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Headway recognized among Global Silicon Valley (GSV) EdTech 150 list

Headway has been included in the GSV 150, a list of the world’s most transformative digital learning and workforce skills companies.


Headway was chosen from over 4,000 private companies revolutionizing the world of education technology. The GSV estimates that the combined workforce of these 150 companies reaches roughly 3 billion people — almost half the global population — and generate approximately $25 billion in revenue.

GSVs determine the final selection with several KPIs, such as revenue scale and growth, active learner reach, international reach, and margin profile. 

The GSV 150 is distributed across Pre-K to Gray, covering early childhood, K-12, higher education, adult consumer learning, and workforce learning. This year businesses from 30 countries are included in the GSV list. Companies representatives will gather at ASU+GSV Summit in San Diego on April 17-19.

Find Headway in Adult Consumer Learning category on the official GSV 150 list.

About GSV

GSV is a growth investment platform powering the world’s most dynamic entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, and emerging growth hubs.

About ASU+GSV Summit

The ASU+GSV Summit is the premier global event focused on technology innovation in education and skills. ASU advocates that all people deserve equal access to the future. Started in 2010 with a collaboration between Arizona State University (ASU) and Global Silicon Valley (GSV), the annual Summit connects leading minds focused on transforming society and business around learning and work.

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