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Essence of Ukraine: Headway launches a free book summary collection

Learn about Ukraine and the phenomenon of its freedom in a nutshell.

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Today, the world is talking about Ukraine because it symbolizes invincibility, unity, and freedom. But do people from different countries truly understand the courageous spirit and unwavering will of the Ukrainians?

The Headway app offers a free collection to help the world discover Ukraine through insights from books by Ukrainian authors.

Learn more about the initiative:

What is Essence of Ukraine?

Essence of Ukraine is a curated collection of key ideas from 32 books by famous Ukrainian historians, art critics, researchers, entrepreneurs, and more. It explores Ukraine’s history, culture, and traditions, as well as its outstanding personalities and businesses. The text and audio summaries are available in the application for free in Ukrainian, English, and Spanish.

The collection includes non-fiction books, in particular: "Feminine Country" by historian and journalist Vakhtanh Kipiani, "Ukrainian Cuisine in 70 Dishes" by chef Ievhen Klopotenko, "Noble Power. My Life, My Football" by the world-famous Ukrainian football player Andriy Shevchenko, as well as “Ukraïner. Ukrainian Insider” which features stories from expeditions throughout all the historic regions of Ukraine and many others. Users can also explore a curated list of outstanding fiction books by Ukrainian authors.

Each summary links to UNITED24", the official fundraising platform of Ukraine. Users can donate voluntarily to support education and science in wartime.

Essence of Ukraine: book covers

Why did Headway create the collection?

As a Ukraine-born brand, Headway strives to help its multi-million global audience discover the phenomenon of Ukraine. The Essence of Ukraine project aims to reveal the country’s thousand-year history, its latest achievements, the ancient culture and traditions of its people, and the age-old fight for freedom through the books of Ukrainian authors.

The project's mission is to shape the world's perception of Ukraine, its place on the world stage, and the true meaning of freedom — freedom to create, work, express yourself, and live.

"I believe in the power of education. Headway is on a mission to help people grow by making the best ideas accessible. For years, we have been assisting millions of people globally to achieve self-development goals. And with the Essence of Ukraine collection, we strive to help as many people as possible discover Ukraine, its place on the world stage, vivid cultural heritage, and the true meaning of freedom," comments CEO and Founder of Headway

Why is Essence of Ukraine worth your attention?

  • 32 book summaries

  • 200+ flashcards with insights

  • 480 minutes of reading or listening

  • 20 topics about Ukraine covered 

  • 20+ titles adapted for English and Spanish speakers for the first time

How to access the content?

If you are not a Headway subscriber and don’t want to obtain Premium access, download the app from the App Store or Google Play, answer the onboarding questions, and then close the tab with the free premium trial offer.

You’ll find the content on the Discover tab in the Collections listing.

Download the Headway app and explore the Essence of Ukraine

What do you need to know about Headway?

Headway is an EdTech startup that creates microlearning products. It is included in the GSV 150, the Global Silicon Valley list of the world's most transformative digital learning and workforce skills companies. Products by Headway help over 80 million people worldwide to develop through concise formats of educational content: summaries, courses, games, and infographics.

The company was founded in 2019. In 4 years, it grew from 3 to 200+ people and opened offices in Kyiv, Warsaw, Nicosia, and London.

The Headway app is the world’s most downloaded book summary application (according to Sensor Tower) developed by Headway EdTech startup. The Headway app offers 15-minute text and audio summaries of non-fiction bestsellers, as well as daily insights and gamified challenges. With 30M+ users in 170+ countries, the app is among the top 10 educational apps in the US on both App Store and Google Play. The company's flagship product is the Headway app. It offers 15-minute text and audio summaries of nonfiction bestsellers, as well as daily insights and gamified challenges. The app is the world's most downloaded app in the book summary niche and is among the top 10 most downloaded educational apps in the US on the App Store and Google Play. In 2023, Headway received the Editor's Choice award from the App Store and hit the US App Store home screen as App of the Day five times.

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