what you can do.

2. Asking questions is good, but asking specific questions is better

On the path to greatness, you need to ask questions. It shows that you are still on the right path. But to find great answers that are vital for your One Thing, you must ask pointed, big, and specific questions.

3.  To succeed, you must live a purposeful life

Your purpose determines your priority, and your priority equally determines your level of productivity. Above every other thing, what do you want the most? That’s your purpose, follow it. Your purpose helps align your One Thing in the direction of success and yields marvelous results.

4.  Productivity can massively transform your life

There is always something to do at every point in life, but it does not translate to productivity. People who live successfully have mastered the art called Time-Blocking. It’s an effective way of managing your time so you can get things done at the right time. To achieve your One Thing, you need to block out time.

5. Stay committed

The moment you find your One Thing, you must remain committed to it. Do this in three ways:

  • You must master it by investing more time in it.

  • You must push yourself to do better in it.

  • You must take responsibility for your mistakes.

6. Never settle for less

As you strive for productivity, you must learn to never settle for less. You also need to check that you don’t have a problem with any of these three areas: The inability to say “no,” which is essential in prioritizing, and the fear of chaos when other things outside of your One Thing begin to pile up, and poor health habits. They can slow you down and hold you back.

7.  Finally, you must go the extra mile

You are the only one that gets to decide whether or not you will succeed. The first step to greatness is your One Thing, and for that reason, you need to keep working at it. Don’t be afraid to go back to the drawing board whenever the need to do so arises.


“Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.”

Tony Robbins

Always remember that success is built sequentially, that is, one thing at a time. The One Thing is not a phase; it is a lifestyle, and to make the most out of it, you need to live it. It sits at the very heart of success. It is the surest place to fulfill your dreams of getting extraordinary life results.

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